door circuit?

When door open led on when close led off for 5 doors windows etc.. display led on one mainboard

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How to convert an ordinary door into a sliding door? Answered

In this winterbreak I plan to reorganize my room because I'm bored of the old setup.Just wanted to know how can I convert an ordinary (hinged) door to a sliding one.I want to keep the original door because if I change it I will mess up the look of the house.I have a concept which involves some railings but I dont know how to pull out of the socket the side with the hinges.The rest of the build will be easy.That is the only problem I can't seem to be able to wrap my head around.Any suggestions will be good.Thx alot

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how to install a enterior door with prehung doors? Answered

I am replacing our interior door with prehung door, how do I do this

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unlock locked door ?

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Hidden Door/Bookcase

I have a "man cave", as my wife calls it. It's basically my office, with all the decorations she won't let me put in the rest of the house along with my Ammunition Reloading Bench....anyway, there is no door. The hallway opens right into it.  I have a curtain there now but I have always wanted a secret door. I have looked at all the "instructables" pertaining to the hidden door, however I can't figure out what kind of door is a good door or where the hinges go or if i should use a pre-existing bookcase...any suggestions?

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Remote Doggy Door?

Not looking for an automatic door such as where the dog's RFID gives auto entry, but looking for a way to keep my dogs in my house when I leave via my car in the garage. Looking for some type of remote controlled thingamajig to keep their doggy door closed or secured while I'm in my car pulling out of the garage, and then once my garage door is closed give them access to the garage. Only a problem when I leave for the day, when I return at night they're so happy to see me they're not in a mood to go run off when the garage door opens.

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how to clean wooden doors at home cheap ?

I want to polish or just clean them at home as professional cleaners are very costly plz advice me

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how would i inconspicuously sound proof my door? Answered

I need to sound proof a door however it needs to be quite minimalistic and effective any ideas?

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How do you close a door from bed - whether it opens in or out! Could use a solution for bedtime! Answered

My dilemma - and if my wife would let me solve it in our bedroom is I get in bed and the bathroom door or the door the hallway is open.  Sometimes the air pressure swings one or the other closed/open - but regardless I hate getting out of bed to close them. Anyone got any creative ways of a build to close them?

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How do you sell stuff door-to-door? Answered

I got this job selling lawncare, but I've never had a sales position before. So I was hoping you, the instructables community, could share some tips from your own experience. Thank you in advance, November

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whats an easy way to clean a shower door ?

I have a shower door that I cant see out of anymore   whats a quick easy way to get it looking like new withour scrubbing my fingernails off

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Anyone have any ideas on how to weatherproof my dog door?

I have this type of dog door and every time it rains it leaks. I cannot afford a new door, dog door or afford to build a covering over the door. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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I need doors that are 97 inches high to go from ceiling to floor for a bypass system. What could I do in place of doors?

I'm installing a 144 inch hanging  bypass door track to act as a barrier between two rooms.  I need doors that are 97 inches high to go from ceiling to floor.  What could I do in place of doors?  The idea is to hang four 36 inch panels/doors so the rooms could be separate, or have a large opening between them.   I was thinking of making doors, maybe gluing veneer on polystyrene sheets.  These would be light and durable, but I'm not convinced they wouldn't be hideous.  Maybe us laminate flooring on the polystyrene?  Any ideas?

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how do you make a large snow globe to be put on a door?

We would like to have a scene on the door and it look like a snow globe What could we use to make the round part of the globe?  What would be a good/easy scene to put in the globe and we need a theme or wording to go on the door.

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My front door has ripped half way off it's hinge?

Just wondering if I am on the right track by drilling new holes and filling them with dowel(wood) and then re drilling?

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How do I refit a door when the screw have become to big for holes in the wall?

My front door has come off it's hinges and out of the wall.Should I use dowel and then redrill it or is there a better way?

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What is this?

We spent a week at a beach house.  In the photo, you see a device attached to a door. There were several of them attached to doors throughout the house. It's a hollow steel ball attached to an arm, which was attached to the door. It could move back and forth like a pendulum, but it rubs against the door and doesn't move freely. You can see the rub marks on the door. So it didn't swing by simply opening or closing the door. This photo was taken in 2003 and I still don't know what it is or what purpose it served. If you know what it is, please leave a comment.

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Building a new front door? Answered

Are there any codes or regulations (in general, or more specifically in Philly) that I should know about before building a new wooden front door? And what other things should I consider besides security and insulation? Thanks!

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Automated Garage Door light?

I would like to install a light when my garage door is opening (it's an automated door). This light would be useful for me to actually see how to reverse my car in the garage. Does anybody know what components I should use? I would like to have the light trigger when the garage motor switches on and then keep on running for some minutes after it finishes. I have some knowledge in electronics and electricity. Also what would be cool is if the light only switches on when it's dark.?

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How do I brace my garage door so the garage door opener doesn't warp the door where attached to the opener?

I have a one car garage door I'm installing a garage door opener to. The problem is the manufacturer of the door doesn't guarantee the vertical aluminum center bar on the top panel of the door won't bend or break during the operation of the garage door opener. How can I brace the L-shaped aluminum bar to take the stress of the door being automatically lifted without warping the bar or the top panel of the door? There is no information listed on the garage door manufacturer's website.

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Any automatic cat doors triggered by the cat's I.D. chip? Answered

Has anyone made an automatic cat door that works by reading the cat's embedded I.D. chip?

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Door upcycle need help hiding hinge area

I am trying to make a desk out of a hollow core door. I want to fill in the hinge areas before painting or put something there after painting to make them look nice. any ideas? I haven't found any online and I've spent hours looking.

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How to make my garage roller door work on an automatic electrical opener?

We installed a garage roller door ourselves. However the upper end of the garage roller door is not straight. The middle part of the upper end is bulging out and lower than the two ends that is attach to the two end wheels. It works fine manually. However when we installed the electrical automatic opener. It works on opering the garage door, but when we try to close the door, the door unroll on the shrift instead of coming down. Please let us know what is wrong. Is it the tension of the spring? What is the easiest way to fix it?

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Sense when garage door is open. Light/LED light turns on?

Hi there, I have an automatic garage. But sometimes i forget to close it and it stays open all night. Apart from someone being able to steal stuff, it would also allow an intruder into the house while we are asleep! So what I am looking to do is whenever the door is open, that a light inside the house turns on. My garage door is a panel lift door. My initial thought was to use alarm sensors. One on the wall and one on the door. If the sensors are not near each other, a light in the house should turn on. The serial circuit would look something like the following. GarageDoor > GarageDoorSensor > Less than an inch of air/space > WallFixedSensor > Wire > CentralLogicDeviceWithBattery > Wire > TinyLight/Led. The hardest bit would be what I have called the CentralLogicDeviceWithBattery. I would like to know what parts i would need and which part connects to which part. thank you

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Why do home doors open inward and public doors outward? Answered

I just noticed this today that doors in people's homes open inward, while doors to public buildings open outwards. How come ?

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Boes anyone have a handy solution to build a fold door?

I need a door that could fold to keep space available for entry. I have saw some options with pvc but for the same price I prefer to build my own door with mdf...I can spend the same amount and resolve acoustic issues and improve security. If anyone own a project to build from scratch and want to make it available...I would appreciate it a lot! Thx for any concern or tip!

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I want to wear something so that a door will only unlock when i'm near it. Any ideas?

I want to be able to wear a bracelet or similar thing with a transmitter so that when I come near doors in my home, they unlock for me.  I thought RFID but it sounds like they are expensive.  Any ideas?

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How do mosquitoes know where is the entrance of my house located?

Extremely low density of mosquitoes around the walls and windows(netted), but extremely high density near the door, like as if they knew which way the door opens and it is the door and waiting like vampires at dusk to come in suck the blood. Just tell me how do they know where my most frequently used entrance is. 

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how can i connect photo interrupter and dc motor to arduino l293d?

Im making a model of roller door garage opening system and will be using the following componentsmotor -;=motor&form;=KEYWORDinterrupter -;=interrupter&form;=KEYWORDarduino - L293dI need help inorder to connect the motor and interrupter to the arduino which should run the motor in both directions. Basically the motor should rotate the shaft in both directions to open and close the garage door, the purpose of interrupter is the let the motor know that the door is closed or open and i need suggestions as to what i should be using as sensor which could detect any object interrupting the closing of the door and stop the motor. If you suggest me a sensor please also tell me how to connect that sensor to the arduino

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Are there any "How to sound proof" instructables?

I can't find any. Can anyone help? I live in a very noisy house and I want to know how to make my walls and door more sound proof so the noise wont be as loud. It would be useful for people who are living in dorm/rez. Thanks~

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How to bring more light into the hallway by cutting panels into interior doors and installing frosted acrylic panels? Answered

Three hallway doors with large amount of outside light coming in. I want to bring that light into the hallways by installing frosted acrylic or pelixiglass panels in the doors. Rather than buy pre-made doors, I want to use the existing doors, save money and save landfills.

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How can I build a pet door that opens with magnet/radio collars? Answered

MAIN QUESTION: Does anyone know how to build a pet door like this? Secondary (less important) question : How can I make two pet doors that open this way, but only one collar opens one door? I need to create a three way split in my house, [ A  | B | C ] one cat can access part A but not part C. One cat can access part C but not A. Both can access part B.  I would like to create two pet doors that open by sensing magnets or radio frequencies that can be attached to their collars.

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Genie model 209 Garage Door Opener schematic

I took our Genie garage door opener apart [the light wasn't working and I read where that was probably caused by the 555 timer] and thought I'd carefully drawn a schematic before doing so, but I failed to label where the 3 wires from the receiver connect to the terminal block on the main unit, and also where the 3 wires from the main unit connect to the terminal block. Regardless, I have the unit back together and when the remote is pressed the receiver relay clicks, but that's the only thing that happens. I'm fairly certain the problem lies with a component on the internal motor controller board. And NO ONE gives out this kind of information. I can't even find it for sale !! But I'll be derned if I'm going to pay $50 for a new controller board when I'm almost 100% certain the problem is a $.59 diode or the like. Plus, I like a challenge and hate getting beat. Any and all help would be very much appreciated. Possibly I could find someone who has the same model unit and they could diagram theirs for me, possibly someone knows where to obtain the real thing. Thanks !!

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What do I need to put a regular wooden door frame into an existing metal glass sliding door frame?

The slider does not work very well at all. I would prefer a regular door.

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How should one insulate a garage door?

There are pre-made kits to insulate most garage doors, and one can also cut "board" style insulation to fit. What is the best insulating material and fit and value for this job?

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how do you make a door hook? Answered

How do you make a door hook for my room 

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The manual (driver side) door will only open a few inches, because it thinks the gas cap door is open-a safety feature.

I have a toyota Sienna 2005 minivan. The sliding manual (not power door) door on the driver side is catching on the mechanism build in to stop the door from sliding all the way open when the gas cap door is open. After filling up the other day, and closing the gas cap door, I am no longer able to open up the sliding manual door on the driver side. This has happened before ver randomly and I used to be able to get it to open by manually pushing the little black "release" button on the inside of the gas cap door a few times, but this no longer works. How to fix this? Thank you in advance.

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The lock on the drivers side door of my '94 Plymouth Voyager broke and the door now won't close.

I need help on figuring out how to fix lock myself, or preferably closing it semi perm. Sadly Bungees don't work.

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How can i get scratched in words out of my door?

I have lived in one place for awhile and I just noticed that there are words scratched into the door, does anyone know how I can cover those up?

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How do I enlarge a picture to a door size from an 8x10 size How do I make a door size picture from an 8x10?

I am redoing my sliding glass doors. I use Gallery Glass paint to make images on them 

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how can we open a locked westlock door knob when the lock seems to be broken?

The lock seems to be unlocked but we still cannot open the door. We have removed the knob on both sides, but still cannot find a release for the lock from the inside or the outside of the door. any suggestions??

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my dog keeps running out the door and wont do i train her not to go out the door??? Answered

 she slips out of the door when no one is looking and its a pain to get her back. We were out until 2:30 am trying to get her last night. please help!!!

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How could I fix this door-stop?

After a meeting at church in one of the side-rooms, my attention was drawn to the pathetic nature of this door stop.  People frequently come and go from the meeting (bathroom, etc.) and we want to keep the door cracked open a little, but the door stop is useless. it looks like somebody purposefully un-screwed the screw on the right to try to give the stop some more play, but it doesn't seemed to have helped at all.  the big solid door just wants to swing shut all of the time (hence the addition of that second wedge-shaped door stop that only helps a little).  Does anybody have any specific suggestions on how to fix this?  Maybe scuff the bottom of the rubber pad to help it grip more?  The floor looks like it's made of regularly waxed linoleum.

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Use a door switch to run script on a computer?

 I'm wondering, how would I go about installing and configuring a door switch hooked up to a computer and having the computer run a program or script when the switch is activated..lets say, when the door is opened. or even better, have several switched and have each switch activate a different script or application?

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How to prevent and/or remove condensation in the microwave door?

My microwave is above the stove and when anything is cooked that produces stream, condensation appears in the window/door of the microwave and it remains for days. How do I prevent this from happening or get it to go away? Using the fan does not help.

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