Ugly Ducklings

We consume millions of plastic bottles a year. In San Francisco there was a mandate to stop using bottled water in government buildings because the tap water here is good and there's no need to transport water thousands of miles just to stay hydrated. So it's nice to see an artistic assault on the plastic invasion."Many cities repopulate their urban rivers with ducks and swans to somehow clean their visible sewage waters. This installation hopes to clean the reality of the ducks which inhabit these sewage waters by adapting rubbish into their formsDuring a whole week plastic bottles will be floated over River Segura. The bottles will be bird shaped, aquatic species, and will form groups and families. All materials used in this installation will be recycled materials and will try not to disturb the inhabitants as much as possible.If the animal cannot adapt to its environment, the environment must adapt to the animal." original post with lots more pics

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So we just bought some ducklings, can anyone tell me how to clip there wings or is it the same as doing a chickens?

We're are kind of starting our own little farm but we know somethings thanks to our grandparents but we still need some help learning =) Thanks for all the help!!

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