recycle PP together with PET ?

We have (atlast) bongomats (recycling bins for plastic bottles) in town they are intended for transparent bottles made of PET and marked with the recycling icon and num 1 in it is it ok to throw there plastic stuff made of PP (recycling icon with num 5) or its better to trash it ?

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Plastic buckets - safe for food storage?

If a retail store's 5-, 6-, 7-gallon plastic buckets are made from HDPE (high density polyethylene), will they be safe for storing flour, sugar, honey, etc., and for growing vegetables such as tomatoes? Or, would buckets made from other kinds of plastics such as PET, PETE, or PP be safer for food storage? While shopping on the Internet, manufacturers' literature's for HDPE buckets say the items "meets FDA requirements." What exactly are the FDA's requirements with regards to HDPE-made buckets? I have asked a manufacturer, and searched the FDA's Web site for an explanation without success.

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What should i do over the weekend? Answered

I am extremely bored over each weekend, i dont have much cash and i was wondering what the most fun per dollar instructable is out there. PS: Is there any 'ibles out there that have to do with making D&D; dice that i could actually use? PPS: I like to solder so i hope that helps :P

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