How can I change My paypal on instructables?

I have a new paypal and need to change it on instructables for my pro membership renewal.

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Does anyone know good ways to make money? (As a young teen) Answered

I want to save up enough money to buy a 30$ dell axim x50 to turn into an e-reader, but I don't have enough money.  I do have a paypal account.

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Make Playstation 2 Controller Turn On Lights! Compensation!

I am working on a performative art project and need to figure out a way to take a Playstation 2 controller and hook it up to lights so when I press the O or X button a corresponding light will turn on. The lights will prompt the performers to carry out certain actions.  If you are interested in helping you will be compensated (through paypal or something. We can discuss that later).  Let me know if you have any thoughts about such a project. Thank you.

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Support Star by buying a t-shirt

Star needs help covering her court fees for the "hoax device" that she was wearing. You can either send her money by paypal directly or you can buy a shirt and $5 of the proceeds will go to Star.If your order is over $15, you can get $5 off by using this coupon: SPREADSHIRT3000Since the lightweight shirts are cheaper, I bumped the price up a bit so you could use the coupon for one shirt. You save money and another $1 goes to Star.Let me know if there are other shirt styles that you want. Or you can design your own shirt by clicking the "Create and Sell a t-shirt with this design" button. Be aware that it may not look so hot on a colored shirt since it's a digital transfer. click here to donate directly click here to see the shirts

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Which online trading site should I use? ETrade or TDAmeritrade?

I am a novice investor and I need to make a little more cash  (day job isn't paying all the bills). I would like to not have to use a paypal account. I have chosen these two to choose from because they are reliable,reputable and they are in my price range. I am leaning more towards etrade but tdameritrade has the immediate option of adding your routing number to your checking account. Anyways I just want to see if anyone here uses either and which one is the best for basic stock trading and money making? Also if you have better ideas for me to make a little money online please let me know because I'm just a bit desperate for cash right now. Thank you AB

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