Has any one got a simple receipe for sweets or candies that need no or very little cooking??

I want to make some candies with my Beaver Scout group but I dont want any thing that involves a lot of cooking any ideas?  I have made peppermint creams so I am looking for something different.

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Although a rather simplistic tool, has anyone fiddle about with the ALICE graphics creator program?

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Ideas for a spooky gadget?

I have a P&P; group and we're playing Cthulhu. I thought about giving an artifact as a handout that does something strange. Like a small stone figure that becomes warm or moist after the unsuspecting player holds it for a while. Or an old phone which is clearly unusable, but when needed it rings. Maybe I will need a remote to do that. But I'm looking for really simple solutions. Any ideas?

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looking for a free simple drawing appication

I'm looking for a free drawing application thats simple like graffiti on facebook but has a few more features.

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Simple Paper Fighter Jet (TURRETS!)

Check my first instructable out!

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how to make a simple cat toy?

It can be a chuw toy or it can be a ball or something.

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cool simple designs, you could kinda change my life!

Im trying to find cool simple designs to decorate my room in...got any suggestions?

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How do I draw with just a ruler and pencil? Answered

Is there any way with which I can draw something with a ruler and pencil

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amazing packing peanuts

I was thinking I could do a conversation about this under my instructable and I probably will but maybe I can get different feed back from here but I guess you would need to check my instructable first to really know what I am talking about unless you are some one who is also sticking organic packing peanuts as an art media. https://www.instructables.com/id/Amazing-packaging-peanuts-/ AND I would love so much to here from some one doing the same stuff because I have yet to hear of any one else doing this or even if I could start to hear of people starting to do this would be cool.

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I'm looking to buy a simple, sturdy sewing machine. What's simple to use, and easy to afford?

I want to buy a sewing machine to use for beginner-to-intermediate projects. I want something simple to use, but sturdy, and affordable. My budget is $150, but preferably less. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. I'll be using it mostly for hems and piecing fabrics together, possibly denim, but mostly flannels and jersey. Can anyone recommend a machine?

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ideas for an adult party - easy take home arts and craft?

Hi, Thanks for any help you can provide in advance! I'm hosting a small get together and wanted to give my friends (30 somethings) something to make together so they can each take it home and remember the evening (i.e., not food, something that would last). I'm looking for something we can do that is easy and relatively quick and suitable for boys and girls. Thanks!

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How can I carbonate soda using a CO2 tank and not have to carbonate each 2L bottle one at a time? Answered

I want to start making my own soda and I can get my hands on a CO2 tank. I've seen how to do it, but it involves carbonating each 2L bottle separately. I was thinking of filling some sort of tank up with the soda and carbonating that. What would I need in order to set something like that up, and how should I got about doing it?

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Vinyl Clocks - easy simple custom goodness.

Me and Fungus Amungus share a common obsession interest. We have both created clocks. I must say, I do enjoy a good clock. I like something a little different, and a bit unique, I'm also a sucker for a perfect motion and quiet mechanism.These Vinyl Clocks add the ultimate and easy way to create your own personal clock based focal point, each kit comes with a set of pre-cut vinyl stickers, and a clock mechanism. The idea being that you can arrange said items onto a wall to give your own custom look. I think its a great idea, the plus side of the kits is that the selection of shapes and numbers is really good, a simple housing for the clock mechanism would have been nice.Obviously, this would make a great DIY project, either using a laser cutter, or a combo of a scalpel and patience. I recently purchased a Karlsson which features a small simple design perfectly suited to a project like this!Artstick Online Via Gizmodo

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is there a way to create a simple infrared on off switch? Answered

For years i have been looking for a way to control my home appliances without the need for an X10 or home automation kit which is unjustly expensive and doesnt do everything i want it to do. I have voice recognition on my computer and ultimately id like to use a Bluetooth headset or handheld mic to control everything in my room. The way i see this working is to create an infrared transmitter and reciever for my computer, record the IR signals onto my pc and play them back to whatever device i see fit (tv, dvd, lights, etc) using the voice commands to run macros that send the IR signals. Also with this (and here comes the bit pertaining to the question) i would require a simple On/off IR switch, which i could wire into lights, power sockets, anything which doesnt have infrared to control its function already. Anybody got any ideas? On this note, i have programmed my computer to be able to do any command with voice, so that is sorted, and have also found some software that will record and play back the IR signal (but not the hardware) The IR switch i found schematics to online didnt work, and included a few IR led's, a 9v battery, and a rs232 cable (now all buggered)

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Simple, efficient, low-cost, solar energy equipment

I am looking for a DIY simple, low-cost solar water heater and solar light that will work in any kind of weather and still be able to supply atleast some working heat and light. Please suggest.

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Simple Trick for Drawing Proportioned Human Figures Freehand

I discovered a simple system that makes it easier to draw a human figure freehand with well proportioned and positioned body parts. This video will show you how to do it (very easy). Basically you draw 3 overlapping stars and they show you the proportions. To make the figure look taller / skinnier move the 2 main stars a little further apart. Or if the person looks too narrow move the 2 main stars closer together. Towards the end of the video I show a couple other pieces of artwork that I could show you how to make if you want.

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Planning my simple solar powered USB charger

1. Would this circuit work to charge batteries and a USB? and then the batteries charge the USB at night? http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/5403/circuitr.jpg. (the solar panel is changed: it's 6v 200mA) 2. I need a diode to prevent battery discharging, and maybe a voltage regulator for USB. Does anyone know where i can get this and where i can put it? 3.Is this solar panel a good fit for the circuit and my needs? The battery and USB are in parallel so voltage would be fine? 4. To connect the USB, just connect positive to red, and negative to black, right? Also i hear you need to bridge the other two connections as well to make them work with my iTouch, how do I do this?

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Sustainable living made easy

Sustainable living is easy and cost-free if we can only open our eyes and look around us. They are many things which we can make use of and make them into beautiful items. It would be ace with these items are useful too. Please support this cause by frequenting our site and even donating. www.projectfidgetyfingers.blogspot.com

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What would be a great present to make for my mom's birthday?

I am a sophomore in high school aspiring to create an awesome present for my mom. I am limited on supplies so unless it is really simple (like paper) I would like to keep the supplies list under $20. I am good in simple woodwork, intermediate electronics, and intermediate origami. Please help!

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Budget Bowl Lathe

I salvaged an AC motor from an old water pump I found on the side of the road and want to use it to make a simple lathe for turning green wood bowls and cups.  I was thinking about using a floor flange as the face plate, a nipple for the shaft and pillow bearing blocks to support it.  This assembly would be driven by a v belt and controlled by the speed controller from a jig saw.  I attached pictures of the components and a simple cad drawing of the assembly. Do you think this would be functional? Any recommendations?        

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What's the easiest way to set up a wired remote power switch for my cable modem that constantly needs to be reset? Answered

I'm tired of reaching back and pulling the cable out. I have never done any of this before but am really interested in learning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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how might one make a simple leather bracelet with adjustable sliding knots ?

Why should i write in here if details are optional?

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I am looking for a simple and easy way to make slipcovers.

I really need to find a way to make simple but nice looking slip covers for my couch and matching chair. The inexpensive ones you see in stores that you have to fight to put on and again after someone gets up, with just aren't a bargain. I can sew simple strait line sewing like a small square baby quilt, however, I'm just no good at much else. Any suggestions?

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i want to make a simple shadow theatre but not with puppets, but with people?

What kind of light do i need? How can the sides be black so that the actors may hide or carry stuff?

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How to Build a Sauna?

For DIY 2 people simple

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How do I make a simple battery operated lighting circuit?

I'm creating a lamp for a product design project in school, and my aim is to make a portable, environmentally friendly lamp, so, in designing this lamp, I thought that it would be best to power the lights on a circuit. Can anybody show me how to make a circuit with several LED lights, where the circuit can switch between different colour LEDs every 10 minutes and the circuit has an integrated switch to turn the light on and off. preferably the circuit can run on a single AA battery, and is small, yet simple enough for a beginner to make. Thanks :)

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How can I make a (relatively) simple adjustable height desktop?

When I was working in tech support many moons ago, the office had these great adjustable desks. If you wanted to stand up while working you could raise the keyboard and monitor up to a standing height and if you got tired of standing, they would lower down. There was a motor that did the raising and lowering on those desks. I'd like to make something similar in the simplest way possible. Bonus points if the solution can be placed on top of an existing desk and still work.

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I would like to build a simple toy barn and stable for my 4-year old's toy horses. Tools and budget are limited.

All of the plans I find onlline are expensive and complicated, and IJ don't have a band saw or router. I just want to build a simple, open-roof barn and stable, maybe a small table as well, for my little one's toy horses. I have a drill and hand tools, and some woodworking talent. Any ideas?

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I want to make a mosaic mailbox. I need simple, but thorough instructions. Can anyone help me?

I would like specifics--type of mailbox, brand names of grout, etc. Assume I know NOTHING about mosaic! Thanks!

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Does anybody know how to make a duct tape bookbag?

I'm asking (obviously) if anybody has ever tried and, suceeded to make a duct tape book bag. Thier are some requirements for the one that i prefer. I just really want to know how to make one. Theis are the requirments that i would prefer it to hav. -colors (at least two but if it only has one that is fine) (o and if you can teach me as cool design as well please) -zipper and or buttons -pockets on each side for water bottle or anything else -at least two big pockets for main things such as school supplies, laptop, etc. -two straps.... if possible adjustable ones..... if not that is fine -anything else that somone has included with it and thank you for anybody who can get me the instuctions to my e-mail or post it up on instructables thank you for your time. my email is meganoki@yahoo.com

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Does anyone have simple programs they made on a ti-83/84 graphing calculator?

I have been making some and i want to see what other people have made and see how so i can farther my understanding

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What are easy recipes that can be prepared in seven steps; without a stove or microwave?

It's for a class project where I have to teach a "how-to" in japanese. It has to be at least seven steps. It would be easier if the recipe is simple and doesn't involved a stove, microwave, or anything that is hard to carry to school.

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Share Your Animations

I've been using Corel R.A.V.E for simple animations. I am an amateur at it, but I got simple creations out of it. But I wonder if there are other types of animation creators out there. I would like to see from the Instructables community some animations they made too. Post them here for everyone to see!

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Is there a simple way to be able to run low voltage things like LED arrays from the mains power?

Basically I want to be able to make some LED lights to light up my workbench in my shed and it'd be easier if I could just plug them into the wall instead of having to replace batteries every now and again.

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Home Storage Solutions?

Need storage solutions for small apartments, everything kitchen ideas to bedroom and laundry storage. Simple and effective ideas

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What is something I can make this summer? Answered

I would like something that i can actually use or is valuable. Maybe make power. I am up for all suggestions, my budget is about $50 but may go higher because i am going to mow lawns this summer.

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Any good ideas for simple electronic projects for kids to teach them how to solder? Answered

When I was little I learned how to solder by building a heathkit. Sadly, they are no more. So what would be a good project for kids to build? I repaired an LED 'sword' for my 10 year old daughter this evening and she asked if I would teach her to solder. Of course! I would be so proud. But I need some good ideas for projects.

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macePod - The procession project

Hi Art+Tech lovers Is it possible to track a simple object and calculate it's distance with an Arduino + (Arduino-)camera. I would use a simple tele lens so the distance between the camera and the object can range between 0.5 and 10 meters. The camera can be mounted on 2 servo motors for pan-tilt movement. Everything sits on top of a 2m pole, carried by a person.  And best wishes for 2016! Philippe

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Corner Headboard

Hi, I am looking for idea for a corner headboard. I am new to woodworking and need something simple. Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks Chris

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what is the purpose of being in a group? Answered

Its a pretty simple question, does anybody know, moxx was wondering and after he asked me i was wondering.

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the volume of a grain of sand

Now let's try our hands at critical thinking and experimental design. I have a very simple question for you; what is the average volume of one grain of sand ? 

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what is the best paint to us in an airbrush? and what stores can I find it at?

I've just bought a simple airbrush set and it did not have information on the type of paint to use.

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How can I build a simple,rugged crusher that will crush a high volume of aluminum cans? Answered

I can weld steel. Prefer components that are used and commonly available. Should be as light and small as possible.

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Wooden Go-Kart CHEAP - simple For a 14 year old to make himself ANSWER AsAp Answered

Thanks for checking out my question I am 14 and have a limit of about 15 pounds and want to make an awesome downhill GO KART But I dont know how i am going to do it so if any one could give me some ideas or even instructions on how to make one that would e so awesome oh and i need the prices in GBP Please Thanks! P.S. If it is 2 man one that would be imense

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Low cost water heater

I wish to build a simple, afordable, low cost, solar water heater that is easy to construct and does not need electricity. Is that possible?

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The Netherlands Gets Egged

Public art attacks a city and leaves giant eggs splattered about. It's simple, but on a massive scale like this it works pretty well. Link

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BlueTooth switch

Hello from France,I would like to build a simple voltage amplifier BUT remoted by a blueTooth switch.What kind of materiel do i have to set on my board circuit for this bluetooth connection ?Thx

Question by YannickG10