Surfer Bracelet Knot ?

Hello everyone, I am trying to find out how to tie the surfer braclet knot ? Many thanks in advance..

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SLR Lens Bracelets

Bracelets made out of old SLR lenses obscenely expensive, but easy enough to make yourself;=36i made 6 bracelets out of one $10 lens i picked up on eBay.

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How do you make a multi color bracelet with 550 cord? Thanks

Multi color bracelet using 550 cord.

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Whats an easy but cool way to make a unique friendship bracelet?

Just something thats not so generic looking. thank you!!

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How do I make a round friendship bracelet?

Hello! I would like to know how to make a round friendship bracelet like this one

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how do u make cool hemp bracelets?

Red, beeds

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cool handmade schpeglar bracelets

A few bracelets that I designed and made recently.Mostly made of leather,although I do like to incorporate other materials into the design

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Blakes 7 Teleport Bracelet

This is how to make the magic blakes seven teleport bracelet!Ingredients:one cardboard roll, such as a poster or postal cylinder or the cardboard roll from inside a roll of packing tape; diameter 8.5cm, width 4cm (cut to this width if need be, using a saw or knife)cardboard, thick enough to be sturdy, thin enough to be flexiblethin cork (optional)plain paperglueblack or dark brown foam rubber (optional)silver tape width 1.5cm OR aluminuim foil cut or folded to width 1.5cmAntique Gold or metallic brown paintgrey paint OR a round grey button 2cm diameter OR grey tapered paint OR pink paint OR red paint + pearl nailpolishbrown packing tape or beige paintclear or red contact (optional)Visual Reference:Refer to the Liberator Teleport Bracelet diagram in the Horizon Technical Manual.Instructions:Cut your roll to the right width if need be. If the roll is too thin and flimsy, stick a layer of cardboard over it. Cover the rough edges with paper.Cut five strips of cardboard, one 15x3cm, one 9x3cm, one 1.3x3cm, and two 2.5x1cm (measurements will vary depending on the precise size of the cardboard roll). If the cardboard is thin, cut twice as many strips. If you are using thin cork, cut one strip each from the cork also.Stick the strips onto the roll, making sure they evenly positioned in the center. Check the diagram for where to stick them: the two long strips should be next to each other with a small gap representing where the hinge of the bracelet would go if it had a hinge. The small 1.3x3cm strip goes in the larger gap between the long strips - this is where the red button will go. If using cork, stick the cork down first, and the cardboard on top.When all the glue is dry, paint the bracelet with antique gold or metallic brown enamel paint. Do more than one coat if you think that will look better. Wait for the paint to dry.The red receive-button is made from the two smallest strips of cardboard stuck together, covered with white paper, painted red, and covered with contact to make it shiny. Another way of doing this is painting it red, and then painting it with white-pearl nailpoilish to get that glowing pink-red effect. Glue this as indicated in the diagram.The grey transmit-part is made either from cutting a circle of paper or thin card (1.5-2cm diameter) and painting it grey, or by using a grey round button and cutting off the shaft so that it will stick on flat. Stick this on as indicated in the diagram.Cut out silver tape or foil and stick on the bracelet as indicated in the diagram. Cut out (very cleverly) pieces of brown packing tape in the shapes of the alien characters that decorate the rest of the bracelet and stick them on, or else paint them on with beige paint. You may wish to paint the whole bracelet with clear enamel to protect it.Optionally add a lining with foam rubber, to aid the bracelet in not falling off when you wear it.NOTES: Cardboard rolls: the roll from inside a large roll of packing tape comes closest to the right size. A large postal cylinder is too large and a small one is too small. A Pringles packet is too small, but may be easier to obtain. A Pringles packet is easier to cut but is also flimsier; it is recommended to add bulk by sticking on more cardboard to thicken it up.Cardboard: most cardboard you can buy will probably be too thin. The backs of note-pads may provide thicker stuff. The disadvantage of thicker cardboard is that it will not bend as easily, and the cardboard used here must bend. An alternative if available could be thin cork (a few millimetres thick); this will bend fairly easily and add the bulk you need. But only bother if you happen to have some (maybe left over from someone's redecorating or the like). I used it for mine, it worked beautifully.The red button: building this up from strips of cardboard is fairly tedious, and if you can think of a better way, do that.I know Michael Keating!He Played Vila.

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Space Invaders bracelet pattern

I figured since I made this pattern for a Space Invaders bracelet a while back I might as well share it. Try it, it's fun :DHere is how to make a beaded bracelet like this.

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Double row macrame bracelet

Does anyone know how to make the double row macrame bracelet.  The bracelet looks like it is two rows of strung beads wrapped together and then finished off with a slide knot clasps.  I know how to make the basic shamballa bracelet and would love to make this one as well. Thanks,

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paracord bracelet d shackle

Hi, I've made a few paracord bracelets mostly with the plastic buckles. I bought some stainless d shackles and wondering if there are any dangers using the shackles? Mainly getting the bracelet caught on something. I would think the plastic buckles would break, where the metal d shackles won't. I see a lot of bracelets with the d shackles. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Single Strand Braided Bracelet?

Hello, New to this forum. But I love it! I found the site while looking for instructions on how to braid a paracord bracelet. Here's the question. On a recent trip to Florida my daughter found a braided bracelet that looks like a standard 3 strand braid. But it's continuous with no clasp and it's done with a single strand. Does anyone know have a guide on how this is done?

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What's the best unique bracelet, that's not tooo crazy?

I'd like to make a unique, stylish, bracelet out of... well, anything. I need ideas. Oh, and nothing way to crazy or wide. Male/unisex. Ideas?

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Tying 2 color cobra knots for paracord bracelets?

I have reviewed the pages on how to tie one color paracord bracelets using the cobra knot but cannot find how to make them using two colors. I am brand new at making these and have yet to complete a bracelet with two colors.

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how can i bend a fork like this? Answered

Http:// my mom wants a bracelet like this any ideas on how to make it?

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who do you make it with two different colors?

I want to know who to make the paracord bracelet with two colors on color in the in the middle and one color on the outside?

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Does anyone know who to make a 12+ (not 16) strand bracelet?

I am doing a 12 strand friendship bracelet and knew how to braid doing some kind of loop when I was younger. I want to end the bracelet this way

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How to do a paracord bracelet with a support ribbon braided into it.?

I have been seeing some paracord bracelet's with the support ribbons in the middle of them. & was wondering if anyone knows how to do that or if they know of an tutorial on doing them.

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Thin blue line paracord bracelet

Hi everyone! This is my first question; I've been lurking on here for a whille now & love all of the instructables!  My question is (& I apologize if this has been posted somewhere else): does anyone have instructions on how to create a "thin blue line" paracord bracelet?  I've found several youtube videos (which I haven't viewed yet, if there's one that's better than the others, please let me know!), but I prefer written instructions if possible. Thanks so much!!

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Where can I purchase the buckle to make the bracelet?

I am trying to make a Paracird bracelet. Do you know where I can purchase the buckle from... I need to be able to order online and they need to be able to ship to an APO address.

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how might one make a simple leather bracelet with adjustable sliding knots ?

Why should i write in here if details are optional?

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heavy duty snap source for making leather bracelets?

Hi,   Have been looking at the tutorials for making leather bracelets.  Purchased a snap setter from a craft store but the snaps aren't deep enough.  The leather is too thick for the snaps, it barely gets through the leather.   There's no way it could make the connection to attach the snaps to the leather.  The leather I'm using is about 1/8" or 3mm thick; about the thickness of a belt.  Suggestions for sources? Thanks!

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How in the world do you make these two color paracord bracelets that are all over the internet?

I have asked this question once before and never got a accurate reply. Since I asked this question about a week ago have searched and searched every way possible but end of at dead links etc. at the end of my search. I'm simply wanting to know how to make a two color paracord bracelet. Being one color in the center and the other color on each side of the inner color. I can not believe there are no tutorials on the net about how to make these. These bracelets are all over ebay, so why is there no instructional on them? Man o man, I'm driving myself crazy trying to find anything about these.This is what I'm trying to make

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How would one go about making very small square holes a thin piece of metal?

I'm trying to modify a bracelet that's made out of some very, very thin metal, and I need to make several small square holes all over it. By small, I'm talking 2mm x 2mm small, and they have to be noticeably square shaped. Is there any cleaner way to do this than trying to drill a small hole and using a super small file (if such a thing exists, haha)?

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How do I make a clasp for a seed bead bracelet?

I mean the type that is a round ball of seed beads one end and loops at the other?

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Double Row Shambala Instructions?

I LOVE this bracelet but can't afford to purchase it.  Does anyone know how I would make it?  Thanks for your help!  Best, Susie

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How do i make one of these wide hemp bracelets?

Ive been looking for a while and i cant seem to find how to make one of these, but i really want to know how to make one.. See the image for what im talking about.. its the biggest one

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HELP! How can I get my bracelets organized so that I can see them & of course wear them?? Answered

I have a bit more than 10 bracelets made up of leagues and another bit more than 10 that are hard made. [can´t bend them] How can I organize them!? Actually I got them all spread out in a pencil box, not being able to see quickly what I've got! D: HElp! pleasee!! :D 

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Can someone please put up instructions for how to make a shamballa bracelet?

I have this beautiful shamballa bracelet and I am determined to learn how to make it. i understand the cobra stitch, but i cant figure out how to do the adjustable closure. If you dont know what a shamballa bracelet is, google it, they're awesome. Check out this link: and look at the current men's collection. mine is simpler than that, but thats what i'm talking about. if anyone has any help for the adjustable closure and how to do it, i would appreciate it!

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Im going to get a booth at the local Farmers Market. Any Suggestions on what to sell?

Im already going to be selling Tie Dye Shirts and other Tie dye stuff. Hemp Bracelets and a few other things. What are some other cool things that are easy to make and I could sell for a few bucks? Thanks.

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Paracord dog tags

Anyone know where to buy college team dog tags for bracelets?

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Do you guys/girls know how to do a Starburst wrappers bracelet ?

Do you guys/girls know how to do a Starburst wrappers bracelet ? If you do can you tell me how to because I don't really understand most people how they make it ...Maybe I can understand you

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How do you braid a round braid?

How do you braid a round braid bracelet(with ex. 6, 8, 10 or 12 colors)?

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How would I make this metal bangle bracelet/arm bangle?

I am wondering what materials I would need to make this bangle and how to make it. I know I could probably use a variety of different metals. I am looking for something that will be sturdy and durable but also lower in cost. The bangles pictured are made out of copper and 24K gold plated. Thanks!

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How do I reverse an 8 strand kumihimo braid so that it creates a zig zag pattern?

A few months ago, I ordered a bracelet online that was made by tibetan monks called a rangzen bracelet... It symbolizes the freedom of tibet from china, buddhism, peace, ect. Anyway... It looked like a kumihimo or marudai braid and for the past two months Ive been wondering how the fudge they did it! If anyone knows anything about how to make a zig zag marudai or kumihimo braid, please let me know... Recommendations, links, emails, anything!! please contact me!! Thanks a bunch!!

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what kind of braid is this ?

I saw this video on youtube, and this type of braid is new to me, i know the typical survival braid, but it would be different to have one that looked like this.... 

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Popcorn chain questions

Wondering how to rejoin the popcorn chain seamlessly as in the link below. Also curious about the very neat powdercoating job - I assume it has to do with the first question - joining??

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Hello I made bottons with disney characters and more also ribbons for crafts and more Did you now where I can sell them?

Pins, hairbow ribbon, plastic headband, bracelets, neckless, rings, all mexiacn crafts and more

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Making bead jewellery

Hi Guys,  Ive just joined this site. I was wondering if there are any other jewellery making people here, I love making bead jewellery, bracelets and necklaces etc and am always on the lookout for good places to find items and instructions etc, and just chatting to people about their hobbies.

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I want to wear something so that a door will only unlock when i'm near it. Any ideas?

I want to be able to wear a bracelet or similar thing with a transmitter so that when I come near doors in my home, they unlock for me.  I thought RFID but it sounds like they are expensive.  Any ideas?

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Bandanas, BeanBags and T-shirts. What else to Tie Dye>?

This Saturday I am going to go to the Market and sell Tie Dyed T-Shirts and other stuff. The Market is for People to sell art and crafts and fruit among many other things. I was pondering on what other things I could tie dye and bring there? Also I was wondering whether or not I should make a Instructable on how to make hemp bracelets?

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I am learning to solder and have a few questions. Answered

I am learnig to solder and I wonder if it was safe to use lead free plumbing solder or lead free silver baring (97% tin 3% silver) solder on rings and bracelets made out of copper and the like? Second, has any one here know of people making their own solder. By that I mean meting down the tin, copper and silver then pouring and pounding flat? thanks. Ernest

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champagne topper jewelry

On our wedding night my wife and I had a bottle of Vieve Cliquot champagne. I still have the topper that holds the cork to the bottle. I can imagine it being made into a bracelet or pendant for my wife but would have no idea how to go about it. If anybody has any ideas I would appreciate it. The topper has a portrait of the widow cliquot on it and reminds me of a cameo. Our five year anniversary is coming at the end of this month and I would love to make her something out of this for it.

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