Fixing a broken belt.?

I've read many answers on how to fix the belt which I did do that. But my problem is the screw must of been missing from the beginning  and finally the belt came apart. So I need to know where I can get one of those small screws to repair the belt. Thank you.

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What can i do with three broken printers? anything really, parts, things to make etc. open to any suggestions?

I have three broken printers in my room and i don't know what to do with them. i don't want to throw them out. any suggestions on what to do with them?

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What's the minimum size (% )of a broken or chipped solar cell I should use in a panel?

Does the size of a piece of a broken solar cell used in a panel matter? If so, what's the rule for the minimum acceptable % of a single cell, to be used in a panel ? Thanks in advance?

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How to extract a broken bit from a phillips head screw?

Anyone have a good way to extract a broken phillips bit from a screw head? It's the common #2 phillips head. The screw is a #10, stainless steel. When I was driving it in the bit snapped off so that it fills the slots in the screw head. I've tried picks and punches but it's still stuck in there. The screw is countersunk and it's in cosmetic wood (can't dig it out). I can't drill it and use an easy out because the bit is too hard to drill. To make things more difficult, the screw is inserted upward and the piece is a railing so it isn't movable. If there is a better forum for this question please let me know.

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Need some help on a broken valve handle, I'blers. Can you help me out? Answered

I hate that I cannot find a picture of the valve to show you exactly what I mean but I have a 1/4 in compression fit water valve in my utilities closet that leads to the evaporative cooler above.  When I went to turn the handle it turned but the central part that is actually the valve stem (the part that screws in/out) did not.  It is one of the older types with a flat handle and seemingly hollow central stem.  Is there any way to turn the valve on without completely replacing the valve? edit: Sorry.  Somehow I always forget one important detail.  It's a valve on 1/4 in copper tubing.  I got some pictures but they look crappy because there wasn't really enough room for the camera so I took them with my phone and found my phone's usb cable.  The valve was there first and the heater and water heater were installed later, leaving very little room to work. I also tried the vice grip idea.  The brass stem cracked and  part of the stem is gone now. Even if I do just end up replacing it, I thank you for your input.

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Any way to remove a broken screw? Answered

Please, it's urgent. I've broken a metal cross-head screw, there is nothing for the screwdriver to cling to. I cannot preform the hammer method due to the object the screw is stuck in being plastic, and I can't afford to break the plastic. Please, I need you to help me. Dylan P.S This is a nerf gun (the hornet) and the screw is near the cocking mechanism.

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i dropped my gameboy ds into the toilet, help!?

I reached in and grapped it immediatly and a toweled, hairdried, and Q-tipped it off. Symptoms, at first it would work with a blurry screen (with sound), then it would work (with sound) and a blank screen, and now it wont turn on and it will not accept a charge from the wall. I am thinking i will take it to slackers and have them try a new battery in mine and see if it works. Has anyone had any experience with this before, am i just completely out of luck? Does anyone want to buy a gameboy?

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What to do with 2 broken sprinkles?

I have two  sprinklers which turning mechanisms are totaled. Any Ideas for projects to make out of these? The picture is close to what they look like. I would take a picture but my camera broke :(

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what can I do with a broken laptop monitor.?

The laptop that I have is a IBM Thinkpad that is broken but the monitor till works.

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What should I do if I broke a CFL.? Answered

 Besides clean up the glass. I understand that there is mercury in them. Is there a an amount in one bulb that could cause a health hazard?

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Large Crystal Bowl Broken --- Any Ideas?

A large Romanian crystal bowl that has a lot of sentimental value for me was just accidentally broken. Any crafty ideas on how to reuse/repurpose/recycle this piece of my personal history?

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ways to extract broken key from ignition?

My step son broke the key off in his car and we been looking for ways to take it out short of the obvious like calling a locksmith.

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how do i fix a broken refrigerator? Answered

Yesterday evening I heard something that sounded like an electrical short. Then I started smelling that smell that happens when something shorts out (burning electrical odor). Now my refrigerator/freezer is getting warmer and warmer. You can hear it trying to "cycle on", but then nothing happens. Someone told me it was probably just a switch. Any suggestions on trouble-shooting this problem?

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Where can I find used and/or broken remote controls? Answered

I am looking for a source of used or broken remote controls. I don't want to pay more than $1.00 per remote. Free would be Great.

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What should I do with an old, broken Ipod?

I have an old Ipod Nano that needs some doin' with. Any ideas would be welcome.

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how do i get a girl with a broken heart?

I've fallen in love with a girl that just broke up how do i go about telling here that im head over heels about her.

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Broken digi camera; what could I make with it?

My old compact digital camera is sitting looking at me accusingly, is there anything I could make out of the bits and peices? I feel bad just chucking it out. Im thinking earrings from the circuitry but not sure beyond that. Any Ideas?

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if a snails shell is broken will it die or anything bad will happen? Answered

'i wanted a pet snail but i also wanted to carry it if the shell brakes will it die or will there be any possible problems?when will the shell be able to break and how can you carry it im talking about slugs too but not about the shell slugs dont have any shells though.

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What can i do with a broken up coconut shell? Answered

The only cool stuff i could find used at least half a coconut, I didn't have any near-perfect circle-halves or circle-1/4s (as you can see in the pictures). What can i make with the pieces in the pictures attached?

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Self Assembeling Chair Robot

I found this on Youtube and thought it was kind of silly but at the same time pretty cool.The robot chair breaks and then reassembles itself. What do you think about it?

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What can I do with broken cellphones? Recycle them? Cannibalize them for parts?

I have several cellphones stored, I don't want to throw them away because i think they pollute. So... any ideas?

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My chisel has a chink in the blade, how do I get it out? Answered

I was wood carving one day to find that my flex cut chisel had a large, crescent shaped chink right out of the blade, it is about 1 centimeter deep and is a real nuisance, I was thinking about going to my local woodcraft store to ask a pro how to do it, but I thought that before I drove out there, I should ask on here, so anyone that knows what they're doing, can they give me an Instructable or tell me how to get it out? I want to start carving again ASAP! Thanks Future Filmaker

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how do I get broken piece of plug out of an electrical outlet?

A plug for a portable radiator burnt out and part is stuck in the electrical outlet. The other portion of the outlet is occupied by the washing machine plug. Is there a simple, and safe way to remove this piece without calling an electrician?

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How do I make a broken, valuable bowl into something cool?

I recently broke one of my grandmother's bowls and I want to turn it into something cool (it can't be salvaged as a bowl). I was thinking a hot plate or mirror with pieces of the bowl in it. Any other ideas and how would I do this?

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Test Tube Vase - Help!

My house recently got broken into, and a vase was broken that I had had for years, passed down from my mom.  It was a holder with three slots for three tube like vases to fit.  i cannot find multiple tube vases anywhere!  Anyone know where I should look?

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Anyone know how to fix a broken Leap Pad stylus cord?

It's an older Leap Pad, about 6-7 yrs old. The cord was bitten and is so frayed that it will not work anymore. These things are so expensive, I cannot afford to buy a new one. I am somewhat electronicly challenged, but can follow directions. I would sure appreciate if someone could help.

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What can I do with a broken martial arts breaking board?

It's in two halves. I have a power drill, a screwdriver, straws, some screws and some nails, a hammer, etc. I am not willing to spend over $10, unless the idea is really good. I also could probably break it again into smaller pieces. Both halves are rectangles, and roughly twice as long as they are wide. One is slightly wider than the other. I think it's pine wood. I am not interested in stuff that is decorational, as I have a little too much of that. I really need ideas! Thanks, Dinoclor

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need someone to design something to help me not put pressure on my broken ankle so i dont need to use crutches?

I broke my ankle and had surgery and have to use crutches which isnt that easy. i need something i can use to be a complete alternative to crutches or to make them a hell of a lot easier.

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How do I replace the belt on my Hoover 5050ED Dryer?

Dryer hadn't dried the last load and found it will not tumble, can manually move the barrel round but it was making a scraping noise, unscrewed the back and found the belt is broken. Would appreciate instructions on how to replace it please.

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where can i buy 1220cmx610cmx2mm plastic panels?

To replace green house windows broken by vandels

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How do you repair a watch whose band is broken and a spare just won't fit?

I have a northstar cw2 that i unfortunately stepped on and broke the band. I would like to fix it but the bar that runs parallel to the watch face was not connected to the watch frame but set in plastic and now there is just an empty space. I tired a replacement but it just doesn't seem to fit correctly.

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Replacement parts for a Pedestal floor fan? Answered

Need new blades for a broken 3-bladed floor fan.

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How much of an engineer do you have to be to repurpose the tuner from a broken lcd tv to work as a dtv converter?

Can you rewire and connect the tuner part of a broken flat panel tv to a power supply and encase it to use it as a converter box as it can do ota as well as clear qam receiving? This would be a great instructable if I knew about electronics and could solder!

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Is it dangerous to take apart a honeywell space heater?

I have a broken honeywell space heater. Everything works exept it dosent heat up. Is there a way to fix it and is it dangerous?

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how can one clear double pane windows after their seal has broken?

 the windows in our house have fogged between the panes. is there any way to clear them short of replacing them?

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How to repair styrofoam frame?

Round mirror 24 inches with styrofoam frame in the shape of a ribbon. The top part of the styrafoam(bow) is broken about 8 inches. How can I fix it? Thank you, Ellie

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I have a portable counter top ice maker, it still freezes but all the parts to hold and move the water/ice are broken.

Does anyone have an idea what I can make with it before I toss it?

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how can we open a locked westlock door knob when the lock seems to be broken?

The lock seems to be unlocked but we still cannot open the door. We have removed the knob on both sides, but still cannot find a release for the lock from the inside or the outside of the door. any suggestions??

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Anyone know where I could find a used/broken guitar for $30 and patch it up??

I want to place the image of the buffalo man logo on the guitar, but I need a cheap body I can use!

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brainstorm earphone craft ideas!

Ok so im not the only one that has tons of pairs of broken earphones. we go through them like crazy. and i dont have the heart to throw away these nice pair of skullcandy smokin buds... so i was thinking of trying to come up with something to do with broken earphones. so what do you guys think? i was thinking about some sort of necklace/bracelet or some other accessory, i had an idea of somehow wiring them up through my hoodie in replace of the drawstring... but im not sure on how to do it. any more ideas? i know someone could come up with something

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How does one replace cuisinart motor shaft sheath?

I was given a friend's grandmother's  dlc-7 Cuisinart.  The old sheath has the upper half of the side without metal underneath broken off. The plastic is super brittle.  I've gotten a replacement part.  It looks as though the old one should slide off and the new one slide on.  It's not working out that way. We've cleaned off the corrosion on the shaft that's exposed and cleaned up the plastic with paint thinner.  Pulling on the sheath hasn't  worked.  I've considered super gluing the broken piece back on, but would really like to install the new sheath.

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Web Repair - Low Rates

Back in 1998 Nina Katchadourian spent a number of weeks repairing broken spiderwebs with red thread. Interestingly, the spiders would reject the thread over the course of the night and repair it themselves by morning. Definitely check out her work.

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What to do with blender motor? Answered

Hello all. I have a relatively new blender but the carafe is broken. I hate to throw a perfectly good base in the landfill. So Im wondering if anyone has interesting ideas of something I can do with the motor. Thanks

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hot glue in a dishwasher?? Answered

I am repairing broken locking mechanism in the door of a dishwasher. Of course there will be a bit of force involved when pressing the handle and the dishwasher will heat the water which can melt the glue. What's your opinion? Should i use it??

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I'm having trouble getting over my first love,can anyone provide me any advice?

I shared ALL of my first experiences with her and I'm heart broken... really need some help here

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What glue is good for glass?

I need to mend a very old glass lamp shade. I rescued the set of three from a derelict building. As they all need to be on the light fitting, and it is impossible to replace such and old thing, I have to find a way to mend the broken one..

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