How to clean and restore Linoleum Tiled floors?

How would you clean and restore Linoleum tiles.

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can u use regular lumber to make wood floors? Answered

I have pine stairs that were originally covered with carpet..we scratched on the idea of recarpetting, sanded and stained the pine..They look great, like they have been there for centuries...this makes me want to buy some lumber and make my own wood floors...dont know if it would expand and contract or what kind of lumber to use...might go check a lumber bedrooms are pretty small....hoping this is possible....

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Would it work to buy lumber and make my own wood floors?

I am thinking of buying some cheap lumber from a lumber yard nailing it into my floors and sanding it down ...wondering if that would be ok without the cost of buying real hardwood floors...My staircase is pine and loks awesome... our stairs are pine.  just sanded and stained and my staircase looks centuries old! it worked for them thinking that might work for my floors in my three small bedrooms....

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RV remodeling..

I need to replace a ceiling and wall in an rv.  I do not want to use same material that is in  it.  I need it to be inexpensive.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Also, any idea for the flooring?  I am in a beach area so no carpet.  I want it to be unique.

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Heating system for the floor?

Changing the tile in my bathroom and need to find a good brand for the heating system...i installed one 5 years ago but it doesn't do the job any more?

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how do i refinish old beaten splintery loft floors, inexpensively?

My floors are in terrible shape. they are old, there are holes, uneven planking, chipping paint, often provide splinters, and are very hard to clean. they need to be sanded down, painted, and sealed. however hiring a professional is far beyond my budget, and am here looking for ideas on how to do it myself. note, ive considered renting a floor sander, but have been advised against it for 3 reasons: 1) very expensive 2) very messy 3) possibility that the professional grade floor sander might further damage the floor, by ripping up loose planks, or chipping the old wood. its been suggested to me to try using a palm sander, but that seems to take FOREVER. id like to seal the floors. any creative approach is helpful. thanks!

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Epoxy paint on a garage floor. Doable?

I would like to cover my garage floor with epoxy paint.  How must the floor be prepped?  Whose product is best?  Any bits of advice?

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Replacement parts for a Pedestal floor fan? Answered

Need new blades for a broken 3-bladed floor fan.

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Has anyone painted a linoleum floor?

Has anyone painted a linoleum floor? If so how did you do it? How well did it hold up to wear and tear? Do you have any recommendations or regrets?

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universal Saddle Extension for a floor jack? Answered

I have a floor jack the max height is 13" and the second car is an SUV requiring at least 22". what can I make a universal Saddle Extension out of. p.s. no torch or metal working tools yet but I'll buy one if needed. Thanks

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Can countertop laminate be used as flooring?

I've been having a hard time finding just the right color and pattern that I want in sheet vinyl or tiles, and Formica/Wisonart laminates come in about a BILLION styles and colors. If I put it down as flooring, do you think the surface would last over time? In a bathroom it would only see foot traffic and water, nothing heavy to scrape or damage it (like a fridge or furniture legs). I don't imagine it would chip or break as long as all the outer edges are protected. In a small bathroom you could get away with using only one sheet (no seams), or 2 sheets with just one seam in the middle. Sheets of laminate aren't cheap, but they're no worse than sheet vinyl of the same size. I imagine you couldn't "loose-lay" it even if you cut it to the exact dimensions of the room, because you'd probably get a slight air pocket effect when you step on it. A strip of glue down the floor's center along with perimeter gluing ought to be sufficient.

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Old wooden floor repair for dummies?

Our rental house is falling apart. Yes, literally. It's been made fairly clear that if we stay out of our landlord's way, he'll stay out of ours. We had a chair leg go through the floor where one of the boards was weak, and we need to figure out a way to repair it without spending too much or having to get the landlord involved. Short-term solution is to put a big piece of plywood under the chair, but after that gets old, what should we do to actually fix it? I don't really know anything about house fixing or carpentry, but I do have a basic set of power and non-power tools.

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How to make a plank floor out of wood pallets for a mobile home?

Need step-wise process on how to make a wood floor out of wood pallets for a mobilehome. I have a wood sub-floor?

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what is a good treatment for cement garage floor?

No cars, just a workshop with all the big tools and work benches. How to clean,then treatment the cement..... The walls are a high gloss white.

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How do I level a concrete floor?

I removed a wall down the middle of my basement.  It had a concrete footing which came out with the curb when it was removed, but the concrete floor on one side of this area is one inch higher than one the other side.  How do I level this so I can install a floating laminate flooring?

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what can put under laminate flooring to install?

I dont have the fome to put under laminate flooring to install i need to put some thing alse (pleas help me)

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How do I install a sound proof floor?

I need to intstall some sort of a sound proof floor brtween and upstairs/downstairs duplex. There is currently a 3/4 plywood subfloor with carpet and padding over it with insulation between the floor joists but it still allows a lot of noise to travel between the 2 units. I am wondering if I can use some sort of sound board with a laminate flooring laid on top of that?

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How do I repair a burned spot on vinyl flooring? I was told a hot ash did the damage. Answered

The damage is very small, however the floor is natural oak in color and the dark spot stands out very well. The tile is a one-piece roll type of flooring and I do have leftover from the installation.

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how do i paint over a vinyl floor?

I want to paint my ugly vinyl it easier to paint over it and how do i do that ,or should i rip it out and paint the plywood subfloor? what are the pros and cons of each?

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how do you clean dirty hard wood floors? Answered

My hardwood floors are dirty at high traffic areas. I prefer not to sand them because of the mess sanding makes. I have heard that they could be cleaned by using a liquid refinisher. Is this true and what is the best brand/

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What is the best way to replace a damaged slat in a solid hardwood floor?

We have a few damaged slats in our hardwood floor and we would like to replace them. We've purchased new slats and we've removed the old ones (mostly) but we were wondering how to place the new slats into the floor. What do you use for a vapor barrier? How do you affix the slats to the floor? Home Depot is not providing much help.

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What is a good craft to use up leftover Dura-Ceramic floor tiles?

I don't want to throw away the extra dura-ceramic floor tiles that we used in our bathroom floors. Is there a craft of some kind that kids ages 8-12 could do with them to make something useful?

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Attic insulation-should I insulate floor to ceiling?

I am in Conn. and the person helping me has said the roof needs to breath. This is a 4th story on a 3 family house. It is A shaped. I plan on covering the insulation after to finish the space off for storage. I think this will keep the 3rd floor warmer. The floor is insulated, but I wanted to do the wall which makeup the pitch of the roof. I have never heard of the roof needing to breathe before. Is this true or can I go ahead and insulate everything?

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Peach-Pit Flooring - Go Green while staying healthy!

Ever wonder what happens to those peach pits you throw out? No, I bet you don't, so here is an interesting new design utilizing the pits from peaches to create some neat flooring. "eco-friendly home design" and a lot of different options come to mind, but I'm willing to bet fruit pits as flooring isn't one of them.Alla le Roux feels differently however, and after being inspired by personal experience has started a business ( Stone Fruit Floors ) that designs and sells handmade flooring created out of peach pits. The pits are sanded down (to get rid of sharp edges and make them more comfortable to walk on) and set into the floor by hand along with glue, sand, and a resin mixture. The end result looks like a strange mix between hardwood, tile, and linoleum.Interesting... I'm not really sure what else to say about this!Check out the whole process here.Here is another gallery of the floorsSomeone has got to learn how to make these...will it be you? We can do it! Plus, you get the benefits of eating peaches!

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Question: How to use old gym floor wood

Does anyone know an effective way of removing the plastic coating on gym floor wood.  I have managed to remove the plastic once, using a belt sander and many, many, unfortunate, coarse sand belts. Also occasionally using a chisel. This did work well, just very time consuming. The result was a very nice, strong wood. I would be very interested in any information on this. 

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Labrador has strange phobia of unusual floor surfaces? Answered

Does anyone has an explanation? My labrador is in perfect health; no balance problems; he leaps fences and is not timid in any way. A few years ago when we laid down slate floor tiles on the entire diner and kitchen area he seems  worried about walking on the kitchen area and avoids it or approaches it very gingerly, bowing low as he does so; it's as if he perceives it as a deep hole . He will, however, totally forget about this fear if he can get to the cat's food but otherwise it is very hard coaxing him onto the tiles in the kitchen only. My friend's  exterior  landing and staircase has a mottled pattern; he just couldn't walk on it and refused to come down it; he had to be carried. So, none of this is a problem at all, but I'm just curious to see if anyone has encountered anything similar? Thanks.

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what is the cheapest method to make an intercom to communicate between ground floor ? Answered

How to make a local intercom to communicate between ground floor & 3rd floor in our apartment with actual telephones but without telephone line.  Is it possible?  If so please let me know the method in detail

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What's the best and easiest way to create a floor plan of my current home?

I want to remodel soon and this will help with planning.

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I need to remove old vinyl flooring and nothing is working - any ideas?

I am removing old vinyl flooring to put down ceramic tile. The vinyl is 17 years old and I have tried a heat gun, glue remover, an iron and foil, a heated trowel and nothing works quickly. A job that should take a week is taking months. Can ceramic tile be put down on top of the vinyl without the grout cracking when you walk on it?

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How do I make this leather belt floor mat?

Below is a link to an example of an expensive floor mat made from recycled leather belts. I want to know is how do you think they are attached? Is there another mat underneath that they are glued to? What type of backing is involved? What type of adhesive would be durable enough for this type of application? What is the best way to cut the leather to make a precise edge? Should the leather be treated to make it last longer? There must be an inexpensive solution. Please help me out. Thanks.

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Answer this question and be featured on my next instructable.The first person to answer correct wins. Answered

Brad lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building. Every day he goes down to the 1st floor on the elevator and rides back up to the fifteenth on the elevator and walks the remaining five floors back up to his apartment. Why?

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How can I remove candle wax from a concrete floor?

A while back I spilled roughly one candle's-worth of melted wax on my rough concrete shop floor. It's not causing any problems, but it's ugly and feels weird when I step on it. I've thought of a wire brush and a lot of heat, neither of which are really practical. Any suggestions for removing it?

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would it be possible to use wooden laminate flooring as blades for a wind turbine?

Hi, was thinking of making a wind turbine with some parts i have like a newish car alternator and battery bit of electronics and some spare wooden laminate flooring looks about 15cm wide about 150 cm tall and just under a cm deep, and some stuff for making a frame for it. got a bit of electrical knowlege. cheers.

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I'm thinking of tiling over my counter-top with ceramic tiles and also tiling over my linoleum floor (with anything).

Can I tile over these things without ripping them out? Any tips? The counter is wood veneer and the floor is linoleum tiles that have worn through to what looks like concrete in some spots. I'm pretty handy and I think I can do these things myself with the right tools, but I don't want to make any serious faux pas. I don't think I'm capable of or want to rip up the flooring an counter either. Thanks for your help!

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Does anyone know how to make traditional Korean floor heating systems? They are called ondol.

I am going to build a house next year and I need information on how to build ondol, a traditional floor heating system.

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what is the ration and proportion of sand and gravel for one bag of sand? how many feet it will cover?

I want to know...for constructing a house one bag of cement what is the ratio and proportion of sand and gravels? and how many feet will it cover for that mixture for the floor?

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How do I remove vinyl tile adhesive?

I am removing some cheap vinyl tile squares, but it leaves adhesive on the underneath floor, which I want to keep.  What can I use to dissolve, remove or clean the adhesive?

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Have a good idea for a rain gutter?

I have a chicken coop, rain gets in from the cement floor it sits on outside. I need rain gutters to divert the rain from the wavy galvanized tin roof and away from the cement floor. Chickens have wet feet!

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Air Mattress base Answered

We have a Queen size air mattress that we like. But on the floor it is so low we have a problem getting up. (We are 70 years old.) Is there an instructable that we could make something that would get us off the floor even just a foot. Something that we could fold up and take in the car.

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bedframe? Answered

I need a cheap easy bedframe to get my mattress off the floor. All suggestions appreciated. Cheap being the operative word.

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I need doors that are 97 inches high to go from ceiling to floor for a bypass system. What could I do in place of doors?

I'm installing a 144 inch hanging  bypass door track to act as a barrier between two rooms.  I need doors that are 97 inches high to go from ceiling to floor.  What could I do in place of doors?  The idea is to hang four 36 inch panels/doors so the rooms could be separate, or have a large opening between them.   I was thinking of making doors, maybe gluing veneer on polystyrene sheets.  These would be light and durable, but I'm not convinced they wouldn't be hideous.  Maybe us laminate flooring on the polystyrene?  Any ideas?

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How might I heat a basement space with solar heated water running through radiant underfloor tubing?

I live in the northeast and have a basement meant to be used by the kids as a hang out and studio space. It's cold. I'd like to heat it cheaply and environmentally. My preference is to use radiant floor heating with hot water supplied by a solar water heating system. I need to build both. I've seen great ideas for heating the ground and upper floors but I'm snagged on how to adapt any of them to a basement space. Oh, and I have practically no budget at all - tubing to be purchased but most everything else scrounged/salvaged/adapted. Any helpful suggestions?

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