How to find a girlfriend? Answered

How to find a girlfriend? Any ideas?

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Can anyone help with 13 year old girlfriend Christmas gift?? Answered

I want to get my girlfriend a really, really nice, meaningfull gift for christmas to show that I like her alot. I am stuck and need any good ideas from anyone, but girls help from around the same age would be great! I was thinking a really nice ring, but she isn't much into the glamour, jewelry sort of stuff. A ring she would like is a great idea, not to big and 'Out There'. Any ideas??

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can somebody please give me some REAL dating tips (emergency)

I have bin looking for dating tips for 2 hours and all of them are c**p! PLEASE if you have some dating tips that really worked for you tell me

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how do i get my girlfriend to wan to kiss me p.s we only meet at school im 13?

I already have a girlfriend just need help with the kissing thing i only meet at school and my mom doesnt know about it  but hers does please help!

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My girlfriend's dad really hates me for some unknown reasons. What should i do?

I have a problem with my girlfriend's dad. I dont know how to fix it......everytime her dad sees me, he just yells at he saw me and her together and he started beating me.....I didn't do any self defense as i know alot about respects. I am 20, and she is 17 turning 18 in couple months....It got to a point that i really hate her dad but can't do anything about it. My girlfriend also doesn't know what to do because her dad really loves her and everytime after he yells/beat ME, he just apologizes to her but obviously my girlfriend is starting to hate him more as each day goes by......I don't want this to happen because i think family is always important so i am trying to find solutions to fix this at any cost! Even getting stab by him as he threatened me today before i left. I just don't get the problem at all. Her sister who is 19 year old can date freely with this other guy but her dad just HATES me. I look and AM a very nice guy....only thing is can think of is i am a whitewashed asian and her dad has a very traditional asian mind. Whereas her sister's boyfriend is an asian that can speak fluent chinese

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help! my girlfriends parents are crazy strict! im not kidding.

Just to explain she's 17. we wanted to see a movie. here parents said it had to be PG. and her dad had to escort and observe at all times! anybody have some help/encouragement it would be much appreciated.

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Alright i want to make somthing for my girlfriend but I'm clueless Can I have some help here?

She likes a lot of things but she is more of a tom-boy she hates pink and skirts are a no-no. I need lots of help here .  I'm not too poetic and she likes mountain dew but she likescamping and swimming but i dont want to get her clothes. HELP!!!

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Is it right on her part?

My gf is mad at me bcoz i wrote about our relationship in her testimonial even though she finds it interesting to discuss it over the phone. She actually called me a jerk. Was it right on her part?

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What should i do to fix this? need help with gf parents

My girlfriends parents wont let us do pretty much anything together, like she cant come over to my house cuz her mom thinks well do something very innapropriate, and we NEVER get ANY alone time. her mom always wants constant supervision because of her moms past experiences. i just feel like her mom tried to shelter her soo much from the outside world, and now i come in and start getting her out of the house and learning valubale things about how people actully act, her mom keeps trying to keep us apart in any little way she can. I really need help?

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Do you think it's good to have a girlfriend very young like age of 11 years old?

I have a crush on this girl at school and we both are still pretty young so I not sure if I can go and u know date her or something? Please give me advices!!!

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How do I tell a close friend how I feel about them?

I really need some advice. There is this girl I really like, we have been really good friends for years now, but right as I got up enough courage to tell her how I feel and ask her out, my brother askes he out, and she says yes. They broke-up about five months ago; she said she didn't see that the relationship was going anywhere. Now that they ended it and it seems like it has been long enough to try to ask her out again, every time I try to hang out with her when it is just us, something always comes up either with my parents or hers. Can anyone give me advice on how to act on this, because it seems like a very delicate situation?

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Valentines gift idea for my girlfriend? Answered

Hey, I was wondering if anyone out there has an idea for a gift to send to my girlfriend? I have absolutely no idea what to do...I was hoping to make her something and send it to her, but I dont know. She lives in Washington, shes 16, and her mom is very strict, so something that is respectable, yet sweet and kind at the same time. Any ideas are very welcome, but hopefully soon, cause I dont have much time to send it to her....and whatever it is, it kinda has to fit in a letter :) thanks! 

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What is wrong with my girlfriends ear?

Me and her went to go eat lunch/dinner at her dads. On the way there, she said her ear was hurting and it was red (hour: 1). (hour 2) now her ear was throbbing and she was basically crying when I touch it and it was starting to look like a burn. I was thinking that it was from her curling iron, but she said she didn't touch it. (hour 4) after lunch/dinner we go to her moms house to hang out and her ear is still throbbing and has a white burn like mark on her ear cartilage. (hour 4.5) she puts ice on it and still hurts, after about 10 minutes after the ice, it started to ooze out some green pus like discharge, yes from her cartilage. she doesn't have it pierced. it seriously looks like it could had been from a curling iron except for the discharge... so she takes some pain killers and tries to go to bed. (hour 5) me and her mom take her to go to the hospital to see what is going on when she it was hurting so bad she was literally crying.(hour 5.25 - 7) we wait in the lobby to be checked out by the doctor, in that time, she was in so much pain that she barely talked. and if we did, she didn't want to talk about her ear with the discharge still oozing out.(hour 7.5) doctor evaluated that its an infection of some sort but has never seen it, so he prescribes her some antibiotic pills and drops. the drops to be put directly onto the sore.(hour 15) in the morning she shows me her ear and it was kinda dried up, but still pretty liquidy. it looked the same for about the rest of the day. she said that it wasn't hurting as near as bad and i could actually touch it and not have her cry or wince in pain. What could this be? and how and why did it happen in less than 12 hours? could it be from the curling iron but just a weird reaction to heat? I will see if I can get some pictures from her to post. but this is what she said hopefully about the ones on her phone (i took some with her ipod) "I deleted them because they are gross."... understandable because they were... very...

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My girlfriend's father will do anything to keep me away from her. What do I do? Answered

He even resulted to physical force. She is really mad about it but i don't know what i should do. i am never bad, i think i set a good stage for myself, i behave and all around him, but it's getting on my nerves.

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My girlfriend's father caught us making out in her backyard at 1:00 am. He was pissed. What should I do?

My girlfriend and I have a very happy relationship. We couldn't see each other during the day, but decided we really wanted to hook up that night. Her parents go to sleep at 10:30, and she decided to sneak out and I'd meet her in the backyard, since her house is in walking distance.I told my parents I was going for a walk around the block. I left at 11:00 pm and said I would be home by 11:30, which is the curfew when minors have to be off the streets.I get to her house and 11:10, she quietly sneaks out and we meet up. I had intended to leave and be home on time, but soon found ourselves making out under bright moonlight and we just couldn't bring ourselves to end it.Soon I start getting phone calls from my parents. My cell phone is vibrating in my pocket but I didn't pick up. Quite frankly I was too lost in the moment to care.I ignore the calls for a while. After a long time, we're both terrified to hear the back door open and her father come out!He says, calmly but obviously pissed. "---- come inside. And you best go home."I slip away without a word, obviously pretty spooked. I get to the end of her street, and check my cell phone. It's 1:00 AM!!My parents called the police and reported me as missing! I got to the end of her street, and a police cruiser picks me up for being out after curfew.They contact my parents. I wasn't arrested because I explained to the officer the situation, I was with my girl, we lost track of time, honest mistake, apologies, etc. My parents call my girlfriend's parents. Her folks are obviously not happy with me. I've had my cell phone service disconnected, and my girlfriend doesn't have Facebook, e-mail, or any way for me to contact her.I need to know----1. How to make amends to her parents2. If we can continue our relationship with her parents hating me3. How to manage this whole clusterf**k situationPlease any advice will help! This just happened yesterday so I need to act. I'm really crazy about this girl and we have a great relationship, it'd be a shame to lose it.Thank you so much to everyone!-IR

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Christmas gift for girl friend??????????? Answered

I need a realy simple home made gift for my girlfriend her favorite colors are blue and green and her favorite animal is a tree frog can someone please help im no craftsman and i need somthing awsome

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How do I ask a girl to be my girlfriend?

There's a girl at school who is my best friend but I haven't ever asked a girl out before.

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today i met my girlfriend father it was a first meet now what should i do?

Today i met my girlfriend father it was a first meet also he spoke something againts to approach and behaviour even i approach decent now what should i do?

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How do i get my girlfriend back? Answered

We broke up over 3 months ago, and i never stopped liking her. She is very... Fickle and not like any other girl i know. Now she has a boyfriend, but he treats her like scum and she doesnt seem happy with him at all. She seems like she's in a rut or something and all my friends think she's crazy now. I just want her to come to her senses. I can't really put the rest in words but at this point i think you get the jist. EDIT: She broke up with me because she liked this jerk guy i just described... i dont get it though because she's HATED him with a passion for her whole life. The guy has no morals at all and he doesnt even talk to her. they just sit there when theyre together dont even hold hands Note:I swear to god if anyone says READ MAI GUIDE ill be so pissed. Not only that but please give RELEVANT advice (i hate when people say stuff like: oil her stairs down and when she slips and falls help her up HOW WOULD I GET INTO HER HOUSE?!?!?!?)

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what kind of gift can i give to my girlfriend the first month we've been together?

What kind of details can i give her

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It's my girlfriend and i one year anniversary coming up soon and i have no ideas on what to do.

We are on a pretty tight budget so keep that in mind.

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How do i win my ex girlfriend back,i can't live without her she was my everything?

Yes im gay and im having relationship issues. My girlfriend's ex came back into her life and she left me for her. But the only reason she met her ex was because we were taking a break....i have to have her back she is my world

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i need a way to kiss m girlfriend she said she likes me very much she has been waitin fo 1 yr so some one pls help me.

I need a place to kiss her                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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my girlfriend and my 8 month aniversery is coming up on te 26 of september and I need a gift Idea? Answered

she likes duct tape, zombies, ninjas, and facebook so PLEASE HELP ME I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO DO!!!!!!(panicked yell)

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can anyone give me ideas for gifts for my girlfriends birthday? Answered

She likes maroon five. Oh ya her parents have no idea about us so gotta keep it small please help she likes pink and blue and this is the first time i celebrating her birthday so any ideas i want to make some thing but i dont know what

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im 12 and i taing my girlfriend to the movies tommorow and we plan to makeout then but im not sure what to do?

I eed to know what to do me and her have no idea how to makout and we want to tommorow but we dont know what to do. im taking her tommorow i need instant feedback please

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first date?

I want to take my girlfriend out for a first date during to summer. i need ideas for the first date.

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How do I recess a medicine cabinet?

'''''''I have a stud finder but never cut wallboard before. Two girlfriends have proper saw for the job. Just need instructions

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where to find a girl friend?

I dont know where to find a girlfriend cause im in a boys school :( i dont even know how to ask a girl to be my boy friend so yeah please help me!!!

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Portal Gun

This fan-made Portal gun is one of the best that's showed up on the net. This was made as a prop for a girlfriend's costume. Check out the photos for all the lovely details. Portal photo setRelated: How to make a Portal Gun

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how doo you make a fifth grader like you?

My name is kamila and i like this boy and he has a girlfriend but he is going with me to the do i get him to like me.

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What is the best way to clean out a coffee maker? Answered

I recently bought a Coffee/expresso maker for my girlfriend from Goodwill for Christmas. It's super cool and professional looking but it's kinda dirty inside. Normally when I'd wanna clean something, I'd run like barsol or laquer-thinner through it because I love high powered solvents, but I also would prefer not to kill my girlfriend. Anyone know of anything I can run through a coffeemaker that isn't toxic but kills germs? They make coffee maker cleaner, but it doesn't seem like it'd kill germs. I was thinking vinegar.

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what are some creative ways to make roses? Answered

Girlfriends birthday is coming up and i need unique ways to make roses. so far i have soda can, plastic spoons, duct tape, and paper. suggestions would be great, videos even better.

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Fend off Impetigo?

 Well, it turns out my girlfriend has Impetigo and I fear I have caught it from her. Is it possible to minimise damage or stop it during its 1-3 day incubation period? Any advice wanted.

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Any body know how to flirt with a girl(like stuff to say)? Answered girlfriend thinks i could be more flirty...i guess that means i need to flirt more...anythin will work...romantic and perverted and funny

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Does she like what I'm doing? How can I make her be my girlfriend?

I met her 5 weeks ago. She's new to uni actually and I'm 2nd year at uni already. I like her and I've tried to do everyfing when she needs. I do care for her like buyin her a new fone battery (coz her fone battery death last week). But she still wants 2 pay me back every time I try 2 get her sumfing. What should I do? say yes, she can pay me back or no, she doesn't have to? I also tried to make her smile or laugh like make fun of her, text her or came to her room...but I know that I should calm down sumtime Because if I do too much, it would make her feel creepy. Everytime I go with her to uni...i really wanna talk to her, but dunt really know what to talk? Can I just tell her that I like her or just wait for a while? I dunt wanna make the same mistake like last year again...(Last year I told another girl that I like her and she ran away from me). And yeah...there are 2 or 3 other guys chasing her as well...i'm not sure, just my guessing, but one of them does like her. 100% sure Because he told me last week...but I didn't say anyfing...what should I do? I have a feeling that if I dunt do anyfing, I would loose her. PLZ HELP...Thanks

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Should i call my ex?

So here is my dilemma, i broke up with my girlfriend about a month - month and half ago she was introduced to me by my friends girlfriend. At first everything was going well but it just didn't work out (ill spare you the details) well this past weekend I go and find out that ALL of my friends were at her apartment hanging out all day and night partying. I never got a phone call from anyone to at least tell me about it, I can't help but to feel a little left out and a little butt hurt too. I don't know if this was something that my ex had planned to deliberately piss me off or what. Should I call her? I'm not sure what to say, but this isn't the first time that its happened I feel like my ex is taking over all of my friends. If anyone can give me some advise on what to do I would really appreciate it.

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what should i do?

Okay soo im only a teenager, but my really close friend who is also my age kissed me the other week and said he loved me, and then that night on msn he told me he really likes me stiill ( we have been out 2 times before) then i got my hopes up. but he has a girlfriend :/ then he told me to come for a walk in the morning with him; and i was like sure so we did and he kept kissing me, and later that night on msn he told me hes going on holiday and thaat he will sort everything out when he gets back , my friends are saying that he is just using for abit of action , cus his girlfriend lives a 20 minute drive away so im quite comfused.hes back from holiday tomorrow.; and i dont know what i should do.can anyone give me any ideas?PLEASE (:xxxxxx

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Why are guys so territorial?

Ok why is it that guys flip out when they see their girlfriend even looking in the direction of another guy? its not like he owns me, so why do i get the cold shoulder every time i talk to another guy? Its not like im gonna run off with another guy so why cant he just get over it? Lolz, Are guys chemically wired to guard their girl?

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How Can I preserve a ticket stub from a movie theater and still be able to read it? Answered

I have a Ticket stub from the movies that kept from my first date with my girlfriend and want to preserve in a way so I can Give it to her as a gift. Its ink is fading and the process mush not cover it up. Please Help thank you.

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I was recently in a car accident, where they had to turn the car into a convertible to get me out. I'm fine, and my girlfriend is far better off than i am, but they had to cut off my cloths, and her shirt, and what we lost they replaced with paper scrubs. Is there anything that can be done with these? I don't want to throw them away, and I was hoping for a cool nerdy project I could use them for. Thanks

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How do I build a "horse walker" (no motor needed)?

I am wondering if anybody has ever built a horse walker before. I am looking for an easy design that will be safe and effective. I am not trying to make a fancy machine with variable speeds or forward and reverse. My girlfriend is a young horse trainer and money tight, especially with the economy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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How do I break up with a guy without hurting his feelings too bad?

I've been going out with a guy for about a day now. We were best friends and then he started to like me. I think that it's so weird to go from best friends to girlfriend and boyfriend! I want him to understand do I wrote him a note. It mostly said that i would feel more comfortable being friends.

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