Portal Gun

This fan-made Portal gun is one of the best that's showed up on the net. This was made as a prop for a girlfriend's costume. Check out the photos for all the lovely details. Portal photo setRelated: How to make a Portal Gun

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what gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, i want to make 3 guns. they are the inferno,SR-V1 and the scar 11.01 (burrito masters gun). but, i do not have the pieces to make all of them. so what one should i make? please tell me

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Pirate Gun

I recently bought this cap gun for 2 dollars at a thrift store and need some ideas slash help like how to fix the barrel where the orange cap was. I want to incorporate the two pirate skull buttons on the gun. The gun is for my renaissance faire costume and i would like to make it more pirateesque any ideas are welcome :)

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Ray Guns

I've got a couple of ray guns that I made from old candlesticks and such, I don't have process pics but was thinking I'd make an instructable for them (or at least one of them). Anybody else got any or made any, I would love to see them and I think others would too.

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Pen Gun Ideas

This is the place for all pen gun ideas. There are lots of Instructables on pen guns and this is where all concept ideas for the more sophisticated members of the pen artillery should be!

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Here press my name for paper gun and knex gun!!! here some example of paper gun

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favorite nerf guns

My favorite nerf guns are the nerf guns that don't have to be cocked back and reloaded. I like th ones that are like revolvers or have magazines.my favorite revolving nerf gun is the nerf maverick followed by the nerf dart tag revolver. My favorite magazine loading guns are the nerf long shot and the buzzsaw. And in an un related topic, i love half-life what are your favorite nerf guns?

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Paper Gun Challenge

ok bros, ive already got one way to make a paper gun fire without blowing which i will publish soon, but if you can come up with another way, then ill bring out the tutorial for my special shotgun.

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the best paper gun ever

It is the best paper guns that you see in your life so awesome paper guns.

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what gun are these bullets from? Answered

Ok so i was tyding my room and came accross these bullets  the largest one says : k 69 liia2 the second largest says d 10 a 86 the third largest is a colt 45 thats all i know and the smallest says z2mm9 rg 88 then like a plus sign

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Melting plastics with heat gun?

Hello!  I'm attempting to make a costume and I need to make bubble eye caps. Could I use a plastic bottle and heat it up so that it'll melt partially?

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Lego Minifigure Guns/Weapons

Hey does anyone have any good ideas for lego guns (or bombs, etc.) for minifigures? i tried serching for them but i cant seem to find any decent ones... thanks alot, ~Operator99?

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Paper model gun preview!

Ok, in this topic, i will post some pictures of the instructable that is coming.. making a paper model gun!IT IS HERE!

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Good cool elastic guns

Just wondering if anyone knew how to make elastic guns that are safe fun and u can shoot them around a bunch. They gotta be easy to make and load so no like chemicals just a kool gun. If u can try not to make it knex cause i find them hard to make.

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Hot Glue Gun stuck

I Have been using a glue gun for quite some time but nearly 5-6 days ago, while i was on a project , i left it on/forgot to switch it off and went to sleep...........when i checked it in the morning not enugh glue had melted out, that was weird, then when i pressed the triger the glue would come out in cilindrical pattern and is not hot at all..........i even tried to push the glue out of the nozzel but its stuck in it......also the stick is a cheap one(bad quality) the 2 possibilities that r possible are- 1) the glue stick sucks  2) glue gun is busted

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External batteries for hotglue gun

I was wondering if I could mount batteries on top of a glue gun. I cut the wire of the cord and i had two minicords and i ran those out of a hole i made in the top of the gluegun. any ideas on what batteries, a switch on/off method? and also how to connect the wires to the batteries would be extremely appreciated.

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Ideas for rubber band (elastics) guns

From someplace that takes rubber band guns seriously-including accuracy contests...ガンロッカー ( GUNLOCKER )and the translated page.

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glue gun trigger not "gripping" the glue?

When I push the trigger on my dewalt glue gun the trigger moves but doesn't "grip" the glue to push it forward. Any ideas how to get it to grip the glue?

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DIY Metal Rubber Band Gun

This rubber band gun works just like the wooden ones you've probably seen. The difference is that this is made of metal, has a safety, and includes a flashlight and laser sight. OK, just a wee bit over the top, but impressive. via bbgadgets

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who likes undermig's paper guns? Answered

If you do can you pleeeeeeease go on his orange board and tell him okay? if you don't he won't post them. thanks.

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foot pedal controlled glue gun?

I would like to have a glue gun mounted on a stand and controlled with a foot pedal so both hands are free. Any ideas on how to do this?

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A barrel for a modded nightfinder airsoft gun?

I have a 8 year old bro who has a bunch of nerf guns. He wanted play airsoft with me but doesn't want to get shot with my 400+ fps airsoft gun. I've been searching some things on instructables and found a way to change a nerf gun into a weak airsoft gun. My brother let me use his nightfinder and i ripped out the air restrictor. so now im supposed to make a barrel. He doesn't really like the idea of cutting up one of his darts so what is another item that i could use to make a barrel. he doesn't mind a decent fps on the gun just nothing too extreme. any other suggestions for other mods are accepted as well.

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What not to use to make paper guns

I tried to use: duct tape, Hot glue, card board. And they all completely failed.\ list any more failed materials I din't list

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Which is the most popular high temp glue gun?

I want to start building cosplay costumes with EVA foam panels. As far as I can see, people tend to use high temp glue guns for this purpose, but dang if I can't find any posts that can clue me in to which specific gun and glue to use. There are many different guns and glue out there!  Thanks! mowgli out

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my new guns (not really new, more like really simplified Red Impacts)

My two new guns, they both feature simplified perfect duck style loading arms, enhanced grey pieces, and my new mag type. So tell me what you think (yes i know it is similiar to Red Impact, though im sure ya'll will remind me a couple hundred times)

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What are we oppose to use for ammo in a bic pencil gun. it cannt be harmful just annoying i might take it to school

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portal fan pack

I will be doing a portal fan pack ( portal gun and almost life size companion cube) i have already started on both of them, so keep an eye out.

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Are there any ideas to replicate pistols and a assault rifle at the same time making it semi-obvious that it is fake?

Hey guys.  Just wanted to let you know that I am extremely disappointed after speaking with a few clubs in Vegas.  There is no way that I will be allowed to enter a club with my plastic guns for my costume.I had called the Vegas police about this and they are ok with me walking around with it as long as I am responsible enough.  Are there any ideas anyone may have to replicate pistols and a assault rifle but at the same time making it semi-obvious that it is fake? Thanks!

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Looking for FN Five-seven gun project or FN five-seven gun pepakura files

Hi, I'm looking for a gun project of FN Five-seven or pepakura files. I'm doing some cosplay thing and I really need it.

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Which is better for a lego gun slingshot or rachet? Answered

I'm making a new lego gun but i don't no which is better please answer.

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Ebony & Ivory - Devil May Cry Guns

 This was my first commissioned prop build as a favour for a friend of a friend. All in all they cost about £15 in materials and took a total of 42 hours to conceive and build (abit longer that expected).  It was made on the base of a cheap toy gun which had to be modified and was then built upon with wood, paper mache, plastic and MDF. There are further step by step photos on my props blog.  I hope you like them.

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I need a cheap, realistic, non firing gun prop for a movie...

   Me and my friends are making a movie. I want to make or buy a pistol which looks a lot like a beretta M9 for very cheap. I'd rather not make it out of cardboard, those guns take a lot of skill to make it look remotely realistic. And I don't have access to wood.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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im trying to paint my nerf guns but one problem what type of paint to use that wont scratch off or sticky?

I want a paint that isn`t sticky once dried and a paint that wont scratch off?

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How does a pump action marshmallow gun work? Answered

How does the gun pump action work, not the one made out of pvc pipe that you blow into, but the ones where you can put in 20 mini marshamllows, or the ones that shoot 3 or 4 regular marshmallows.

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Hey im new :)

Hey im new guys :), im intrested in rubberband stuff, so...yeah. Does anyone have an rubberband gun intructable? not a lego rubberband gun, one made from wood, a repeater rubberband gun weith a cog n stuff. Well that all :)

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Small tank higher pressure? or large tank Lower Pressure?

I was think what was better? a Small tank with a higher pressure? or a large tank with a Lower Pressure? Of coarse if you had a small tank you gun would look better. This is how air rifles work... you break the barrel (push it down) and that push a pump in to a small tank at a high PSI, Thats why its hard to break the barrel. I was also thinking that if you had a Higher PSI in the air resivour it would release quicker?!. What do you think?

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In UK law, what exactly is counted as 'modifying the appearance of this airsoft gun'? Answered

In UK law, what exactly is counted as 'modifying the appearance of this airsoft gun'? Does it mean changing its colour? (it is currently a 2-tone no VCRA required airsoft gun) Would this be breaching this law: Creating a minigun out of PVC pipe, spray painting it, and slotting the airsoft gun into the bottom to make the model seem functionable, within the airsoft guns usual limits.

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how do you build a good trigger system for a lego gun? Answered

All my lego guns explode when i fire them to manning times got any suggestions ?

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What is the best 2 vs. 2 nerf gun overall?

Whatare mods i can do and ferature and stuff

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Make a super awesome collaboration!!!

Does anyone have an idea for a cool airsoft collaboration?

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Any decent good hot glue guns for beginners?

Hi, I'm looking into getting a hot glue gun, but every one that I see has a number of critical reviews that worry me ;). This is my first time getting a glue gun so I want something that I can control easily. As I couldn't decide which ones were actually good, I thought I would just ask a question here because I'm sure most people over here would have some experience with a glue gun. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Cheerio! super_me

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How can I use my rechargeable drill gun battery as a power source for LED's?

I would like to repeatedly power a series of LED's with a rechargeable drill/screw gun battery. Is there a way to rewire an old battery charger so that in becomes the power-input for the battery?

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