Related Instructables?

What happened to the related instructables that's usually on the right of an ible page?

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Featured Instructables.

What does it take for an Instructable to be featured? Only one of my 6 Instructables have been featured, so I'm kinda disappointed.

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instructable ideas? Answered

Wat should i do a (easy) instructable on

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is instructables free?

Is it?

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Instructables Leathermans? Answered

Where are people getting these???

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Flash instructables

==HIGH DEMAND NEEDED==That says it all.If there is high demand, I will make instructables for flashEG: Preloaders, Animation, Web Design, Games, etc...

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Instructables colors? Answered

Hey guys, in case you haven't noticed, there is a colored banner underneath everyone's display pic with a number that states how many instructables they have published. I was wondering what color corresponds to which numbers (like I know that at least 1-5 is blue)?

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Welcome to Instructables

On this page you can find links to some of our most frequently asked questions. What is this site? Instructables is a place that lets you explore, document, and share your creations. How do I post an Instructable? We offer a free and easy online class to coach you through posting your first Instructable or you can just wing it and start a new one today. How do I get help improving my Instructable?Ask the community for help in The Clinic. How does my Instructable get featured? The best way to get your projects featured is by following the Featuring Guidelines. Where can I learn more about contests? Our Contest FAQ has all of the information that you need to know about contests. What contests are launching soon? Check out our list of upcoming contests. Are you on social media? Yes! Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. How do I contact Instructables directly? The best way to contact us is through our Contact Page.

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Instructable appearance

My Lego Lunar Module is not appearing when I search for it. This means I don't get many views, which means no favorites, which means no popularity. HELP ME!

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not able to submit an instructable

I tried to post a new instructable at 11.30PM PST on May 9th 2010. While it is uploading the pics, it just erased everything that I typed for the steps. I had to redo the entrie thing and at 11.55PM PST on May 9th 2010 I re-submitted the new instructable, for the paper cup contest. Now the site threw up saying that it cannot accept the instructable since deadline has crossed. According to the rules, the site should be able to accept entries till 11.59PM PST. It was so frustrating to see that my instructable cannot be posted after spending so many hours of hardwork..  

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How to delete an Instructable? Answered

I published an instructable 1 year ago , and now I want delete that . That was in a contest 1 year ago , so I see this error when I want delete that : ERROR 401: Not authorized to delete this Instructable, as it is entered in at least one Contest. How I can get it out of contest (That contest is for 1 year ago) , then delete it ?

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my instructable dont publish? Answered

Ok so I have published an instructabe about a week ago and its still not published I know it takes time but I think thats too long.

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My instructable is not on the explore pages?

Okay, my first problem is fixed (my instructable finally published) but its still not on any of the explore pages what do i do its been up there for like week and a half and i only have like 10 views so please help me

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how do you add a video in an instructable?

I can't figure out how to add a video in an instructable

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when i make an instructable what license should i choose for it to be on the search thing?

If you subscribe to me you can see what i have made but it's not on the search thing and it says it's published

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Instructables Gone Wrong

This is what I like to call: Instructables Gone Wrong!WARNING!He does have a "rude" outburst at the beginning!

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Official Instructables Logos

Occasionally Instructables authors ask for images of the robot to use in their projects. Here are some images, which are available for non-commercial use. If you have questions about image use off of the site, please contact us at

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Drawings of the Instructables Robot

Instructables PSP theme HELP!!! HELP!!! Im working on an Instructables psp theme but I need Robot pictures that relate to each menu icon i have the one for the games menu (below)and the photo menu but need some for video,music,network.ect.ect...If anyone could help draw/design these let me know.Just private message me. Thanks, Rockerx p.s. who ever wants the theme if it ever gets finished can also P.M me ;)

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Are there any youngsters on Instructables????? Answered

Ok so, im 12, is there anyone within or below the 10-18 age group other than me? am i alone???

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Error on publishing instructables ???

 Oops! We couldn't understand your request. Please contact us to tell us as much detail as possible about what you were trying to do when this happened.

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Instructables T-Shirt

"These shirts are hand-made art silkscreened in Northern California on high-quality American Apparel t-shirts." how about an instructable on how these t-shirts are made? I'd love to learn how to screen print shirts that look as professional. btw - what's with the search function on this site? it doesn't exactly...function... very well, does it?

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Instructables Robot Contest

Post your drawing or picture of the instructbles robot doing something (ie playing guitar, socccer, dancing, xbox). The pics will be rated and voted on by you. just write whos drawing you like best, and i will count the votes. whoever wins gets to know that they are either a good artist or are good with photoshop! the contest ends march 14th

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Free Instructional Illustrations

I want to create some instructional illustrations for an instructable to be published here. Who's? I still don't know. There will be no cost to it. Just tell me about the instructable that you are working on so we can work through it. How does it work The illustration will be based upon a photo. You will take a picture that you want to use in your instructable and I will vectorize it by tracing over the image. Then, I will send the vectorized image back to you so you can publish it. Copyrights The work rights will be under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0). That means that I just need you to put my name on the credits of your post. I will use the images in my portfolio and/or will be published on my website. About Me I am a graphic designer and web developer that decided to join the United States Coast Guard a few years ago. I loved my job but I wanted to do something different and serve. I love what I do now but I miss designing so much that I've decided to do it for free. I guess is still serving the community.

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Instructables on the YarnCraft Podcast!

Eric and I visited Lion Brand Yarn headquarters in NYC, and chatted with Liz from the YarnCraft podcast!Check us out on YarnCraft episode 6! Our segment runs from 8:42 to 24:45.

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Searching for new instructables!

Hello everyone! I am the founder of Light Bulb (Group) and am currently looking to finish placing all of the instructables related to the group. I have found all of the items worth putting on this group that were under the following seaerch terms: Light Bulb Bulb Right now I need help with LED and any other ones you can think of, if you finish off a search for this group, please post your search term here! Lukethebook333

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My Instructables Show

I wanted to make GorillazMiko a B-day present, but due to a lot of important events, I could not make much... Anyway, I was at least able to create some Quick characters... I actually like the simple look they have... I got an idea - to make a show- centered around Ibles forum topics and stuff like that. Sooooo......heres some of what I made.....Please comment on them... 1) GorillazMiko 2) GorillazMiko playing a Banjo 3) Rear view of GorillazMiko 4) Instructables Robot 5) ewilhelm 6) Bald GorillazMiko 7) KaptinScarlet 8) Awesome drawing made by caitlinsdad! 9) Test film to check how quality comes out.....(I know, I know its horrible.....)

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No Fashion Category @ Instructables?

Why isn't there a "Fashion" category here? "Craft" doesn't really cover everything. More of a suggestion than a question I guess. Where's the suggestion box? :)for instance:

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Instructables Robot Memopad

In my Tech. class we are learning to use a line camera, develop film, make plates and use the off-set printing press. The press this was printed on is from 1955, oldest in Maine my instructor says. In the gluing process I messed up a little, some pages got misaligned and I went a little heavy on the glue, but I trimmed it after and it looks better.

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Instructables Robot Wallpapers !!

Ok so i was a bit bored earlier so i went on photoshop and started making a background/wallpaper and then i thought "Why not make an instructables one!!" So then i came up with these three designs :DYou can download them one by one or you can download a zip file of all three,I have also put a zip file of the three designs in photoshop format below, this is so you can change it around or resize it or whatever, all i ask is that you keep my watermark in the bottom right and don't claim the work as your own.Tomorrow i am going away for a week so i will have lots of free time, i will create some more designs and upload them when i get back.I hope you like the wallpapersand if you want it would be very helpful if you gave me any improvements or design suggestions in the comments below.Thanks !! =SMART=

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Reduced Instructable Pages!

We need to be able as a community reduce the amount of pages each project uses. This kind of goes against the stub philosophy, but imagine if you could reduce an Instructable to a single page or even multiple projects per page. If not 1, why not 2, or 3? I see some projects that are overwhelming with information at times. This could also add even more features such as un-selecting the steps that you don't need and poof, gone! There is also the potential for yet more ad views (which means everyone wins) with this service | 1. ads on the service page, 2. ads on the finished page. I've been considering this for years in all documentation that I do, how to reduce pages. However, this will be impossible without the staff at Instructables support and willing to adapt and grow. I also know paper is not the issue it used to be, but that isn't exactly the point I'm trying to reach; for instance sometimes more is really too more. Also, I know I'm new but focusing on that goes against my belief in working agile. Hi everyone!

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Who does the Instructables Robot drawings for the Instructables contests? Answered

For some of the contests, there will be a drawing of the Instructables Robot involved with the theme of the contest. Right now, the Fitness and Watersports contests have a drawing of the robot. They are awesome drawings, and I was wondering who did them? Thanks!

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What is the instructables "Suggestions" email address? Answered

I have an idea for instructables to add, but the only email I can find is the service one, of there isn't an email, should i just pm it to an editor

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What happened to the Featured banner on instructables icons?

Hey, I haven't been as active in instructables as I used to be, but what happened to that "featured" banner that showed if that if your instructable was featured.

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Has anyone ever gotten a job because of an Instructable they made?

No details necessary, pretty straight forward.

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How did I get so many views on my instructable? Answered

How did I get so many views on my instructable? I mean I like it and I'd probably look at it but it has really gotten a lot of views. It's featured, is that what did it? Also how does something get featured? Who decides who gets featured? Once it's featured does it stay featured?

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Problem with contest entering? Answered

I entered into a contest with my instructable, but later it showed I have not enterd. This happened twice, I again enterd those contests a moment ago. Can you pkease help me out?

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What is/are the difference(s) between a guide and a step-by-step instructable? Answered

That is my question, what is/are the difference(s) between guides and step-by-step instructable?

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How can you delete an in Instructable when it is entered in a competition that has ended? Answered

I am trying to delete one of my Instructabels but it wont let me and says there is an Error as it has been entered in one or more competitions. please could someone tell me how to delete it step by step. Many Thanks. J

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should i make an instructable on how to make a electric potters wheel? and possibly a kiln

Should i post an instructable on how to make an electric potters wheel?(and possibly a kiln) I am reluctant because there are no that many artists(that i have noticed)on this site, let alone potters. plus a kiln and potters wheel are EXTREMELY expensive to buy.(i use the schools kiln and pottery wheel, i clean all the wheels and floor and stuff and i recycle the clay i pick up and they let me use the wheel sand kiln with the clay i pick up because i am not enrolled in the ceramics class) the methods that i have in mind will cost possibly less that 150 dollars US. compared to +5 thousand dollars. also, i will be using my phones 1.3 mega pixel camera to be taking the pictures(unless i have enough money to buy a DSLR, i haven't checked my bank account in several months) if you would rather have me wait until i buy a better camera, or if you would rather have me not post please speak up. it will take atleast 10 people in favor for me to do it

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Guides to Drawing Wolves Instructable

A while ago I submited an instructable titled "Guides to Drawing Wolves" that was a collection of four wolf drawing tutorials that I had found helpfull along with my own explanations and reccomendations to go along with each one. For everyone that enjoyed and/or benefited from that instructable I wanted to let you know that I've amassed even more tutorials, some of them even better than the ones I originally had that I made the instructable out of. Thus, in the near future I'll either be updating the original instructable to include more guides, or I'll be making a part two. Either way, if you want to see more keep an eye out for it!

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How an instructables become featured?

How an instructables become featured????

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What happened yesterday with instructables? Answered

The instructables server was totally down! What was going on, did I miss a notice or something?

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Instructables robot pumpkin template

I would like to carve a pumpkin with the instructables robot on it. Can anyone make an instructable on how to do this? Thanks!

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Instructables with the best intro picture

Which Instructables have your favorite intro pictures?I'm partial to:'s-Dice-Cube/

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Is there a point system on instructables answers? Answered

There is on yahoo answers.

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