how do you tell if a girl really hates you or actually likes you?

Yes, i am asking for exactly the reason you think, does anyone have any advice

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I like to knit

I like to knit. Here is a picture of me knitting.Perhaps I will post a slideshow of my project when it is finished. Would you like to see it?

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Anybody like to draw?

For anybody that likes to draw feel free to join my new group called PWMMOP standing for People Who Make Marks On Paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I like a girl?

Ok, I'll try to explain my situation - it's a difficult but here. Since I was a kid I feared fights. I HATED fights. My father signed me up to a kickboxing class, and I liked it a lot. That's why being a ninja became my dream. I gathered resources and necessary knowledge, and I'm ready now. The problem is that I need to change my life completely - no more massive computing. No more fear from fights, or hurting myself when doing parkour. In other words, I'm adopting a whole new lifestyle and I'm having a very hard time doing it. Now that I explained my state - there are two things that push me forward - the hope that I'll make it, and a girl. I liked a girl some months ago, but she broke my heart. I gave her all I have. Now, I fell in love with her best friend. I want to tell her, but it's the summer vacation now. I don't have her phone. I asked her twice to hang out outside, but she was busy. So it's either I keep asking and tell her when we meet, or tell her over facebook. I really want her. She will really help me with finding a better life patch.

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i like a girl at skool?

I like a 12year old at skool she likes soccer and smiggle any idea what i should get her

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do you like the steamroller?


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how to dress like demon?

I want to dress like a demon for a theme party. how do i do that in the cheapest possible way without spending much.

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dose this girl like me?

So i meat this girl on the last day of school during second period and at he end of school she asked me for my cell phone number and i told her i dont have one so she was like "oh...well...ok bye." and we left cause i had to get the bus. dose that mean she likes me or she just wants to be friends. please tell me if your a guy or a girl so i can see the diferent points of view. im 14 and have also like many others been saving my first kiss for some one special.

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How to make a dress like this?

I have tis awesome white fabric that has blue ribbon stripes on it! the stripes go diagonally. I want to make a dress resembeling this:;=1998 any ideas? thanks! :0)

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Draw Like Brian Ralph

Brian Ralph has some tips on how to draw a character? Who is Brian Ralph? I have no idea, but he put together an informative and amusing argument towards ditching those wooden dolls and the Marvel Way. In its place he recommends a looser style and more attention to shape and negative space.Worth a read even if you're still having problems getting your stick figures to look good. Draw like Brian Ralphvia Drawn!

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Does she like me

I moved and before that I asked out a girl and she said no and she didn't talk to me sense and then u moved and I found this realy pretty smart kind girl and I don't know what to do because if she sayes no she won't talk to me again

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how to tell if someone likes you?

Know if someone likes you,how to date,how to flirt

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Is there a pin or safety pin shaped like this? Answered

I need  small pins shaped like this - a safety pin like thing maybe 3/8 to 1/2 inch diameter.  Do they exist?

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How to attach stone to necklace like this?

Greetings, Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals? Thanks

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How to attach stone to necklace like this?

Greetings, Does anyone know how to attach a stone to a necklace like this? What are those metals? Thanks

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What does the sourdough taste like? Answered

Hi, I'm from Venezuela and I'll like to know, if it's possible to describe in words, how does the sourdough should taste like? I've seen a lot of recipes about sourdough and sourdough starter and I've already tried to make my own.  The result was the bread in the picture and I got to say that I really really liked it's flavor, but I really don't know if that's how it's suposed to taste. Thank you for your help. FJK

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What Do You Like To Draw?

What type of art do you do? (i.e. painting, sculpting, pastels, graphite, charcoal etc.) What do you like to draw? (i.e. landscapes, animals, people etc.) 

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who likes undermig's paper guns? Answered

If you do can you pleeeeeeease go on his orange board and tell him okay? if you don't he won't post them. thanks.

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How to make a beaded necklace like this

Hi all, Another beaded necklace topic (sorry!) but I was wondering what tools/equipment/technique/materials I would use to make this sort of thing. I notice some are knotted, but generally I'd like to know how to make more complex patterns either knotted or unknotted. Any simple patterns/books, I'd love to take a look. Cheers!

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Feltidermy is like taxidermy, but much cuter

This is too awesome. These feltidermy pieces are felt versions of the classic head-stuck-on-a-chunk-of-wood taxidermy thing. Be sure to check out the full Flickr set for a lot more examples. Feltidermy Flickr set via neatorama

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Help me design a table like this?

I have long dreamed of building a capstan table for my home like DB Fletcher's beautiful designs (google it if you aren't familiar). I have researched various jupe tables and similar expanding round tables with none that satisfied me - either they were designs I was afraid to try and recreate then build, or the product was not what I wanted for my home.But I now have found a very satisfactory compromise; something I feel is possible for me to design and build myself, and which would look great in my home.I just don't have enough time in the day to do all of my projects... so I am hoping to find some collaborators here who will contribute time to help me design a knock-off of this table. Here's a link to an swf demonstration of the table in action... who wants to help me out?

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How Do I Find Out if the 8th grader I like likes me back? Answered

Hi,im a fourteen year old girl that is in 7th grade but i was suppose to be in 8th grade and well on facebook i met this guy called Cesar Valencia and he goes to my gym class so he accepted my friend request we got along and everything so then i told him that if he wanted to meet he said "ya i will like that "so that day was the day all of 7th and 8th were going to proser to go see a play of bullying and well we decided to meet early in the morning and i was really shy when i saw him. everybody from school was already inside school so we talked about what class we go in and are grades we were getting to know each other and so that day we gave each other a good bye hug and then we saw each other at proser but the actors were not ready so the dancers that were hired 4 the play teahed us how 2 dance so i went up stage 4 the people wanted to participate and cesar also went up i was happy becax we both danced and we always talk in fb and we had good time and everyhting then valentines was coming up so idecided to be brave and ask him out that day but in a letter with a box of chocolatemy messenger send it 2 him later in after scool he told my sis tat he said maybe i got do exited. so then like were in different grades we didnt see each other talked in person only talked on fb so the this after scool was coming up to help people with homework and my friends participate so i participate also 4 4th to 8th and 7th and 8th went together and cesar was the only 8th and idk he was goint to join.... sry to long ummm.lets skip to the point so we got along and i liked him more than ever i always told him 2 tell me how he feels about me he said it was to confusing to exlain and tat he will tell me on the day he graduates so im still waiting and so 1 day in after scool we played thruth or dare and then it was my friend kevin turn and cesar dared him 2 give me a kiss on the cheek he did but it was apeek so then it was my time 2 dare cesar i told him to kiss a boy in the cheek and he said no boy so i told him any girl he said he will do it in lunch but in lunch he didnt and we went 2 computer and i forgot all about it untill the hole class went in front of me so i was behind so idk tat cesar was in the back so before we went in he grved my chin and kiss me in the cheeck that shocked me i didnt talk about it at all i acted like it never happen but i see him flirt with girls from 8th and touches them and i wish i was in 8th how do i know he likes me back? should i wait till he tells me on the day he graduates? or should i just 4 get him? help me 2 find out wat 2 do.

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How to dance like Michael Jackson and/or usher.

I would like to see an instructable instructing me how to dance like michael jackson or usher!

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how can i bend a fork like this? Answered

Http:// my mom wants a bracelet like this any ideas on how to make it?

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How to design an aircraft like cri cri?

I am making an aircraft as like as cri cri. Now I want to know How to select engine, wing span and propeller size for an small aircraft?

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do people still like invader zim?

I only know 17

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Do people all like tall girls? Answered

I am not tall,only 155cm. I am pretty, but i am not confident when i am with the tall girls. Is it a truth that all people like tall girls? Please help me.

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how do you like my look?

Please tell me what you think of my look and how attractive you think I appear right now. Please be honest !

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What is this thing that looks like a shoe warmer?

Porcelan covered cast iron.  About 8 inches long.    Kind of heavy for its size.  The holes on the back don't appear to befor wall hanging.  The one on the "handle" is shallow and will not hold a nail for hanging.

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Are there any recipes on making soda or something like it? Answered

I love soda but i dont always have the money to buy some besides they dont always have the flavors i like, so why not make your own.

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Cheese fritters like golf balls, spherical? Answered

Mother used to make them from flour dough with grated cheese. They came out beautifully crisp on the outside and chewy inside. She would just spoon the dough into hot oil and Voila ! Don't have the recipe. Please help.

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I feel like making some avatars

I feel like i have been less involved in the instructables community lately and i am bored so if someone wants an avatar of something or other that can be made in paint just tell me please because i have nothing to do right now, seriously , you'd be doing me a favour. The first picture is my own avatar and the other two are ones i made for kiteman when he was looking for a variation on his current avatar, if you want them feel free too take if u want, otherwise just send me a pm or leave a comment. -Cheers, Duck

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Solar Cells that look like Terracotta Tiles?

So I had an idea that you could make solar cells that looked like Terracotta roofing tiles example. I figured if they were durable enough you could cover an entire roof in them. They're definitely no uglier than standard shingles. Also figured since they're curved you might get more performance out of them, but I could be completely wrong and they could be absolutely useless up there.The only solar cell I've ever seen that didn't look like a giant rectangle was this little, thin sheet that was in the back of a Wired magazine. It could eliminate the eyesore issue that you might run into with the neighbors. I guess the second problem that you'd run into would be how costly this would be. Since you would have to buy them, install them, then wire them through the attic.And for the record, I know absolutely nothing about solar panels, I was just brainstorming ideas....Ideas? Suggestions? Possible? Impossible?

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Would like to create controlled rust art.

I want to get a piece of sheet metal. Then create a stencil and rust the remaining piece of metal. To create an image out of the rust. Once the work is done I don't want the rust to spread but to remain as is. Any idea how to do this. I know you can rust metal using chlorine and vinegar but the idea of making chlorine gas and a toxic mess is not appealling. Thanks for your help.?

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anyone tried making a rosary like the ones from boondock saints :) there like 80 dollars on ze web =\

I know you need like leather cord , a thick metal ring, beads, and wood :) and the decoration metal bits might have ago at it myself just wondering if anyone has tried and not posted

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I would like to know how to make newspaper coils which can then be crafted into baskets, trivets and the like?

I have seen baskets and trivets, placemats etc made from coiled newspaper. I don't know how they are kept together or how to weave them once they're made

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how do i know if a boy likes me?

I'm 12 years old and i'm in 7th grade, and i like this guy. my friends say he likes me. and i don't know for sure if likes me. How do i know if he likes me?

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how can you tell if a girl likes you? Answered

There is a girl i like but i dont know if she likes me

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How do I get a guy to like me?

I've liked him for a while now, and he's told me once or twice before that he likes me too. of course he doesn't know I've liked him for as long as I have, but when HE admits to liking ME, I'll tell him I like him too. Anyway, recently we haven't been talking a lot and I miss the attention he used to give me, help?

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How do you get people to like you ? Answered

Having trouble with my friends

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how can i tell if a guy likes me??

Ok soo.... i really like this guy and he is in most of my classes we are in 8th grade and he is 15 and i am 13, we have alot in common and i flirt ALOT! and im just soooooo confused because i think he likes me too but idk how to tell and if he does like me how can i tell him i like him without telling him i like him??

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How to impress a guy you like? (asked by a girl)

I never had a boyfriend in my life and I would like some tips about how to make a guy look twice at you! (in other words, how to make him take advantage of you). Any do's and dont's will help! I would like to hear what the guys find most appealing in girls? And I'm not talking about making the guy want a one night stand, I'd like to build a relationship. Tips on a good friendship with a guy will also help.

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How can I tell if a boy likes me? Answered

I am 13, I like this boy called Kush he is also 13 how do I know if he likes me? He asked me to kiss him twice I didn't, He always smacks my butt,he touched my chest b4 cause he wanted to know if they were reall, He rides the same school bus as me, but he is in 7th grade and I am in 8th grade. I haven't gotten my first kiss yet even though I have had a BF b4 we never kissed except a kiss on the cheek we only went out for about 3 days. Please help me to know if Kush likes me or how to tell if a boy likes you.

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