Pond lining question.?

The moulded liner in my pond has given up - it's cracking faster than I can patch, so I'm going to re-line it. I have a suitable flexible liner, but my question is: Should I rip out the existing liner and line from scratch, or should I fit the liner inside the rigid liner? The latter will be easier, but would the former be "better"?

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What's the best way to attach line to clothespoles?

I have two clothes line T poles with no line in my backyard. I would like to hang clothes this summer but do not know the best way to attach line to the poles. I can attach pictures later today of the poles so you can see what is drilled and available to run line through or attach hardware to. Thanks for your advice!

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Straight line art - what is the technical name?

I remember back in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and I believe even 5th grade, when I was in a gifted program, we had to draw. We drew only straight lines, and when we did it right, it made a curve. We would get a paper with 2 lines, connected at a vertex, at a 90 degree angle. We would draw points every centimeter or so, and connect the points, far to close, far to close. (It's hard to explain.) I'm searching for it on the Internet, but I can't seem to find the right word. Does anyone know it? Thanks, and if it turns out all good, expect an Instructable on it mid- to late October.

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Can I convert the 2-line jack in my kitchen to 1-line?

One of the 2 lines has long since been disconnected but I never got around to paying the $200 the phone company wanted to convert the phone jack in the kitchen to a 1-line jack. Are there adapters for this?

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How to dye stockings in a solid line?

I want to dye a pair of stockings in 2 different colors (Black at the bottom till about mid thigh and white for the top of the leg and gusset) I know you can use food colorant or kool-aid to dye stockings, that's fine. My only problem is that I want it dyed in more or less solid line, I don't want the 2 colors bleeding into each other. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? or have any ideas? THX

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Thin blue line paracord bracelet

Hi everyone! This is my first question; I've been lurking on here for a whille now & love all of the instructables!  My question is (& I apologize if this has been posted somewhere else): does anyone have instructions on how to create a "thin blue line" paracord bracelet?  I've found several youtube videos (which I haven't viewed yet, if there's one that's better than the others, please let me know!), but I prefer written instructions if possible. Thanks so much!!

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European Electronic Components Stores That Sell On-Line? Answered

Do you know some European electronic stores that sell electronic components such as servos, DC motors, LEDs, resistors, online??? If you do, please post the link to their site! Thank you!

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How to make Line powered LED strip lights? Answered

I want to make Line powered(250 volts) 35 or more LED strip lights so that i can replace all my flourescent lights in my house.

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Food safe material to line or seal a metal ball? Answered

I have an aluminum rice steamer ball that I need to seal the interior of.  It will hold candies so it needs to be food safe.  I'm looking for either some sort of food safe epoxy or silicone material that I can use to either just plug the steamer ball holes or line the entire interior surface.  Any ideas?

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How to make a Line-In switch for one pair of speakers?

I'm livin with two room-mates and a kinda dream of us is to put speaker cables from each room to a switch and then further to a pair of speakers in the kitchen. The problem is that i only find switches for one Line-In and several pairs of speakers and not the reverse type model. As i dun have any further electronic skills, could sumone give a construction plan or a link to such, so that i know what parts i need to buy for soldering?

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k-line arduino project, speed and brake light

Hello. I have a simple task to achieve, I guess, but I'm stuck. I'm using the setup from the attached image. All I need to do is to read the Speed of the vehicle using data from the obd2 k-line pin, and then to send a command to blink the brake lights when a certain decrease in speed is detected (e.g. more than 2km/h/s). I can not initialize the k-line and I am not able to red anything on the serial monitor on arduino :(. After I manage to read the raw data I am planing to figure out what's the code for turning on the brake lights by just simply pressing the brake pedal. The vehicle is an 2004 BMW E60, but I guess this is not an issue. Question... Are the TX/RX pins connected as it shod on the arduino board? Thank you. Ant help would be appreciated. I need this for a school project and a have a deadline :(((

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how to connect the TV line to LCD Monitor with VGA connector,

 how to connect the TV line to LCD Monitor with VGA connector,

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Levi Strauss & Co. Asks: What's the Future of Line Drying?

Levi Strauss & Co, the jeans manufacturer, is holding a contest to build a better line drying solution.  Sounds like something right up the Instructablizers' alley. Press Release Official Site

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How to de-lint clothes when drying on a line and not in a dryer? Answered

Obviously I could go over them with a lint roller but I was hoping someone would have a less tedious method. We have two furry cats and some clothes come off the clothesline clean and good-smelling but looking awful, cat-hair-wise.

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Magnets, Magnetism, Field lines ???? An expert is needed for green wind power.

This is best placed in the green group as it is for the production of green electricity, but I think that it would not be out of place in the science section also. I have an idea, quite probably not an original one but an idea all the same. It came about as we go camping as a family and have been off the grid a few times. Basically we have had no way of charging our electronic devices for longish periods. Solar power I hear you cry, well that is all well and good if you live in a country that has good sunlight, but here in the UK it can be unpredictable and not produce enough charge to power modern devices. I am mucking about with dynamo’s on the bikes (pedal ones) and wind up devices. Something I am looking into is things like wind power or improved dynamo power. The basic principal behind all of these forms of power production is that of passing a conductor through a magnetic field to produce a potential difference on that conductor. Simples (reference to meerkat advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBu0OtC6m9g). It has been a very long time since I have done anything like this (way back in school all those years ago) so please stick with me on this one. If I remember right the principal theory is that 1. The higher number of conductors (or loops in the coil) that passes through the field lines causes the voltage to be higher. 2. The stronger the magnetic flux the higher the current production within the conductors. This is a bit basic to some of you I am sure but I still need to get it out to confirm my thoughts. If this is wrong please correct me, as the title says, an expert is needed lol The bar magnet field lines project from the N end and loop back to the S end in this fashion Image 1 Putting two bar magnets together with N and S facing gives a field pattern like this Image 2 Now this is where I need the most help with. Toroidal magnets produce a different field pattern, and as far as I can make out from the internet it looks like this Image 3 & 4 What I want to know is what happens when you put two toroidal magnets on top of each other, what happens to the field lines then. I have thought that there are a few possibilities on this, the first is that the circular lines will extend to encompass both magnets creating like an hour glass formation in the cross section. The second is that field lines will combine/intermingle between the magnets and create a figure 8 pattern. In either of the two possibilities the field strength will be increased to what could be considered a focal point between the two magnets. So with the technical thoughts out of the way and progressing on the assumption that I am correct so far my thought of a high powered dynamo is this. A central shaft that is spun by wind or other means, attached to this shaft are disks like platters on a hard drive, attached to those platters are the toroidal magnets. The magnets are aligned and spaced to give maximum condensing of the field lines between the upper and lower platter. In the centre of the two (or more) platters is a fixed platter, not attached to the shaft and is stationary. On this stationary platter are the coils, fixed into position. Image 5 The coils are shaped and could be something like the voice coils out of a hard drive, which would be good as they would determine the size of the platters, being key stone shaped they will fit together to make a ring of coils. Image 6 The whole idea is based upon the maximising and focusing of the field lines from the magnets to a point producing the maximum amount of energy as the coils pass through the lines. I also think that due to the shaft being turned having little resistance or weight that even small amounts of wind energy would be able to turn it to produce the desired outcome. Now this is where I ask you all to comment and take my thoughts to bits where I have assumed things that are wrong. I have no problems being told where I am wrong as long as it is not in a nasty way. Cheers all

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Why doesn't it save the line brakes (pressing enter) in the "about-me zone" on my instructables account?

Why doesn't it save the line brakes (pressing enter) in the "about-me zone" on my instructables account?

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how do you install a top of the line cd player (for my ranger)? Answered

i have to get a systom for truck but what brand sould i use/

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Anybody know of a good way to keep crisp iron lines on polo shirts? Answered

I'd like to make the ones the dry cleaner does but without having to go to the dry cleaner.

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This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time.

This week the highly anticipated High Line Park in NYC opened to the public for the first time. The park was built on the remains of an abandoned rail system in New York City. Check out our video of the new High Line, with exclusive interviews with the design team including Lead Designer and Landscape Architect James Corner of James Corner Field Operations and architect Ricardo Scofidio of Diller Scofidio + Renfro who made this stunning new park possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIerTFnRiR4

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How many hours of direct sunlight comes from north of the east west line?

We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  And it is true 2 days a year!   The other 363 days it is untrue.  I found a neat little website sollumis.com that  gives a  visual representation  of the sunlight at any day of the year and at any location and  in summer quite a lot comes from the northeast and northwest in the mornings and evenings. (where I live at about 49 degrees north). I thought the rays represented 20 minutes of sun travel originally but now I am not so sure because the hours of daylight in a day do not correspond with the number of degrees of sunlight.  Does anybody know how fast the sun goes down? Does it appear to speed up as it goes down in summer or does it appear at its fastest around noon?  If it goes down faster than it goes at noon then there will be less hours of sun north of the east west line but if it goes slower, there will be more hours of sun north of that line. I would like to know how many hours of light  come from north of the east west line so that I can  give a guesstimate about how much more light my lean away greenhouse collects compared to a lean to.  The various websites are good for giving the sun up and sundown times and angles but none I have found give the corresponding times for the sun passing  the east west line in morning and evening. It is a tricky question and I can make a physical model to figure it out but maybe someone already knows the answer. In the diagram the sunrise is 5.11 am and sunset is 9.17 pm and the sun rises at 52 degrees and goes down at 308 degrees.  The degrees divided by 360 do not tally with the hours divided by 24  0.67 for the hours and 0,71 for the degrees. Thanks for any help Brian

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What is the best way to hold food in a school hot line without drying out?

Foods like grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, salmon. We need to hold the food in the temperature zone for about 1 hour before serving.

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230V 50 HZ Microwave does not heat with my 230V 60 HZ Power Line Supply

My brand new European oven that I bought did not heat from day 1. The table turns and the grill works, but the microwave function does not. I know a little about the HV transformer, the capacitor and diode and magnetron. What could be the problem ? If the line frequency is the cause what can I do to convert it ? maybe change the capacitor for one of lower capacitance ?

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I need to hem a wedding dress that has a lace border at the hem line. What do you suggest?

I would raise the skirt at the waist, but the lace runs over that too. The dress has the same lace panels at the hem line and around the waist. I think I have to remove one of them to raise the hem 1 1/2 in. Which is the easiest way to do this?

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cheap slingshot? Answered

Anyone know where i can get a godd lsingshot im looking along the lines of the barnett black widow?

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Speed control for AC electrical motors

I want to use a GE A-C motor (5KC33GG101): Connection Type and Voltage Rating in Volts: 115.0 line to neutral single input Rotor Speed Rating in Rpm: 1725.0 single full load Frequency in Hertz: 60.0 input to run a 50' line on pulleys for a Halloween project but it's too fast. Can anybody help me figure out if I can buy/build a controller to run it slower?

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How do you adapt a phone jack to fit the phone cord?

I have a phone jack in a bedroom but have never used it. Now I want use that phone jack for my DSL line but the phone cord for the DSL line doesn't fit. The phone cord seems too big to fit into the jack. Do I have an old jack and newer cord? Can the jack be adapted to fit the phone cord?

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Can you wire IR devices together? Answered

Can you wire ir devices together?  I'm not sure how exactly IR emitters/transceivers works but if you connect the line going to the IR component directly to the line in the other IR component in the other device, would you have a fully functioning wired connection?  This is for something simple, below the tech of your normal tv remote, like a dollarstore rc car.

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Kyoto Trough, is it greener than the Kyoto Box?

The idea behind the Kyoto Trough is to use a parabolic trough (rotated inwards round its focal line) so that all the light it collects over a certain time (1 2 3 or 4 hours) focuses BELOW the focal line. Then you use other troughs (probably facing at right angles to the first one) to concentrate this light further onto the cooking pot. I have done a rudimentary test in software and the concept does work there. I think it will also work as a panel cooker. It is very important to line up the primary trough with the path of the sun across the sky. It should also work as a panel cooker. Just a much longer panel cooker with the v shaped little wings like in the diagram Or perhaps a panel cooker with just one "tail" going up in the air and insulation on the back half of your cooking pot? (taking away one half of the device) Thanks Brian

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how to remove silvering from a mirror?

How can i take a mirror and remove silvering leaving a 3" clean glass border with a straight defined line between the glass and mirror? thank you

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I'd like to bring a European appliance to US and run on a 220V line in my home. Besides clock speed, any other probs?

Specifically, this is for an espresso machine - which has some motors and servos, but no clock. It's a lot cheaper here (I live in Europe right now).

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Turn Skinny jeans into a pencil skirt?

Regular cut jeans make a flared, or A-line hem. Anything specific I should do to give it a pencil shape, and make it tighter around the bottom?

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What do I do with the left over yarn part that I have start with? Answered

I have taught myself last Monday night how to knit. So I caught on quick by Tuesday night and decided to start a scarf with two colors going back and forth, like stripes and 20 lines of each color. So I finish my first 20 lines with one color and notice that I have like a tail thingy hanging off at where I started the whole thing. So what do I do with it so it wont unravel?

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What is the best paint to use when customizing leather shoes?

What is the best paint to use when customizing leather shoes? Where on line is the best place to buy it?

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how to build a smoke house for fish and meats something to smoke about 3-5 fish that weigh about 3lbs

Small type and be able to smoke using a small eletric fry pan or some thing along that line

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Amazing Kite For Under $5

How to make a Kite that cost a fraction of store bought kites that flies further and much easier, my record 800 yards of fishing line...tell me your fun with kites story.

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Repositioning a basement toilet. Answered

 We have a basement 1/2 bath, and the toilet was roughed in in 1979 when the house was built.  For some reason the water lines were run on an exterior wall, so we have to shut off the water to the bathroom every winter.  I would like to redo the bath and move the water lines off of the exterior wall, but to do so I would need to turn the toilet 90 degrees.  Is this possible?  I specifically wanted to know if the bolts that are holding my toilet to the floor would be repositionable (as in are they set in the concrete?) because if they aren't it would prevent me from turning the toilet, I would assume.

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how do you make a cosmetic pouch?

I am looking to make a small bag or cosmetic pouch with a lining.  It has a fold over flap with a velcro closure.  i have a sample that I am trying to recreated, but am having difficulty.

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air vent filling up when run water in kitchen sink. then it leaks out of vent

Think some thing is blocking line and there is a crack or break in ait vent other wise would back up to top of roof and flow out on to roof.

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what is the cheapest method to make an intercom to communicate between ground floor ? Answered

How to make a local intercom to communicate between ground floor & 3rd floor in our apartment with actual telephones but without telephone line.  Is it possible?  If so please let me know the method in detail

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Suggestions For my Photos

I am working on a series of photographs, as you can see I am playing (ha!) along the lines of instruments being played. I am hoping to eventually sell these so I proofed them (sorry). Any ideas/suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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how to replace a GE WR57X10032 Dual Solenoid Water Valve with Guard?

I have a leak in the side of the valve. the valve is the one that the waterline connects into and 2 lines come out 1 goes to the icemaker and the other goes to the water dispencer. any help would be great!!

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Up-cycle an electric blanket? Answered

Our non-woven electric blanket has become unreliable and has been retired.    Is there anything useful I can do with the cords or blanket itself?  It's a lot of bulk to put in the trash.  The wires in the blanket make it undesirable as a regular blanket or quilt lining. 

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