making a drill?

I need some sort of drill, but i have to make it. it can be powered by anything, air, electricity,etc. just, not hand crank. it doesn't have to be very heavy-duty, i only drill soft plastic mostly. thanks! -toogers

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Making a mold.

I am trying to make a fascia panel for a car. In order to do that I need to make a cast of one of the voids in a panel, from a vehicle console, since it can't be measured easily. I want to make the cast so that I can then make an accurate template from which I can make the panel I need. I am looking for a material that is non-destructive to the plastic panel that contains the void. That will create a rigid solid replica of the void. I know nothing about making molds and casts. Thanks in advance.

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Corset making

Does anyone know how to get more views on etsy? I make corsets and theatrical clothing and I don't get a lot of views. Thanks! Amneh << That's my site if that helps with the advice! 

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Making Automata

Visit my web site blog  to see how I made' The Devil Rices Out' Steampunk Automata www.keithnewsteadautomata

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Envelope making

Help!! I need measurements to make an odd sized envelope using the Martha Stewart scoring board. So I need the top and bottom of the envelope to be 5.25" and the sides to be 5". What size paper should I start with (I’m assuming not a perfect square since the needed measurements are not the same), and what measurements should my A and B score lines be? Thank you for your quick reply because I must get these invitations out in a few days and I am not even finished with them yet!

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Make a Generator

Alright so here is what I am looking for. I need a small generator that could fit inside of a box-fan. I've seen things about stepper motors and all but I need the absolute most simple generator you can come up with. I'm no electrician and I don't own a soldering iron, can anyone help?

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How to make a book

To help its clients understand everything that goes into making a book, Funnel, Inc. put together this awesome infographic showing the whole process. It's all about educating the client, but this is a great glimpse even for consumers who just get the finished book and don't have any idea where it comes from or how it is made. via Core77

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how to make a slingshot?

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how to make a knife?

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how to make a manga? Answered

A japenese comic

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Making a metal Helm?

I think I may be looking to spend a few month making a suit of armor by hand.  This site had ibles for just about every peice except a helm.  Anyone know of a relatively easy way to make one out of metal without the need for a bunch of heavy machinery?

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Wanta make something

Does someone have a rig going? What are you using it for? What software are you using to generate g-code? What controller software are you using?

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making eyeglass frames

Hello, im in the process of making myself a pare of eyeglass frames. im stuck at figuring out how to get the groove into the inside of the frames for the lenses to fit in because the lenses are curved. and the frames are rectangular in shape. anyone have any experience in making glasses? can someone give me a tip? much appreciated. :-D

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Make a banner for cheap ?

Hi! I'd like to make banners for a fundraising event. I have a 60cm plotter I'd like to use with a pen to do the strokes, something I've already done in the past, but the problem is not here. After that, I'd like to fill the stroke region, like letters and logos, but I don't want to use 10 marker pens just for one letter, do you know what I could use to make nice, cheap and fast fillings ?

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Make a clear cylinder?

I'm wanting to bend a piece of acrylic into a thin but long cylinder. Can anyone give me any tips on how to do this? Thanks :-)

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Crafts to make for the boyfriend?

I'm 16, and me and my boyfriend have been going out for six months soon. I want to make him something for Christmas. He said he wants something that reminds him of me. I can make most anything if I try, 'cept for shop/wood things. I also have this little puzzle box and in it you can fit something up to the size of like a 50 cent piece. I want to maybe hide something in here as well- anyone got any ideas?

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Making Hypertufa Planters:

I live out of the country and finding bulk forms of perlite is next to impossible.    Is there something I can use in the recipe besides perlite?? (Recipe calls for: pearlite, peat moss, cement and reinforcing fibers)?  I can find everything but perlite. Thanks!

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Making a plush doll

So. I'm attempting to make a Squid plush doll for a friend who's leaving for college. This is the first time I have ever attempted something like this and I was wondering how I would go about sewing the seams. Like, would I sew it inside-out and then flip it right-side-in? And is there some preferred way to sew these? Aside from that, I'm having trouble picking a material. It would be a bit large and I expect it to see a lot of use, so I want to stay away from felt. Also, I wanted to give it some character so I was thinking of making it out of polo shirts, but I have no idea if that would be a good material...Please help.

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Making Music (not a euphamism)

Does anybody know of any good music that can be played on a trumpet, 2 guitars (acoustic) and tabla(indian drums)? the tabla can be added after, they're good like that Any style is fine, as long as it's not too hard It's for my exam as an ensemble (group) piece

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Making a statement with fashion

A new submission was entered in the new crafty contest on Greenwala's Choose to Reuse that blew me away!Its a dress made from 100% recycled plastic bags! The designer made it as a statement to show how much plastic we waste every year. Check it out!

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Making a VAWT generator.

Hello all,  I am after some advice from the experienced wind turbine guys n gals. I intend building a VAWT and gearing the axle out to get 3000rpm approx. This is to drive 2 or 3 car alternators and charge a battery bank to supply house electricity. I will run as much as poss on 12v but will use a inverter to power tv and fridge. I just want to know would i need a charge controller to make sure the battery banks are protected/not over charged. I am not a electronics lad so would like some advice and what is best and safest way to do this. Many thanks lads n lasses. Bill

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Make a bunk bed

I decided to make a bunk bed for my room as it is small and I need a desk.  I'm a beginner at woodworking and I need some help. I have made some "plans", I will put 7x2m stakes, 4x1.40m each around 10cm x 10cm wide. Each horizontal stake will have a angle bracket under ( ). Each horizontal stake next to another will a a angle bracket between. Is spruce wood a good choice ? Or maybe I should choose a stronger one ? The bed must support 2 people ( around 140kg ), do you think it's strong enough ? Material : 10 x 9 x  20 x Total price : 239 CHF Sorry for my english.

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how to make a toy out of items lying around your house

My friends are coming round and i dont have much toys for their children to play with so please could you give me an idea on how to make toys out of house hold items 

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I have a huge box of cardboard and have no idea what to use it for. Any ideas?

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how to make snowflake heart

how to make snowflake heart my youtube:

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Work boot making classes?

I'm interested in making boots and shoes, so if anyone can make that happen it would be fantastic!

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make dried apple dolls?

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how to make hotel towels?


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How to make a cushion cover?

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how to make optimus's head

How do i make optimus primes head help me.

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How to make a dragon costume?

How to make a dragon costume for a child (definitely no fire needed)?

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How to make a Butter Bell?

Butter Bell keeps your butter fresh out of the fridge. How to make this myself? Ideas how to make it not using pottery? Help with doing it with pottery?

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How to make a hole on a seashell?

Does anyone know how to make holes on seashells without using a drill? Please let me know if you do.

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How to make a egg stand?

I tried searching on here how to make a egg stand. And i cant find anything on that topic. I want to try and make dragons eggs but i cant find anything on making stands for the eggs. If anyone has a link or something please share. :)

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how to make dog chair?

Have a parlayzed dog in the hind legs, would like to know how to make a dog cart.

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Make odd-shaped gears

This tutorial by Clayton Boyer covers how to make some really funky looking gears. Start with one odd shape and make a second gear that matches it. Really cool and great for anyone entering the Woodworking Contest who wants to add a special touch. via MAKE

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how to make genie cuffs??

Im making a genie costume and i dont know how to attatch the "puffed" legs/arms to the tiny bit of material which is the cuffs

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how to make ood mask

I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to easily and cheaply make an ood mask, ive already got the translator ball worked out, i just need a way to make the face, thanks in advance.

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Make something from these parts?

It's my mum's birthday soon (December) and I was planning on making her something out of these various parts. Any ideas would be appreciated, or (possibly) more things I should get to make something look better. Thanks!

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simplest way to make a sweater? Answered

i want to make a sweater but i don't know how... knitting, sewing, both ? well anyway I still gonna need a sweater and fast.

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How to make ghostbuster costume?

Hi guys! i'm trying to make a ghostbuster coustume for idk this year halloween...and I need a little help...Is there any simple way that I can make this costume?BTW : I have open suggestion for costume idea so put that in the comments too OOF.Thankas

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Howto make a Cheap partybutton Answered

How to make a cheap party buttonThe stuff i have.Usb Game controller* Winamp / Windows media playerA laptopA Remote controlled power switch (2x)?

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Make a Letterpress Printed Product

Love the look of letterpress and want to get an idea of how it gets made? Printer SIMPLESONG has created this quick tour of the process of how they make a card on their machine from 1906. It's awesome to see that the old equipment is still working just fine, making cool new stuff. Link

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How to make a Japanese kimono?

I need measurements and detailed instructions. Pictures would be extremely welcome.

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how to make ghillies shoes?

Hi Everybody, I'm looking for introductions how I can make irish ghillies shoes by myself. It would be grest if somebody can help me, tnaks and have a nice day!!!!

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How to make a lifesized tree?

Need to create an abstract large tree, preferably out of recycled materials. Looking for suggestions.

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