I need a 7-8 minute dramatic monologue!?

I'm in speech and 15, and i have come across a problem. i need a dramatic monologue (for a man) that lasts 8 minutes by next week. can anyone please help me! it would be preferable if it was from a book or play. duologue would be nice as well. thank you.

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Last minute no-talent Christmas stocking ideas?

Can't find our Christmas stockings! (We moved) Tomorrow I'm heading out to try to find red and white felt and a glue gun. I don't have a sewing machine or time to learn to knit or crochet. I need to make 4 of them, and they need to be super easy and not take special equipment or a lot of time. So I'm thinking I'll just cut out 8 stocking shapes and glue them together and glue some white trim along the top. And if I get real creative, maybe write the names in glitter glue. I am well aware that this is pretty cheesy, but it's all I've been able to think of. I hope one of you will have a better idea. I don't want to spend a lot of money because I'm convinced the originals will turn up before next year. Any better ideas than glued felt? Thanks.

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Energy Revolution

Greenpeace writes:Our Energy Revolution outlines a global plan for a sustainable renewable economic future. It shows us how we can get from where we are now, to where we need to be to avoid a climate change disaster. It was developed with specialists from the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and more than 30 scientists and engineers from universities, institutes and the renewable energy industry around the world.More info on http://www.greenpeace.org/international/campaigns/climate-change/energyrevolution

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How do I make a yoyo sleep for 3- 4 minutes ? Answered

I have loved yoyoing from birth. I have been wondering how to make my transaxle yoyo sleep for approximately 3-4 minutes. Do I just need to get better friction stickers? Is there any way to make stickers as well?

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Last minute LED xmas lights running off a battery for a costume

First time posting here because I'm a novice and you folks seem to know your stuff! I'm about 48 hours from a big event (SantaCon NYC) in which I plan to have Christmas lights flashing on a costume. Problem is, I can't figure out how to get them to work. I have a Black & Decker "Pocket Power" brick which has an AC outlet on it, so that would have been perfect, except it doesn't hold a charge. The lights I have are on a 10 yard string of white LEDs. There's a hundred lights in series in total. They are controlled by a small circuit board in a plastic casing. The box says they use 55W and have a frequency of 60Hz. The end has a standard 110V two prong plug. So I need something that will power them for roughly 4-6 hours as they flash and twinkle. From a day's worth of research on the internet, I've found that the easiest way to do this would be connecting a battery pack to a power inverter which would change the DC juice from the battery to AC then allow me to plug the lights directly into an AC type outlet. I need to know what kind of battery I should get and how I can connect that battery to the inverter since most of them have a car cigarette lighter type of connection. Ideally this should all fit into a large pocket or fanny pack. Since it's getting down to the wire I'm starting to freak out a bit, and I'm a novice with electricity at best. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Home screen washout and printing errors..

I bought a home screen printing kit from an art store but I'm having trouble with a few things and they are: The instructions said to use a 150watt incandescent bulb 12 inches from the screen for 45 minutes. I thought 45 minutes was awfully long so I bought a 300watt bulb and exposed it for 23 minutes. My initial design which was 3 letters at a very large font worked out pretty good but it took an awfully long time to spray out design, it probably took me 10 minutes. I thought the 23 minutes was okay so I used the same time with my next design which had smaller text well my smaller text never washed out even though it looked like it was burned in. I went up to 30 minutes, then 35 minutes, then 40 minutes and I'm still having trouble washing out designs with small letter text. Should I be cooking my screen for longer than 45 minutes? Second question is, when I'm actually swiping my screen does the type of squeegee I use matter? I swiped a few shirts and I'm still not getting a consistant print each time. I'm not clamping my screen down so I know my DIY method is really dirty but I expected better results, should I expect less? Thanks

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Can people please give me links to free-for-use 7-8 minute monologues for young woman?

I'm looking for a 6 or 7-8 minute monologue or one-woman play to be performed by a young woman. I'd prefer for it to be modern (within the last century) and to have some kind of meaning or something that people can connect or relate to. I've looked all over the internet for something that fits this description, but I've had no luck as of late. I'm 16 years old, so that may you to know what I'm looking for. Please and thank you! If it's shorter than 6 minutes, it's out, but no longer than 8 minutes (a few seconds over is okay). 

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sir please once more explain how to prepare the motor in 'No-Solder, Funny Robot in Minutes'?

Sir i searched in instructable website simple and cheap robot . then i opened no solder,very funny robot in minutes' but there was a problem in preparing the motor so please explain it once more

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continuous to step rotation in legos?

I have a thing that rotates in lego, it has one revolution per 5 minutes. I want it to be connected to something else so that the other thing has one rotation per hour. But it has to rotate in steps, so after every five minutes it has to rotate 1/12 revolution at one time. Can anybody think of a good mechanism? It won't work to make only one pin on the five minute ring so it only ticks the other gear one pin per rotation, that would go too slow because with one revolution per five minutes the transition would take too long. It has to be a short moment. thanks

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sony rear projector tv turns off by itself after being on for a minute. The sleep/timer indicator light on the front

Flashes. checked the sleep timer and it was off. set timer for 120 minutes and same problem. anyone have any ideas ?

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Fun with Windows paint!

Five minute of fun with windows paint! I hope you like it!

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how does a 10 year old make money fast?

How do you make 10 bucks in 10 minutes

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For a security system, I want to be able to activate a VCR with a wireless switch and then have it run for 30 minutes.

Factory security systems with this option only run for 30-60 seconds at the most. How do I set up a VCR/DVR to do this?

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Mobius strip shrinky-dink

A strip of shrinky-dink plastic, twisted over, held together with a tab, and baked for a few minutes produces a solid Mobius strip shrinky-dink.

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Slowest set epoxy? need too much time to apply it.

Hi, I need to glue an acrylic sheet over a wood maze, which size is around 12x24", so there would be a lot of line to apply the epoxy over it, I think it would take me around 15 minutes of even less I am fast and prepared for it, so I was thinking in using a slow set epoxy. Please any info or advice, how slow can a epoxy be? I would be glad with a 45 minute epoxy, but will it really dry until passed that time? thanks.

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Mechanical timers - wind up mechanism

Can anyone advise what is the maximum length of time the mechanism on a mechanical hand-wind timer can last for (approx range will do) i.e between 60/70 minutes, 3/4 hours.

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chew toy?

I have a very strong, large breed dog who essentially destroys nearly all store-bought chew toys in a matter of minutes.  One might say he seems to view these as child's play (puppy's play).

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how to prevent shedding from my cat?

My cat tiger sheds like crazy every time i brush her about 10 minutes later. i am tired of finding cat hair every wear. please help me

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I'm not creative at all, what can I do?

 I'm here on Instructables for 5 minutes and I don't know what to make, because I'm not creative, Ive tried cutting clothes but that was too hard for me, Should I delete my account and leave it alone, please help me?

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When I say Inchie, you say What?Inchie!What?Inchie!What?I just this minute found out about this whole Inchie movement thing, and I LOVE it. An Inchie is a piece of art that is 1" x 1". The end.It can be made out of anything you want. It has to be 1" squared. I'm beginning to really catch on to tiny crafts (as you may see in some upcoming I'bles), and these are too adorable to resist. My first thought is that I'd be way too impatient to work on such a small scale. My second is that I could have a complete work of art in under 30 minutes. . . So.Here are some examples I came across on Craftster. Rainbow Inchies1000 squaresPhizzy's InchiesAnd well, you get the idea.Enjoy and be sure to post your own inchies!

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A tribute to our Youth and Troops

Here is a good support our troops and youth video I found on youtube. I couldn't breath for a few minutes after watching this. These guys also own a production company, they can make a wedding video for you if you want.A tribute to our Youth and troops

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I unclogged the lint trap in my GE front load machine but am still having problems.

The machine runs through a cycle but gets down to the last few minutes and stops. now the words Door Locked are lit up but nothing else is happening. any suggestions?

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What is the best way to handle telemarketers?

Seriously, you hang up they call back, you say no thanks and they are relentless. I tried saying hold a minute and setting the phone down until they hung up but they called back with a vengeance.I know this is not very techy, I will make my next question more hands on.Thanks in advance!

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what's the best battery type for charging in short bursts?

I want to make an off the grid power supply and inverter and i want to power it with a bike mounted on a small motor/generator that would power a battery or just something that would store that energy and then use it for a couple of lights or something. i have very low stamina but a good amount of strength, so i'll probably be riding it for a few minutes or less, watch some tv or something, then ride some more for a few more minutes, rinse and repeat. i know if i used nicd for the battery, it would last a few days because of memory effect. i don't know a lot about other battery chemistry types and i want to know if this type of charging would be too abusive for a battery to handle, and if not what type can i use?

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a special origami thing for school task?

I have this task at school about origami...next friday, I have to play 'teacher', and teach my fellow students some origami. the problem is, I do not know what to teach them. it has to be something difficult, but quick ( 7-15 minutes) does anyone on the site have an Idea?

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Please help I need to know if it's possible to get my sewing machine working. Answered

 i have a dressmaker 2 sewing machine that goes crazy the minute i plug it in even when the foot pedal is not connected! Im very new to sewing so i don't know what's going on, is there any way to fix this

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Robot dog illusion

After posting about the 50 papercraft robots I couldn't help but print out the robot dog illusion and make it. After all, it's a robot dog version of the dragon illusion that I've been meaning to make for years now (and still haven't). It only takes a few minutes to put together so check it out. SuperRobot Dog Version!

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Fastest Knitter to Defend Title

A neat read for those knitters out there!Courtesy of the BBCHazel Tindall, from Shetland, is representing the UK at the international contest in Minneapolis.She was 52 when she was crowned the world's fastest knitter with 255 stitches in three minutes in 2004.The top knitters from across Europe and America will be taking part in the competition.'Good technique'Mrs Tindall said she was brought up in a family where her grandmother was always knitting.She told BBC Scotland: "I managed 255 in three minutes when I became the world's fastest knitter in 2004 and this is the first time I have been invited back to defend the title."I think you need to have good technique and move your hands as little as possible."Everyone has their own way of doing it. I have been knitting for more than half a century." http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/north_east/7238737.stm

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Earth Hour 2008

Check this out! Do you want to help stop climate change? Well join the millions who do by, at 8:00 pm turn off all your lights for 1 hour! Join the millions to help make the world a better place! Please send this to your friends! So everybody can join in on Earth Hour 2008.

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Is it possible to duplicate a SIM card? Answered

I want to be able to use my cell phone like a home phone; you know, like keep one upstairs by the bed and one downstairs when I'm in the kitchen. I have a ton of minutes that I don't use, I never seem to have my phone with me when I'm wandering around the house, and I've disconnected the landline. What do y'all do in these cases?

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My Maytag Performa toploader washer stops moving during wash and rinse cycle.

I watched it fill with water, then the agitator started moving. After a minute or so, the agitator stopped moving but the motor was still running. I moved the knob to the spin cycle and the washer drained and spun as normal. Wonder if there is some sort of belt that may be wearing out? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Merry Christmas!---Rob

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why won't my knitted wool hat? Answered

I knit a cloche for my sister out of Icelandic wool and felted it and it came out too small.  So I reknit it with the same damn yarn, though a bit bigger, but this one won't shrink even the tiniest bit.  I've washed it (front loader, dried it in the dryer, and now I've been boiling it for 20 minutes.  It's getting furry, but the stitch definition and the size are basically the same.

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Waterproofing a leather hat?

My day-to-day hat is a leather fedora. Most of the time, it's great, but it does leak through the crown if I'm out in heavy rain for more than, say, 30-45 minutes. This isn't normally a huge problem, since I'm not often out in heavy rain that long that often, but it is a problem on a wet camp, when I'm outdoors all day. Unfortunately, I can't polish it, as the finish is matt, borderline suede. Any ideas, folks?

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Hand Painting Wine Glasses

I have always used Folkart Enamel paint to paint my wine glasses and never had any problems.   This paint is now changing to the GLOSS only in stores, I can't find it in the non-gloss anymore.    Why does the paint start cracking when I put on the 2nd coat of paint?  I'm cleaning with alcohol first, waiting 30 minutes, then painting and it still want adhere to the glass with a 2nd coat. See picture below. 

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Tea steeping device that automatically steeps tea for a set time?

You should be able to set the time in minutes. The tea leaves (perhaps in a large tea ball) are removed/withdrawn from the water after the set time. I was thinking of have the tea ball suspended in the water by a weighted cantilever arm and when the set time expires, the arm is released and the tea ball is lifted out of the water... Any ideas? Thanks!

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Ideas for school X-mas holiday shop items? Answered

Out elementary school has a holiday shop ever year, when the kids get to buy items for their families. (.25-$1) I want to make some items to donate, but I am overwhelmed with ideas. They should be simple, cheap, and should only take 10 minutes (or less)  or so to make each. I can sew, crochet, paper crafts, etc.    Ornaments? Bags? Toys?  Thoughts?????

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my rabbit isnt eating? Answered

I read on a website that they'll go ina phase where they just wont eat for a couple days. all my other rabbits are eating but she isnt. she just started this today. a few days ago he did this for about ten minutes and i gave him a flower and she ate that, then ate her pellets. what should i do to get her to eat or should i just keep a close eye?

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How would I rig an old analog clock to light up LEDs to show the time? Answered

 I was thinking of using the 10mm ultra-brights for the hour mark and the standard 5mm for the minutes. Should I connect them all to a common ground and use the hands as the "hots?" Should I use a plate-type contact; cause I feel that the post-type would interfere with the sweep of the hands. What kind of batteries should I use?

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Removing Gorilla Glue From Skin Answered

   Has anyone found a way of removing the brown 'Original' Gorilla Glue from skin.  Earlier today I picked something up by the wrong side which I'd just coated in the stuff.  I've just spent 20 minutes washing and scrubbing my hands as per their FAQs and have just about lost the stuff, but has anyone come up with a miracle way of removing it? Note that this is the brown foaming polyurethane glue; not the cyanoacrylate type.

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Recycling Alkaline Batteries

It has always bothered me when I disposed of spent alkaline batteries ( having 3 children , can add up to a lot of batteries per year).And there are no local or state programs for recycling these types of batteries where I live. I recently found a company that recycles all types of batteries and electronic waste by mail @ a reasonable cost. They also offer a municipal program for your town.http://www.batteryrecycling.com/new+iRecycle+kitscheck it out , it`s worth the 5 minutes that it`ll take you.

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auto shutoff reading light. 12v dc power supply-momentary switch-1.2 Farad Capacitor--small LED reading light-? Answered

How long would the lights stay on, how long to charge the Cap?  I want to make something for my kids, so they can turn on a reading light in their bed by pressing a button and then have it shutoff about 30 minutes later when they are sleeping, or press the button again if they are still reading.  I like to encourage them to read.

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Keeping the environment moist or damp

I'm building an aeroponics system from scratch. When I water my roots in bursts of 3 to 5 minutes how can I be sure that the environment stays moist while I am away, I don't want the roots on my capsicum annuum to dry out. Is there anything I can line my 4" PVC tube with to keep it damp inside but without using soil or any geological material or perhaps and organic material that wont damage the cycle? Is this what aggregate is used for?

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Cracked Marbles menagerie

How do I find instructions for making cracked marble animals? I used to do it and had a little design book of critters but can't find it now. You started by heating marbles on a cookie sheet at a high temp. I think it was 450 for 15? minutes? Then pour them into cold water in the sink to make them crack. Then you used some awfully smelly glue and other small pieces of arts and crafts to make critters such as a worm, dog, cat, mouse, etc. They were really cute and I would love to do them again.

Question by da451 

What is the best way to repair a small leak in a non-pressurized PVC drain pipe?

I have a slow (approximately 10 mL per 10 minute) leak in a PVC drain pipe. Cutting out and repairing the entire section would be extremely annoying, and I'd undoubtedly introduce another leak. Has anyone had success repairing a non-pressurized leak in PVC with caulk, or a specialty product such as http://plast-aid.com/ ? Specifically, could I just fill up the space between the reducing bushing and the coupling shown in the picture?

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Would a 125 watt volume air pump be powerfull enough to do this trick?

I thought i'd build something like this on the basement floor and thus absorbing as much coolness as it can while the attached air volume pump circulates air through the tubing from and to the livingroom above. The question i have is: Does a volume air pump have enough power to push air into 20 meters of hose? I consider using a compressor but it makes a terrible noise and probably does only a few liters per minute.

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Automated Garage Door light?

I would like to install a light when my garage door is opening (it's an automated door). This light would be useful for me to actually see how to reverse my car in the garage. Does anybody know what components I should use? I would like to have the light trigger when the garage motor switches on and then keep on running for some minutes after it finishes. I have some knowledge in electronics and electricity. Also what would be cool is if the light only switches on when it's dark.?

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Why isn't my laptop charger working?

Every so often I find myself constantly unpluggin and repluggin my charger into my laptop to get it to charge. Without doing this, it won't charge at all... But today I've tried using my daily technique and for some odd reason my laptops not having it. It's no longer chagring. HELP! My batteria Asus AL32-1005   life is at exactly 29 minutes with 24% remaining. What should I do? What could be the real reason for this? http://www.batteriamondo.com/asus-al32-1005.html

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