getting money sooner?

Hi, I'm trying to save up for a puppy, and i need a TON of money, of course, if i want to make SURE I can take good care of it. I'm told i will need maybe 3 or 4 years before I have enough, i want at LEAST $4,050 before i feel safe getting one, anyway, (some of it is for in case of an emergancey) I am getting a shelter dog, of course, and I KNOW all that stuff about "big responsibility" trust me, i am doing a ton of research on this, and i have a rodent, too. I am looking for a way to earn money FAST, and it cant be proffesional, or "adult's"  jobs, im only 13, so i can't, and no pet sitting or baby sitting, can anyone tell me any crafts or something like that that I can make and sell? Serious answers please, Thank you

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can u iron money straight Answered

Okay in the movie "Get Rich or Die Trying" it shows 50 ironing some money. is it possible to iron bills straight if so on what level(cotton,ETC)?

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How Can I Earn Money?

I am young so I cannot do real jobs. I do not live in a comunity area so I can't do jobs for my neighbours nor can I sell things door to door for this reason. My parents do not think that doing chores around the house are worth money, I also cannot wash cars as  my parents know another person that does it.  I am not strong enough to do work outside. I do not trust any of the online surveys as they do not seem likely to give you money. I have nothing to sell or make to sell online or at a market/fair. I am too young to do volunteer work by myself. I cannot sell baked goods as you need a food handling certificate which are really hard to get hold of. I would love to work at a cafe and do some help there but I am too young to even do that. Please help me and thank you for taking your time to read and answer this.

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how can a thirteen year old make money?

I need money. Not just a couple hundred but in the thousands of dollars. Don't tell me doing chores because that never adds up. Remember I'm only thirteen

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how does a 10 year old make money fast?

How do you make 10 bucks in 10 minutes

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i need some money and fast Im just teen how can i do it?

Im saving up for art supplies and need about 50 dollars more by the end of May 

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i need to make 150$ in two days please help!!!! ?

I need to make 150$ in two days but i am to young to get a job

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I need 10 $ by 3-15-12 any ideas?

I am going to need 10 bucks for my fieldtrip. I am going to go on a merchant ship across the bay.                                                                                PLEASE HELP

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Texas Windpower = Big Money

Texas is now far ahead of California, and the rest of the country, in production of wind power.From the NYTimes:Texas, once the oil capital of North America, is rapidly turning into the capital of wind power. After breakneck growth the last three years, Texas has reached the point that more than 3 percent of its electricity, enough to supply power to one million homes, comes from wind turbines.Texans are even turning tapped-out oil fields into wind farms.

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How to make easy money for a thirteen year old?

I've thought about working at camps, shoveling snow, etc.  But It's SUMMER and i don't have time to work at a 4 week camp in my 2 months of summer break.  All of my neighbors own lawn mowers, and I live in a quiet place where it's hard selling things. Any suggestions or place ideas for earning a decent amount of money in my free time?  Is there any possible store that will hire a part time thirteen year old?

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I have been saving up some money for a while and found myself with an extra 500$ or so. Not sure if i want to continue saving it, spend it, or invest it into some penny stocks. What should i do with my 500$? ( I am a 15 year old male high school freshman)

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Me and my friend are gonna start selling stuff at school (were in junior high). What should we make/sell.?

We honestly have no clue... Were both teenagers and we need money :O Also : What should we do like hand out fliers or buisness cards or i dont know... :O pleasee help :D

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how can a teenager start a business or store? Answered

All i need to know is how to get it started but i will accept any other information

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how can a 13 year old kid make money in arizona?

Im 13 and i want to make money 

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How do i get money really fast?

I am a young aged girl ( around 8-10 not saying) and i am trying to save up a little more then a thousand dollars, why so much you ask? Because after i buy my laptop i want, i want pocket money too, like to buy me other stuff ( iPod stuff etc,) and you are probably thinking " WHY DOES SHE NEED A THOUSAND DOLLARS? IS SHE BUYING A STORE?!" Its because i want a Apple mac book air, so anything? i need it at least by winter ( cause of the sales, black Friday, etc) and i already have a $100 saved up, ( please something not to hard, like yard work or pet walking, etc.) Thanks!

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How to make money as a young teen?

I am 14 years old and live in the US. I don't live in a neighborhood, so mowing lawns, housework, lemonade stand (etc.) is out of the question. I do however live near a gas station, that if after school, I can be dropped off at using the bus. Is that the best option for me? If not, then what is?

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How do I make a crumpled dollar bill be smooth like new again? Answered

This may sound like a silly question, but if your main currency is not US dollar like me... then this is a serious matter.. Ok here's the case.. a couple weeks ago a friend came to visit me in Jakarta and he left his pouch that contains all his cards and money at the plane cabin. So all he got in his pocket was 2 x $20 and 1 x $10 ($50). Because they were crumpled dollar bills so the money changer wont accept his money, even if someone willing to take his dollars they give such loooooow rate. So, being a good friend, I took his dollar and give him my IDR (Indonesian Rupiah). So he can at least pay for his hostel and dinner, since he wont let me pay for his expenses (he could just borrow my money and pay me back later, but he's too proud to do that :p). So... now I'm left with crumpled dollar bills on my hand.. USD $1 = IDR 8500ish , so $50 is around IDR 425,000. But because they are crumpled.. so the highest rate I could get for $1 is IDR 7000, that means I'll get max IDR 350,000... IDR 75,000 lower than I should have get (thats around $9 difference). But if I can only get IDR 6500 or IDR 6000 for one dollar... then meh you do the math how much I'll get and the difference. Unless.. I can find a way to make those crumpled dollars smooth and sleek as new again. Well not exactly as new, but close enough.. Any kind of suggestion or tips are greatly appreciated :)

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Economics question: What exactly causes the value of money to go down if more money is in production?

Ok, so I do know that if the amount of money in circulation increases, the value of it goes down, but what exactly makes the value go down?  Why would it go down instead of just stay the same?  In addition to this question, I would like to know how the general public and the government would know about money losing it's value, thus increasing their prices of the goods and services they sell.

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How to make money as a teenager (middleschool), not the usual ways that are babysitting and landscaping?

I want to know how to make quick cash and money. Not the usual ways that are babysitting and landscaping. There's already too much highshoolers and paid services. And if i try to sell at school, what would i sell, not just gum and school supplies, almost everyone carries gum. I was thinking puppy chow but would it be enough profit. Also not just online money making. Last thing don't give me a link to the guide by =SMART= i've read it but i need other ways.

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Is there an age limit for pay pal?

Is there an age limit for getting a pay pal account? If you are 16 and already have a bank account can you get a pay pal account for making purchases through Ebay? Thanks.

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How does the economy "grow"? Answered

How does the economy "grow"? I've asked this question to a lot of people and never got a real answer. The news is always talking about the economy "growing" and that credit is the answer, but I don't understand the question. I understand the idea that you want more wealth to be flowing around and that means there is more out there to grab but what is making the economy bigger?

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How can a 14 year old make some money? Answered

 Just like a little extra money on hand.

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how to hack stardoll using art money?

Because i tryed a few times but i cant do it

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We Need an 'Ibles Currency.

Most large bands of people have their own currency; E.G.: Countries "unions" of nations Disneyland pirates (maybe) ect. as a large band of internationally based do-ers, we need a currency to tie us together... this could be sold as instructables merchandise, used as a prize, or even used for inter-instructables transactions... I've been playing with Galvanic etchng, and this would only take two plates for each side. anyway, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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How to make a patio rail garden?

I need to make an instructable on how to craft a box that can be hung on a rail of a patio. I live in a dorm on the third floor and that patio has this protection rail that would be great for said box. The goal here is to grow vegetables that can be harvested and used, or spices, or something that would be fun and help cut down on the costs of something else (Like vegies, i want vegies). I certain one of these already exists, so if some one can point me in the right direction, thatd be great, thanks.

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What kind of job can i get as a 13 year old?

I want to know how i can make money. Something other than the crap survey sites. Can i work as a helper in some super market or etc.

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AC Motor to Wind turbine? Answered

Ok Yes I know that It has to be DC for it to work as a generator. But I found a fan from Dads greenhouse and its rather larged, used for air circulation. Is there any AC to DC fix? Any rewiring or turning the coil around? Any help or suggestions would be of great help.

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How could my 13-year-old neighbor make money?

Don't suggest =smart= i already saw that.  I've also searched instructables... nothing that i want.

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Is it illegal to post affiliate links to an instructable to make money? Answered

 i want to post affiliate links for a product related to the instructable in the supply list but i dont know if its legal to or not

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Is the ipod touch worth the cost? Answered

I'm trying to do everything I can to get money for one and I was wondering if it's worth the time.

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How to sell projects you made?

Hey again, those of you in the internet world. I am a maker in high school, and have been wondering how makers can make money. I have repeatedly been asked if someone could buy something off me (usually an ipod charger/etc), but I somehow feel that I am cheating them or ripping them off (if I tell them a price high enough to make a profit).  Let me say now, I am not huge on actually talking to people :) so making a deal to sell something or actively seeking out people to make deals with is hard. I guess thats the price to pay for being antisocial :D One kid I know, and it makes me so mad because he is really good at it, managed to basically sell laser pointers to 50% of the kids at school for a 100% profit on each one..... Another problem I have run into is that of rights- for example if I take a design off of online, or generally instructables, and then make it and sell it, I feel as if I took some money away from the person who posted that idea. So anyone have any tips for a kid in high school trying to make some $$ on the side? I could make a business of of fixing ipod screens but I tried once and ended up having to buy a whole new ipod for a kid because I accidentally clipped a cable whole disassembling. 

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how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation Ipod touch.? Answered

I want to sell it to the apple store to get the new one . but i need to sell mine first so i can pay for the new on. how much will the apple store pay for my used 32GB 3rd generation  Ipod touch.?

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How safe is it to buy relatively low cost items on eBay?

I'm thinking of getting into eBay for the first time and I'm considering bidding on items generally less than 20 USD. What are the chances that I will be ripped off? Also, if I live in a different country from a seller do I have to pay extra for customs or is that included in the shipping fee?

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With ebay I am protected when I buy internationally because if I don't recieve it I can just say I didn't get it, right? Answered

I want to buy a peltier module to make a fridge for my locker to keep my lunch cold, but the only place to get one cheap is on ebay, from Hong Kong.  This is what I am looking at: Peltier Module.

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How do i save up money for a puppy fast? Answered

Hey! I need your guys help! I need a little more than $900 dollars for a puppy I am getting off affordablepup they are a trusting site I called them a couple of times sent ton of emails and are pretty trusty lol, and please don't suggest a lemonade stand because I made $60 off of  that, thanks a lot bye!

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what advice would a person need for his/her first job interview ? Answered

I am at the ripe age of 15 as if today, and I will be hoping to accumulate a job, however the job interview is a completely new thing to me considering I have never had a job. I would like to know what i can do to prepare for the interview and what would leve the best impression on the interviewer.

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Would anyone like a company for students to make money selling things we like - apparel, accessories, electronics?

Would anyone be interested in a company geared for students to make money selling things we like - apparel, accessories, electronics? I have found tons of companies that say they are for students to earn money while in school but none of them were something I would use. I tried selling phone service, but found that it was a bad product. I have and had friends that sold Cutco, but none of us use kitchen cutlery, so that left us to roaming the neighborhood and selling to parents and adults. I started selling watches to my friends and classmates and was fairly profitable. The isses I came across when selling the watches were finding a decent watch, multiple designs or styles (no one wanted to be wearing the same watch as the next guy) and having enough money to buy inventory and sell the inventory before I can buy other styles. I am interested in finding out if there are any other people interested in a company that is geared for students so we can make money buying and selling things that we like and would use ourselves, like watches.

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How to earn more tips working at sonic?

I've been working at sonic for about a month now. I make a little bit under minimum wage and I used to make around ninety dollars in tips a night. Lately I've only been making about twenty a night. I'm still in high school and I have to pay for my own medicine (I have various medical problems) so this is fairly important to me. I understand location is a big part (I live in a small west Texas town that is over the top religious and fairly judgmental. I have various piercings in my ears and my septum as well. I have blue hair for the summer but I don't want to change my appearance in order to earn more.) I offer to throw out trash and to get condiments, etc. But im a nervous person and have trouble just going up to people and being over the top happy. I don't understand how (as ridiculous as that sounds) so, any help with this?                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I've tried looking this up but the only results I get are for waitresses or waiters that help people for about an hour apiece. And, working at sonic, I only really help people for around five minutes or less. So many of the tips for that *ex: Introductions, checking up on them etc,* Are of no use to me. Im sorry I cant be more specific on anything. Please help, it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Will donating money to the IRS on your tax form help prevent a future audit? Answered

Funny question I know. To prevent an audit you must do your taxes right, and I do. I just had this crazy question pop up in my head.

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keva donation to afganistan.

My class donated money to afganistan throgh a service called keva

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Does anyone know how to make a gumball machine that takes money?

I want to make a really cheap gumball machine that takes, say a nickel for small pieces of chewing gum, like the ones in a packet at walmart.  Either that, or does anyone know where to buy one?

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i am trying to save up for a horse, but am not old enough to get a REAL job but am trying to make a lot of money, ideas?

I am a teenage girl, i am trying to earn more money to get my horse:)  i hove horses and have been saving ever since i was 9... but i still would like to have a few hundred $ in savings before i get my horse, any ideas howto earn money? i love working outside or inside it doesent matter. i am a hard worker and dont care if my hands get a little dirty.. Please help!

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i am trying to save up for a horse, but am not old enough to get a REAL job but am trying to make a lot of money, ideas? Answered

I am a teenage girl, i am trying to earn more money to get my horse:)  i hove horses and have been saving ever since i was 9... but i still would like to have a few hundred $ in savings before i get my horse, any ideas howto earn money? i love working outside or inside it doesent matter. i am a hard worker and dont care if my hands get a little dirty.. Please help! 

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i need to know this movie.

 this is a lot to ask i know, but, i remember watching a movie with my father when i was younger, im 16 now, and im pretty sure it had to do about money laundering or counterfeit money. i remember this guy throwing money into a laundry machine or something. im sorry i was probably 5 or 6 years old when i saw it. i think i would know the name of the movie, cuz my mom told me once. it would probably be an action movie.  i know this is very vague and i will appreciate any feed back. so ya... p.s. id rather not ask my mother...

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I need to make money for science camp. I want to sell creative things at a garage sale.

I basically need to make $$$ for science camp. a girl  in my class says she is going to have a garage sale, and that i can sell my stuff there. sadly, i dont have much stuff to sell so, i was thinking i could make some creative, high value things to sell any suggestions?

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