Need help with a name! Answered

Hi everyone. I was hoping to harness the creativity and arcane knowledge of the Instructables community. The company I work for just launched an internal competition to rename our intranet site. I was thinking of submitting something linked to the word star (our new logo is based on the star Polaris) and to include some reference that the higher ups wouldn't spot. Any ideas? Deathstar seems too obvious, Skynet might make it through, but I am certain people out in instructaworld have some sweet ideas! (keeping with full disclosure, if I hypothetically win I do get a prize but I would much more enjoy seeing a joke in the intranet name for the next few years! I keep busting up when I get to call something T-101 on an industrial site :D )

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What is the name of the company?

What is the online company that does custom cutting? i think it starts with a P. i'm pretty sure i saw it here or maybe advertised in an issue of MAKE.?

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My user name and it's related options; where are they?

I am considering changing my user name, but I cannot find anything that allows me to do that here. There is a place to change my password; why not my user name if I decide that I may not like it as much as another I would create? Plz; Does anyone know anything to help on this; I would really appreciate some assistance, and I thank you for any responses in advance... (c-:

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How do I change my screen name? Or can I? Answered

I'm sort of new to this and..well...I don't see a "change your screen name" option. Anyone care to help? (for free). :) 

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Part Question

I'm not sure if this would be the right category to ask this but what might this part be?

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what should this character be named? Answered

This is a character of mine i created, but he needs a name. who has any ideas for names for this guy? (not pet names)

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can you change your instructables name? Answered

 just wondering if you can change your name on instructables

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Where can I get an ACU cammo custom name tape for cheap?

What websites can I get them from? I also need it for as cheap as possible.

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What's the name of this brass part?

This is on an adjustable length cane, where this thing can be pushed into the inside of the tube to adjust length of the cane, and pushed out by a spring with a "click" sound to lock the length. This is also on kayak paddles to select and lock the angle of the paddles. In fact, this is fairly common and used in many other places... But I don't know its name. I want to use this on one of my project and I am not sure what name should I use to search for the parts. Anyone can help? Thanks!

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Straight line art - what is the technical name?

I remember back in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and I believe even 5th grade, when I was in a gifted program, we had to draw. We drew only straight lines, and when we did it right, it made a curve. We would get a paper with 2 lines, connected at a vertex, at a 90 degree angle. We would draw points every centimeter or so, and connect the points, far to close, far to close. (It's hard to explain.) I'm searching for it on the Internet, but I can't seem to find the right word. Does anyone know it? Thanks, and if it turns out all good, expect an Instructable on it mid- to late October.

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How to Add a Name Into A Crocheted Blanket

I'm halfway done making a good sized granny square blanket and I was wondering if anyone knew how to go about adding a name to it.  Would I just chain a super long chain and try to form the letters I need?  I want a cursive style look to it. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Zurichko

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Anyone knows this piece's name? Looks like some sort of washer? Answered

I dissembled a lamp and found this piece, at first I thought it was a weird washer but I can't find it anywhere. I love it and I've been using as a mold in several crafts with clay. I want to know what's its name so I can buy more, so I will be extremely glad if anyone can tell me its name or where can I get it. You can see the front and back shoots.

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Should I shorten my name to Blivit? Answered

I just realized that Oblivitus is kind of an odd name. I might change it. Any ideas?

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What in god's name is wrong with my head?

Umm basically I was taking a poke through my computer and found photoshops and the like that make so little sense to me it's unreal, the sheep thing was in my uploads, I have no idea where I used it in 'ibles but I did... I mean these are things I've made for some reason but I have no idea why, ninja sheep, magic stickmen, bush-zilla...

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can i change my screen name on istructables? Answered

 when i joined instructables it was about the time the nba finals were going on and i just wanted to encourage the lakers so i put la8ers24, but now i hate my screen name and  i want to change it, and if i can what should i make it.

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Who thinks "Mechanical" is a good or bad band name.? Answered

My frined wants our band name to be mechanical but i think its a stupid name. p.s. he  and my other two friends don't want to change it.

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Could anyone help me name my fursona?

My DA account: As according to my friend Nellofox's (on DeviantArt) suggestion, I have just gone with the name Wizerd!  I have used that username for things as far back as I remember, so I guess it's good enough!

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name every thing that i can turn into a laptop?

I want to know everything i can turn into a laptop im bored just got my first pay check and i demand project :D:D

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what happens when you change your user name? Answered

I have been toying with changing my user name as it is a little long, and was rather spur of the moment.  What I am wondering about, is does it update everyone with the change or..., and if someone searches for you under the old name will it leave a forwarded address of sorts, which is what I would want.  Signed, for now "iminthebathroom"

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what do you guys think is the best name for a steampunk based superhero?

I am working on a movie and i am stumped on the hero name. don't judge me please

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Can anyone think of names for an all white male cat? Answered

Well, we are getting a new kitten and this one is all white and we can't agree on a name. P.S. Don't say Snowball, that's way too generic.

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whats the name of a cookoo clock that's driven by weights and is hung from a wall

Whats the name of a cookoo clock that's driven by weights and is hung from a wall, but doesn't have the bird (ie, is just a clock)?

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Anybody know how to repair the last name lettering or numbers on the back of a NHL or NFL sweater/jersey? Answered

The names are starting to 'crack' and peel off the backs of my beloved sweaters.  The hockey sweater is something like a cotton blend and the football sweater is, I think, some sort of synthetic blend.  Any ideas are much appreciated. :)

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What is the name of the tool you would use to clip the fiber optic instead of nail clippers?

Not sure if I have it or not - I "inherited" a load of tools recently.  Thanks!   DIYbabe

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how to draw graffitis?

How to draw graffitis

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Custom lego minifigs

Ok, so this is what I cane up with. I used some custom decals and a black Sharpie. The first one is an American Spec Ops soldier, named Reaper. The second one is a British Spec Ops soldier named Omega.

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MAKEZINE CAN also be HACERZINE? or find a better name for spanish and diferent languages

The message can be spread, the DIY culture could grow if sites like this also had a spanish and french, and other languages versions, it can be 3 inventors working togheter we start with spanish, english and french, 3 friends where ever we are, and send eachother the proyects for translation. (sorry for my spelling)

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i need to label my rose?

Name of parts on the rose

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Why are Oreos called "Oreos"?

Why are Oreos called "Oreos"? Are they named after the creator ?

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my name is chris benway and i want to know is there ant tech deck comps i can go to i need competition!?

My name is chris benway and i am an amazing fingerboarder do you know a place were i can (show up in person) compete in any tech deck competitions because i am starting a company that makes fingerboards my way its called SICK N TWISTED boards and i one day hope to make it a reality with some crew members. Can you help me out? 

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Why do we call dandelions "dandelions"?

I was just thinking, what a curios name for a plant.

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Here press my name for paper gun and knex gun!!! here some example of paper gun

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This device is the opposite of environmentally friendly.

This machine burns energy year round. Is there or is there not another way to compost without a plug?

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newww at this

Please help me get my name out there... i love making wine bottle lamps very crafty. thanks a million.

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robot for real steel-my own concept

My own concept.....robot for real steel movie:) Name "Woodbot"

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How to braid a bull whip?

Maybe someone could show me a website or tell me what the braids name is the people use to make them? Thanks.

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gingerbread slideshow not working?

 shows me the feature picture when I search under my name, not showing up in the contest at all, and not showing the slideshow anywhere... any thoughts?

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Book help? Answered

  Okay, I have two and a half things I need help with.  One and a half: what would be the name of the virus, and what would the vaccine be called?  I sort of have a name for the disease (The Mexican Bean Virus), but I don't think it sounds very good.  Two:  What is a good place for a government standoff against the zombies? There may be more questions coming, and I will mention the Instructables community in my acknowledgments when the book gets published.   

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how good is the upside-down tomato planter?

I would like to know if anyone has tried the upside-down tomato planter (I know that's not the name of it).

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What kind of Agave is this? Answered

DUDE!   There is a lot of different kinds of Agave out there. These I "rescued" from a dry death at a foreclosed property. I cant seem to put a name to an image.   Thanks

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Two quick questions EASY!

Ok, I can't think of the name of these, they are like a rope but it is clear and it has LED lights in it...AND How much would PlexiGlass cost for a table that is 20x10x20 and a drawer that is 16x20x7

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