contest not entered till now ?

Till now we are not entered in lomo analog photography contest Why Why Why..?? instructables people holiday is over now 13 days left for selection :(

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Oops, now what? Answered

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How can I block a person from calling me?

Someone keeps crank calling us.  They did it 10 times in a row the last time.  When we hung up, they called us again 5 seconds later.  However, we can't block the number because whoever is calling us turned off their caller ID, so all we see is "Unknown name, unknown number".  Do you guys have any ideas?  This is pissing me off really bad!

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I need to know now?

Is there a way to make an out door atmospher indoor. So a huge building that has the feeling of sun on you shade temp. changes.

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Is Styrofoam now "OK" to use? Answered

Is the American attention span that short?  Just because Circle K promotes a "no sweat cup" as a connivence, does that mean we NEED to use Styrofoam? Is OK to do so because this is a "new type" of Styrofoam? As usual, I'm confused!

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I've tried to you nicely, more than once! I wanted a different site and didn't realize I was being sent to yours, my mistake, I admit. PLEEEEEEEESE UNSUBSCRIBE ME IMMEDIATELY! I don't CARE if it's free to stay subscribed. I am entitled to the freedom as a potential customer (ha!) to subscribe/unsubscribe at will! This was a mistake! And now I'm really cheezed off, so cut me loose, PLEEEEEEEEEZE! Thank you (if you do!).

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How do you look up Instructables Answers now without manually typing in the url?

Hello something is deeply wrong with instructables. you cant search instructables anymore, nor can you search questions, not without manually typing in the URL. what is going on? i dont understand how removing the buttons to allow us to view instructables or answers makes it more convenient, if anything i just see the site stripped down to its bones anyway, what is the new long route to finding the answers and instructables pages without typing in the address?

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Got An Anvil, W00T!... Now What

I was given a 2ft hunk of I beam for my bday (yesterday). Now what? I've got loads rebar, a nice steel bar pinched from a printer, this slab of steel 6inX1.5inX1/4in, and a big charcoal bbq pit. Any ideas for projects or on firing up the pit to get it hot enough? And how much fuel? Thanks!

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Project Runway Now Casting Designers

Project Runway is now casting for its 8th season!  Do you have what it takes to make it work? Strut your stuff on TV and get the entire Instructables community behind you to vote for your creations.  Find out more about the process here and get your applications in by April 22 - there's no time to lose!  Don't forget to share your awesome audition videos with us in the forums.  via: Bunim/Murray Productions

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Tweet a Watt now works with Google Powermeter

The Tweet-a-Watt is a cool hack that was made by Adafruit (Limor Fried and Phillip Torrone). It would tweet your energy usage from one outlet so you could be more aware of how much juice you're pulling through the lines. Now you can connect it with Google's Powermeter and get some nice graphs of your energy usage. Hit the link for more info and get the code to do it yourself. Tweet-a-Watt now works with Google Powermeter!

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The Alliance now accepting members please join!

Please consider joining the Alliance. this month we would like to focus on airsoft, knex, and bic guns, and crossbows, AND blowguns.

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Now wait just two seconds... Impossible art.

Some quite unbelievable art by artist Li WeiChinese artist Li Wei creates art that proves to be impossible. How does he do it, you ask? Performance art and photography is what creates these dangerous illusions. He also uses props such as metal wires, mirrors, scaffolding and acrobatics to help him with the effect.This art is a series of self-portraits that he has made that uses mirrors to reflect his image. Some of his photos sell for around $8,000. As for what people around him think, he told Daily Mail, "The first reaction is astonishment. Some people think they are full of sense of humour. They are curious about how I did this. Sometimes I am in real danger - I have to hang myself high with steel wires and people do get a little worried for me - but I am fine."link via inventorspot.

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How to do a report on the human body? I need it NOW!!!!!!? Answered

Please give info at a 7th grade level! It's for a sience report! It also has a pre-made booklet to use so please just list sources of good info!

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so, now that sparkfun electronics is down,when will the free day occur? Answered

 its been acting slow, then it shuts down, any clues when it will be up again?

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Anyone know how to do the deconstructed jeans the kids are wearing now ?

They are cut so the white thread shows but the denim is not showing

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I had a garden snail for month but now it go inside and didn't eat

And make cover out and didn't get out i want if it die or not?

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how can i loose weight with out changing my diet? Answered

Im not to happy with my weight right now im near 170 lbs and i want to loose weight with out deits or wasting my cash on prodects will working out or going to a jym help?

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I have quit energy drinks, cold turkey. Now I sleep a lot more....

My goal was to save money, and lose weight. It's working on both fronts, but now, other aspects of my life are being effected. I find myself constantly tired, focus is slipping easily, and I'm much more irritable than before, which is quite a feat I was hoping it was just a chemical dependency, but I'm almost 2 weeks without now. Safe to say, I'm viewing this as an addiction. I get in light exercise all through the day, I eat healthy and light (and often), but still feel fatigued... Any non caffeinated suggestions on how to boost energy?

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Two or three of my six grand kids have the potential to be DefCon Kids now what ?

So I have access to six young minds by helping my wife and retired teacher to sit with them 4 days a week. Four I drive to school while the parents (my children) earn a living.  Two are easily motivated and do well with Legos.  One likes robots, they all do math window games. I teach chess and play when thy want ( no Queen or rooks for me ) Programming is my artistic expression but I would push too hard and blow them away. What low level intros can be a leap into DefCon Kid status that you know worked well in your experiences ?

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today i met my girlfriend father it was a first meet now what should i do?

Today i met my girlfriend father it was a first meet also he spoke something againts to approach and behaviour even i approach decent now what should i do?

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Sugru sellers

So has anyone else noticed that Radio Shack has now started selling sugru. Now it can be purchased locally. Woot.

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The lock on the drivers side door of my '94 Plymouth Voyager broke and the door now won't close.

I need help on figuring out how to fix lock myself, or preferably closing it semi perm. Sadly Bungees don't work.

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i have had a small red dot on the white of my eye for almost 2 months now what is it? Answered

 it doesnt hurt or affect my vision at all i would just like to know if it is bad and what it is?

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Has anyone repaired a digital oven/stove display module (Electrolux Part 318010100) that is now very barely visible?

Has anyone repaired a digital oven/stove display module (Electrolux Part 318010100) that is now very dim and barely visible? It seems to be a common problem on ovens and ranges with the digital displays…. they progressively seem to become dimmer with age…

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fused plastic-where can i get colors? all the local grocery stores have white bags now!?

I am trying to make some fused plastic rain coats, and i don't want them to be white with hints of blue(walmart), with hints of black(winn-dixie), or purple(sweetbay), who has bags with those vibrant colors?

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can't be a member?

I am choosing sign up now but nothing's changing

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Who on here is funny?!!?!!?

i need something to laugh at NOW

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have pushed the reset button on my cathedral safe ,now its locked but open,how do i enter new code? ?

Have pressed reset on my cathedral safe now its locked open,how do i enter new code ?

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What should i do with this? Answered

I found this thing in a field on the way to Walmart, so i kept it. Now i dont know what to do with it, any suggestions? its just sitting in my window at right now. it blinks in the dark and stops when there is light.

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I've always given my art away. Now I'm ready to do a show but don't know how to price the paintings...

How do i determine the value of my work? I realize that makes me sound like a hack but I've just never had to put a price on anything. I've attached a detail from one of my paintings (it's only about a quarter of the work).

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What happened to Jerry Springer?

He was the host for america's got talent, now theres another guy.

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What happened to the 'speed' in Speed Contest?

Now, I know that these contests are shorter than ones like the Laser Cutter contest, and the Science Fair, but nearly 19 days long? I thought that speed contests used to be a week, no more. Is there a reason why they are extended now? Thanks, Bran E.

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New dremel question

I have the old gray version of the dremel rotary tool, and I see now that they have now made it chunkier looking and black. I have noticed a general tendancy in commercial products that with an upgrade in image comes a downgrade in performance. How do these new dremels hold up? are they as powerful/durable as the old ones?

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what          would be a great summer project to build with my kids?

My daughter November is now 6 and my son memphis is now 3. It is her first summer vacation and i would like to make it fun and memorable but keep her brain working hard but have a good time.

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Will leaving a rhombus clearer board on for more than 12 hrs lead to the super filling up again?

Hi , I have placed a rhombus clearer board above the super, yesterday. After inspecting It today I have found that the super was nearly empty , with about 40 bees remaining. Thinking the best , I decided to leave it on , but have now read that if you leave it on for more than 12 hours the bees with work out how to get in again. Should i take it off now or in the morning? (its 16:53 GMT  now) . I apologise for my incompetence , I am pretty new at this ^^ any answers would be appreciated.

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99 monte carlo LS model seat covers?

I have a 99 monte carlo LS with the powered seating. i have no middle piece. just 2 seats combined. now im looking at these on ebay: . now what do i buy? im so lost... please any help?!?

Question by slimguy379 

Coconut Bongo.

Hey guys. Right now I'm in the middle of making a bongo from a coconut. I was going to see if anyone else has on this site before? Any advice would be appreciated. Also is there an alternative to animal skin? Right now I was testing this synthetic cloth I have, and it works okay. Just wondering if there is something synthetic that would work good, and reasonably priced.

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custom painted guitar

My guitar that me and my friend painted:) So now I`ve got a unique guitar

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how do you make a car?

I want to now how to make a car thats small not big or not a toy!!!

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I just sanded and painted dinning room chairs black. Now I want to protect/seal them. What should I use? Answered

I also striped, sanded and stained the table. I will apply my second coat tonight. What should I use to give it the glossy finish and also protect and seal it? Thanks in advance.?

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where did my instructable go? Answered

I just finished an instructable and tried to enter a contest now I can't find it.

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It's Snowing In the Spring?!

WTF?! It's snowing like CRAZY right now. IN THE SPRING?! It was warm yesterday! Global warming for ya.

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I'm a sophmore in high school and I really like this junior girl. Answered

There is this junior in my school that I've known for quite a few years now and I think she is such a beautiful, nice and caring person and I care about her a lot. The biggest problem is she has a boyfriend right now. And no girl I like has ever liked me back; so how do I go about talking to her and just being around her in general? I want her to trust me and at least have somewhat deep feelings for me. I do get chances to talk with her now and then to but I just want her to like being around me more.

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