Oddball Question, how could you stop a Clearblue Digital pregnancy test result from fading away after 24 hours? Answered

My wife and I had the pleasure of discovering she was pregnant.  We used the new ClearBlue digital pregnancy test which at first i though was gimmicky, but after realized how awesome it was.  We used several other non digital tests and the results were very faint.  Anyone new to this might be left wondering.  But, i digress... The Clearblue digital activates but having the test strip section dipped in urine.  As it wick ups the fluid it activates a "moisture sensor" of some kind, the test activates and you get a little animated digital hour glass.  After several minutes it will say "Not pregnant" or "Pregnant" followed by how many weeks your pregnant up to 6 weeks.  This was very clear and concise test, not squinting of the eyes.  The down side to this test though is that it only displays the results for about 24 hours, then disappears.  Yes I know its slightly bizarro to keep a pregnancy test, but... its one of those memory things.  Anyway, the question I put out is how to keep the test result from not disappearing?  Sure a larger battery capacity, perhaps with a redundant system built, thats the easy part.  Whats tricky is i believe the test strip.  Its most likely measuring a current drop or gain which is whats activating the test.  As it dries out, current is lost and the circuit ceases to work.  Or the saturated test strip corrodes the sensors, perhaps even the battery just dies after 24 hours, though this seems sketchy.  Any ideas would be great

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