Printing on Bottlecaps?

I'm doing some small scale brewing, and I want to rig up some custom labels & caps for a real professional presentation. Labels are easy enough, but caps are throwing a few spanners into the works... Does anyone have any ideas on how to print them? Here are my current ideas:Toner Transfer - use a custom template and rig to hold multiple caps, then use an iron modified into a solder-press-like device to transfer. removing the paper cleanly could be difficult, and the results are unpredictableSilk Screening - build a similar rig to hold caps in place, and screen them. i don't know much about creating screens, and longevity, but it's probably too complex/expensive for small batches.Custom Stamp - use a rubber or pre-inked stamp to impress the design. simple, but expensive for multiple designs. i don't know how well the ink for pre-inked stamps will bond to metal, and I don't know what ink to use for a rubber stamp.Any thoughts are welcome.

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Screen Printing Problems? Answered

Hi. Me and my friend have just started try to do some screen printing for tee shirts. We have made a few mistakes and it still isn't working properly. We bought a speedball kit and when we coated our first screen with emulation we then realised that we didn't mix the emulation with the sensitizer. So we washed off and then recoated with the now mixed emulation. We have also been using a 200w bulb and exposed our screen for 25 mins. We use transparent projector sheets. We also didn't have any black card so used a black bin bag under our screen when exposing. When we wash off the emulation with a hand held spray gun, too much emulation is coming away and leaving patches of space. Is this because we are not exposing it for long enough, or that the emulation is no good or a combination of all? Also, How long does it take for the emulation to dry and does this have a limited amount of time before exposure? Please help :-)

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Awesome art prints

I was doing some holiday shopping online, and I found Veramar Naval Products... They are offering free shipping for the holidays on orders over $40. I found that pretty easy to do since they now have the work of Nate Ostrow, who is just incredible. They also have another site entirely devoted to music and pop culture art prints in addition to the military and naval artwork. They have like Hendrix and Hepburn and all sorts of cool stuff that's worth checking out. I thought this was quite the find and figured I would pass it along - happy holidays!

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how can I print text on a t shirt? Answered

I do not want to use the iron on t shirt transfer, I am looking for more like screen printing?

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Can you recommend sticker printing companies they could check? Answered

My niece and her group mates need to raise funds for their school festival. They decided to sell foods but still need to market them. They are considering printing marketing materials like posters, flyers, and custom stickers. Do you think it's a great idea? Or can you recommend printing companies they could check?

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What is th best type of wood to use for Printing Press letter blocks? Answered

I'm going to be using a modded book press as a printing press to put titles on hardback books, and I'm going to make custom letters for the titles.

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How to apply wet-slide decals?

Passing this question along for a friend: i have been experimenting with wet-slide decals, to do complex graphics, but can't figure out how to make them work. They are essentially a piece of thin plastic on paper backing. You print on them, using a printer, then immerse them in water to get the paper backing to come off. Then, you slide the decals onto whatever surface you have. finally, you use a softening agent, to get them to meld onto the surface without edges. i have spent 10+ hours, trying to make a 3"x2" decal. No dice. And none of the guides online have worked for me. I have a couple of problems: 1. can't get decal to not lose its proportions—i.e., stretches when i seat it 2. can't get print not to bleed (ink-jet version) or flake (laser version)—even when i use a fixative Also, if i try to cut decal to just dimensions of surface i am applying to, the edges tend to curl up and refuse to flatten out—without further causing 1 and 2 above.

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Printing onto an acrylic tumbler?

My school has a club and we are ordering tumblers (the acrylic ones with acrylic straws and stuff) with custom prints on them. We only need 12, but most places have a minimum of 36 or there prices are just way too high. Is there any way I could print something and then transfer it to the cup? Thanks. Adam

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what are the different screens to print with? Answered

Would you use the same screen  for all type large and small ?

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Make a Letterpress Printed Product

Love the look of letterpress and want to get an idea of how it gets made? Printer SIMPLESONG has created this quick tour of the process of how they make a card on their machine from 1906. It's awesome to see that the old equipment is still working just fine, making cool new stuff. Link

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Matt finish Tshirt Prints

Well, I know there are a bunch of tuts out there teaching you how to make your own personalized tshirts but what im looking for specifically is how do i make Permanant, Matte finish tshirts? i gave up doing stencils.. there just too hard to make ...i used to buy iron on prints but they give of a glossy finish.. cant find a matte finish :(all i have is a sucky inkjet printer thats 4 years old.. i get the feeling its gonna break soon..soo.. looking for a way to print stuff like this : a matte finish.. and it must be permanant.. with wahtever medium excpet spraypaints...

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I'm looking for a either a tutorial or templates for making bottle labels.?

preferably FREE and in photshop or publisher.?

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making printed ink on plastic permanent?

Hi, I have transparent plastic and I want to print on it, which works but when the plastic touches something the ink gets wiped out. It doesn't seem to dry, I left it over night and it was still the same. How can I make it permanent and keeping it as transparent as it is? I can't just add normal varnish because it would also wipe out the ink. Will hairspray work(I don't have it in my home right now), or will it make the surface of the plastic uneven so it's less transparent? Are there other ways? thanks

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How do I print on latex sheets?

I am a latex clothing designer and I want to make prints on the latex sheeting.All latex sheets are just in one colour (from white to black,) and I want for example a tiger print on it or a print of stripes or a checkerboard etc. The same question but than to texture the latex. Ofcourse the printed ink should not be erased when it is wet, so it should be waterproof, smudgeproof etc. I have some pictures attached as an example.

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Any Suggestions?

So I recently did an instructable on Liquid Light emulsion, (a darkroom technique for printing on objects, link posted below).  I'd like to do more projects with this, though I think it may take  some time.  But while I'm gathering my materials to make a darkroom, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of what I should print the images on or what images you think would look cool.  HELP!!

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New 3D printing company: shapeways

Phillips Electronics is starting a new 3D printing company. The site is down at the moment but it sounds really cool and useful! It's supposed to open to the general public in a few months.more info (techcrunch)

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Mobius Apron: can't print pattern?

I can't print out the pattern for the mobius apron: I couldn't get it to print following the directions for the Firefox browser. I don't have the same choices in the Firefox dropdowns as shown in the youtube instructions, maybe because I am using a Mac computer. So, I joined as a pro member to be able to download the pdf.  That is even worse, have no ability to enlarge the photos to be able to print full size. Would someone step me, the computer illiterate, through the process on how to do this? Many thanks, Montanaweaver

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How important it is to print postcards in full color?

Jus curious. Printing postcards in full colors may require me to pay more you know.

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How can I remove a screen printing on fabric?

I got a screen print design that I want to remove from an old backpack. How can I remove the screen print without damaging the material?

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Tiger print Polymer clay cane tutorial, does anyone know of one?

I am new to the art of PC and would like to learn how to make a tiger print cane as well as any other animal prints.  Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Alison

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How can I print on satin ribbon?

I want to print on satin ribbon, such as names, dates, etc. I cannot find a way to do this, by hand or on my inkjet printer without the ink "bleeding" or fuzzing. A ribbon printing machine, of which I have found 1, is way out of my price range for grandchildren gifts.

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How to remove permanent printed designs on glass? Answered

Hi, I have an old diffuser reed bottle which I think could be useful for a future project as it is a colour that would go well with the theme of my room - but it also has the candle company name and rather too much print on the glass. Is there some way that  I can remove part of the design without damaging the glass or causing too many scratches, it would be a shame to throw it out (we cannot buy refills over here so there's not much else I can do with it). Thanks.  : )

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Microsoft Office Border does not show when printed

When I try to print a Microsoft office word document the border line at the bottom does not print it is shown on the document before I print but when the final product comes through its just not there. OS: Windows 7 Printer: HP Deskjet F380 All in-one Text Editor: Microsoft Office Word 2007

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what kind of paint should i use for shirt printing?

I want to print shirts and i want to know what kind of paint is best.  Or are there different types of paint with different effects?

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how do i transfer my printed design onto a transparent paper? Answered

I really don't know how people who does screen printing transfer their designed onto that transparent paper already, its like every tutorial I watch is they skip this step:[ and i'm new in this kind of hobby.

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A Guide to Screen Printing As a Supremely Accessible Art Form

Here's a pdf of an in depth tutorial on high quality, cheap screen printing. I couldn't post it as an instructable so I was told to post it here. Check it out: (the pdf below)

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how to print a full color pattern on fabric inexpensively?

Where can I have my personally created art designs, printed on fabric, to sell by the yard. I need a price that will allow me to sell retail and make a profit.

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how to remove print from a jacket or t shirt?

Basically have a jacket with print on it but i want to turn it into a logo free jacket it rubs off slighty if you spend ages,ages and ages on it , is there any way of removing it even quicker?

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how do I fake a color offset print of a 1940's pulp comic book with today's laser digital printers and bond paper?

I need to print a comic book image in the same style and paper as the comic books of the 1940s...but real offset printing will only print hundreds or thousands of copies - and I just need 4 or 5. I have thought about printing digitally on modern bond paper and then aging the paper with tea, but I dont know if that will work. If anyone's done this before and wouldnt mind sharing their experiment results with me, I'd be very grateful! :) thanks! Javier

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What company offers brochure printing services with a free file check? Answered

What company offers brochure printing services with a free file check? It's just that I'm not so used getting all the technical printing details right. Hope someone here can help me.

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What are the important factors to consider when I need to advertise using print stickers? Answered

What are the important factors to consider when I need to advertise using print stickers

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Printing my logo designs onto a usb flash drive any ideas?

Hi guys, I need to print some white graphics onto a flat black USB flash drive, I've included a picture.  I'd prefer to do this using a silkscreen process of some sort. Do you have any ideas about the most efficient way to get this done. I want to avoid Pad printing because of the high cost. I have 200 to print on both sides (400 prints total). Let me know what you think, thanks!

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What's the cheapest company to print custom T-shirts, only front and full t-shirt?

What's the cheapest company to print custom T-shirts, only front and full t-shirt?

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how can i be consistent in printing with rubberized innk?

I have a problem with rubberized ink.. . some tutorials say that I have to press it hard but when i do, it's like the paint is being scraped and the "shiny" effect is not achieved.. . I don't know what to do with the rubberized ink.. another thing is that, where does "bleeding" come from? I mean, what mistake can I possibly commit to see that on my shirt? is it because of not enough pressure? another thing, about the sides of the image, sometimes i do get a "scraped" line on the side of the image.. .why is that so? Can you give me some insights on what errors to prevent? thanks

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What would be a good cheap alternative to screen printing Ink? Answered

Okay, so I saw this Instructable the other, day, which said that it was possible to use a water based house paint for silk screen printing, and I was curious if that would work, or if anyone had tried it to see whether it cracked easily, or lasted for a moderately long period of time. Does anyone else know of any other ink alternatives, as it seems like the ink for silk screen printing is rather expensive. Thank you for your help.

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I want to print onto wood as i am trying to set up my arts and crafts please advice Answered

Wooden prayer hands that open up one hand has an image the other hand is blank,i want to print scripture onto blank hand

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how do i remove the printing from a plastic shopping bag?

I'd like to remove the logo/printing from plastic shopping bags to use in a prop. I imagine there's some solvent that might do it, anyone know what it might be? Thanks

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How to treat acetate (transparency film) to avoid ink from chipping

Hey y'all! I've got an odd issue with some transparency film that I'm sure one of you will be able to help me solve! I have a book of prints which I've been inkjet printing on to acetate. It's a lovely book, but the issue I keep running into is that the ink will rub off should someone or something happen to scratch the "wet" side of any of the prints. The prints also gather dust on this side, which after a while makes for a very dusty book! Does anyone have any idea of a treatment method (maybe a spray or a varnish) that would seal in the ink, protecting the prints from dust and scratches? I realize I could just print it on another type of photo paper and probably not have this issue, but I'd like the prints to be translucent (it creates a layering effect that's important to the finished book). Any suggestions gladly welcomed! Best, M

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can i use picture varnish for sealing a printed picture?

Im kinda new to using mod podge dimesion magic, so the first time i used it, it made the picture i printed bleed. I really want to make this anniversary gift perfect but i just dont know if it'll work. The store here doesnt have any acrylic spray so they told me that it was the same with picture varnish or fixative, since they handed me the picture varnish first, it's what i bought, please help >.<

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(newsletter) Screen Print for $10, Cargo Scarf, Mad Hatter Hat

  Screen Printing for Under $10 Cargo Scarf Mad Hatter Hat Recycled Paper Notebooks How to Make Candles Keyboard Wallet Fabric Pressure Sensor Spinning Yarn Felted Bag Zombie Friend Wavy Cut Paper Beads Easy Homemade Soap Guides Alice in Wonderland Cake Decorating Domo Kun

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Are you able to screen print an image on the side of a t-shirt or make it look like it wraps arround?

I was wondering if it was posable to take this (photoshoped onto a t-shirt image) and actualy make that happen with the whole wrap arround aspect. It would be much apprecated as i am really am going for that look.

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I need these custom stickers as soon as possible. Answered

I need these custom stickers as soon as possible. So if you can recommend companies that print high quality stickers, please do tell me.

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Is there a way to produce screens that create a gradient effect?

I want to print some of my artwork onto t-shirts using silk screens. How do I create a screen that will produce a gradient effect?

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how do I print a large image on many small sheets (may have overlap) and could the sheets all have random orientation?

Well I know there is either an istructable or a boing boing post that explains this in some detail but now that I have a huge beutifull printer full of ink I can not find it. I have a big pickture and I want to make a murial to glue on a wall but I need to do it fast before the printer is returned to the store for recycling (its still full of ink and paper).

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How do you get blutooth onto your printer and how to use it?

I want to print pics from my phone and i need something free. i really need to know how to use the software too

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Does anyone know of a free program that would allow me to print a giant poster on several 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper? Answered

I want to create a mural for my bedroom wall and wanted to make it look like window panes, so I'm looking for a free software program that could help me with this.

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