Which tool for the job(s)?

What sort of multiple tool do I want if I'm planning to work a bit with thin plastic, cardboard or maybe Plexiglas?

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I s this a good idea?

Um i'm thinking of putting a cheap LCD display digital alarm clock in a small hardcover book with the LCD and buttons popping out of the cover, DO you think this is a good Idea? I think it will be good for the competition because it reuses two things, a unwanted book, and a lame looking digital clock. Both of which would be thrown out by any sensible person. PS I looked and this hasn't been done before. Please post suggestions and comments.

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Refinishing hood of early 90's BMW?

My buddy has an early 90's BMW...the model number slips my mind. It's jet black, but for reasons unknown, the front hood's clear coat has faded considerably. I was planning to simply mask everything and use some DuPont Clear Acrylic lacquer that I picked up at an Advanced Auto Parts store nearby; then buff it out later with polishing compound. Am I missing anything? It's completely rust-free, no dents etc. Thanks.

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1920's Themed Custom Drum Kit Build

Hi There everyone, i'm new to instructables so i thought id post a threat here first, before maybe making a main article, shown here is a link to one of my projects, an entirely custom built 1920's inspired drum kit, all parts made by me other than the skins ofcouse ;) http://manbenchindustries.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/lessons-learned-in-drum-making-p1.html The link is to an entry on mine and a friends blog where theres a few more details of the project as well as lots of other things we get up to so check it out if your interested! Feel free to comment critique and ask any questions, and if you like it or anything else maybe i'll write up a proper article on it, Cheers, Tom In sunny Bristol in the UK ;)

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What is/are the difference(s) between a guide and a step-by-step instructable? Answered

That is my question, what is/are the difference(s) between guides and step-by-step instructable?

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I remember it, sort of.  I loved it!  How was it made?

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Tornado96's manga Forum! Updated: 20/03/11

Hey everyone! More Drawings! Updated for 20/03. Almost a month. Sorry. Lot's og homework :-( (Now number one is att teh end of the lisxt and the highest number is at the beginning of the list. 1: Just a kid in sport clothes. The eyes and nose are wrong and no shadows. :-( 2: A Samurai-ish guy with a katana. The legs could have been linger but I LOVE his Katana! 3: The best one! A teenage girl in a shirt and skirt. I focused on Shadows and proportions. 4. Profile attempt. I need to practice shoes... 5. Guy in sports gear. Trying to draw thumbs up! 6. A whole bunch of hand sketches. 7. Trying a different position this time. 8. A girl in a fress that I drew during geography. 9. Using Mark crilley's ready to fight pose video! :-) 10. Another little pose. (is it just me or is his head to big? O.o 11. EPIC DRAWING! (My favourite to date!) Girl in Fihgting clothes with Katana! :-D So what do you think! Please leave your thoughts!

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Airsoft target floating

Hello.Y make the airsoft targets floating and didn t work...y make all like in the blog,it s somebody who make and it s working?Y trie whit a compressor and y don t now if it s to small...help please

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Giant 80's or 90's inspired costume ideas? Maybe Statue of Liberty or Stay Puft from Ghostbusters? Any other ideas?

I want to make like an 8-foot tall Halloween costume based on a movie character from the 1980's or 1990's. Any ideas and how you would go about building those ideas? I was thinking a giant Statue of Liberty from Ghostbusters 2 but I did Ghostbusters last year...so something fresh would be great. My only caveat is that it needs to make sense to be about 8 foot tall... I want to experiment with making a giant costume this year. Thanks!

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Extreme Art in Cabral´s forest park: Rock Music video "A"

Extreme Art to save one of the best forest parks (Cabral’s forest park), in the city of Vigo, in Galicia -Spain-: Rock music video "A" (BEN SENMEDO). We made it also with free software (Kdenlive - Manjaro, end format WebM, audio Ogg) and the song is in Gallego, a language that we speak in the NorthWest of Spain. Actually, the place chosen to make the videoclip, known as "Monte de Cabral" or "Cotogrande", has serious risks of being destroyed, because of the complicity of the mayor of the city, Abel Caballero, with the Britsh corporation Eurofund. The mayor and the corporation want to convert the forest park into a commercial macroproject that they try to call "Porto Cabral". With this video, we hope anyone can enjoy the forest park forever: Letter of "A" in English: In this black horse I'm going to walk between the rain, they fall disks and seas cry out victory. I listen to the ripple of the good souls still death, for me it will never be late, when the fight will be good. I rush forth at the bad management of the power, I leave the jewels, I choose only the pieces of chess. One night, any day, waiting. One night, any day, waiting. People are not silly sheeps, we mount horses, we take the bridles. The souls without fear ever win the larvas, I don't tremble with idiots, you will never see flights. Music: BEN SENMEDO Voice and guitar: Ben Bass: Kuko Jones Black horse: Melanita Rider girl: Olalla De la Iglesia Screen and edit: Alma de Libertade and Muchamufa Colaboration: Edu  

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Old Bathroom Scales--what to do with it/them?

Just got new bathroom scale(s). What can I do with the old one(s)? It has analog not digital readout...and is it SCALES OR SCALE??? 

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favorite character

Whos your favorite naruto character (s)?

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1980's 12 sq veined mirror tiles, looking to buy anyone please help?

Im searching for those, some call tacky, 1970-1980'S veined 12 square mirror tiles YOU GLUE TO A WALL. Please help if you know where to still pruchase them, THANK YOU!

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Tips on Makers Fair Detroit? Answered

I am planning on going to Maker's Fair Detroit. I have never been before. I had some questions, and I figured this would be the best place to ask. So, here they are. 1.) What can I expect? i.e. what/who will be there, how big is it, ect. 2.) If you have been there, what are your favorite things to see? 3.) Anything else fun to do in Detroit, or good restaurants? 4.) Are any of you fellow instructablers going? Thank you in advance, and I hope to see you there!               -Splazem

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How do you make your own shag carpet?

More importanly, why did the 70's kick ass? Tips on technique, styles, and materials? I have about 3-4 skiens of camoflauge yarn, I dont know if that will help?

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Which 'loop(s)' do I use for single crochet when working past the first row? Answered

I am new to crochet. Which 'loop(s)' do I use for single crochet when working past the first row? The one nearest to me, furthest, both or does it matter? I have researched this a bit and have not found a clear answer. Thanks!

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Shoe rack, vertical, spinning

Here is a neat idea that someone might want to attempt. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1121099984601023

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different to wear a scarf?

I have various scarves but not sure how they should be worn? Looking for different ways to wear a scarf.

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Does anyone have any really old ipod(s) they would give me for free? Answered

I am wanting to make a retro ipod by modding it and i will make a 'ible about it. I do have an ipod touch, but i dont want to be painting/modding that ;)Please let me know if you can help me!(if you have 2 i could mod them both and send a modded 1 back to you =])

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Why no instructables on constructing a Fammables storage box? Answered

I need a box for storing the gas can and other flammables in your garage or shop?

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He s allergic 2 nitrates-beans-caffeine-nuts-etc. Help me mke a birthday meal 4 my boyfriend dinner 4 me 2 surprise him!

Nitrates means meats with any nitrates such as lunch meats, ham, sausage, bacon, pepperoni, or smoked meats to name a few. Caffeine is any item that has caffeine in it, chocolate or cola or such. He is very allergic to any of these. All beans, nuts, etc, including great items such as avacados.

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Bigger Rubik's cube?

If I try to make a bigger Rubik's cube out of wood, and even though I use the same size of magnets, would that still be possible?

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I want to embroider on rick rack

In the 50's embroidery on braided rick rack was very popular do you have any vintage ideas?

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what would it cost to replace an electrical door switch on a 1983 furnace?

The switch went out so there was no elec. getting to the furnace to flip it on

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How to REMOVE "Frosted Glass SPRAY" from "Plexiglass???

I have windows on my 3rd floor that are PLEXIGLASS, because of the unique window design(s), and they are FROSTED GLASS SPRAYed for privacy reasons but now it's time to change this idea and remove it all, SAFELY. Problem is: Keep in mind that it's Plexiglass, a petroleum based product and using the wrong remover can, potentially, destroy it. I hesitate to TEST-AREA as if it does, the plexiglass is damaged for life. My objective is the TRIED AND TRUE method(s). Thoughts??

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Switzerland Is Greenest Country; U.S., 39th

Click here for full story.Looks like the U.S. has some work to do.

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Any idea how to make a unique personalized card for Mother's Day?

Any idea how to make a unique personalized card for Mother's Day?

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why is my finger numb?

Why is my finger numb?? It’s been like that since 2 it`s now 7:13 but just the tip is numb.

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any body got old pagers toys with working motors small wheels?

If so send to josh steed kaitlyn lane 45154 mt.orab ohio

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how does one make a burn finish like in image or similar?

I saw this finish and as a novice craftsman wandered how it would be done?

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If you have an armature inside of a polymer clay sculpture, will the clay crack if you bake it?

I know it will if you do it in other clays, so is it safe to do?

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How would you make one on/off control for dozen(s) of battery operated tea lights?

I have recently decorated my living room with three wall sconces that hold tealights.  Each sconce holds eight tealights (see attached similar picture.).  I am currently using battery powered tealights for safety.  It looks nice - but each tealight is turned on individually with a switch on the bottom.  It takes just too darn long to turn on the two dozen lights one at a time.  I am seeking some way to turn all the lights on and off with one centralized control.  My first choice would be some sort of wireless remote control.  I have found some remote controlled tealights I could buy - but they are way too expensive ($10/ea).  I thought about replacing the tea lights altogether with a light string.  An extra advantage to this might be to connect to wall power or one longer lasting battery which would save having to replace many little tealight batteries over time.  However this would be OK only if I could hide the wires out-of sight.  All the light strings I've found so far have wires too thick to hide,  They come in sets of ten lights or more - and I don't know what would I do with the extra lights on the string.   Any ideas?

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where do I get the pattern for the pink lady bag??

Where is the pattern for the pink lady bag?? Sorry, I know it must be obvious to 1000,s but me!?

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Will there be a Valentine's contest this year? Answered

I have a kick-awesome Valentine's instructable to post. I'd like to post it soon in case anyone wants to make it in time for the holiday, but I want to wait if there is going to be a contest.

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I can´t turn on mi TV Answered

Someone stolen my tv remote, wich it has a "lock key", that´s the problem I can´t use another universal remote, and the tv is useless

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Does anyone have any ideas about what to do with styrofoam? Answered

I got a bunch of styrofoam and don't know what to do with it. All are flat long pieces. Any ideas?

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