Problem removing a glued on bearing from glass

I am a bit stuck and usually this does not happen too often :(Got a lazy Susan with two glass plates and the bearing sitting in two aluminium disks.The thing still works fine but the plates were never really centered properly.Starts to drive me nuts that it is always "wobbling"...My first attempt was to figure out if the glue might just be hot glue, so I gently heated it all up.Was a not go but didn't expect it to be that simple.Next try was to use some clay around the aluminum disk and then fill the dam with acetone to dissolve the glue.It did not even soften it a bit :(To make it complete I also tried it with Methye Ethyl Ketone as it never failed me but it seems the glue used is chemical resistant.In terms of echanic tried with a thin bladed tool but can't get it into the non existing gap between glass and aluminium.And even braided fishing line seems to fail as after about 20 minutes of trying to get in the glue I got nowhere.My last resort would now be to put it in the oven and slowly heat it up until the glue fails.Problem is that I highly doubt the Lazy Susan is meant to tolerate this and that it will crack.There is also the bearing and possible grease to consider as I have no clue yet whether or not I can take the disks apart to get to the bearing.Is there any good idea or tip that I missed that I can try before risking to heat it up?In case you wonder: The disk is about 5mm out of center...

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do you have to fill gearbox with seperate oil to the engine oil and how on a mitsubishi carisma manual?

Do you have to fill gearbox with seperate oil to the engine oil and how on a mitsubishi carisma manual

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Anyone have instructions for garage conversions into study/bed room?

In my house, I have empty garage seperated from home. I would like convert this room into a study room or another extra bedroom with shower and a toilet.

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If my female black molly starts giving birth should I seperate her or leave her alone? Answered

I cant quite tell if my female molly is pregnant or not, but the last time she gave birth the babies were eaten because she had them in the aquarium. If she starts giving birth should I immediatly mov her to a separate tank? I dont want to disturb her. help!

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The Grass Scanner

Now you can know for certain if the grass is really greener on the other side thanks to Alice Wang's fantastic new grass scanner. It takes 3 seperate readings using Pantone color detecting devices and then averages them to determine a the true green-ness of the grass.via We Make Money Not Art

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How Can I Keep A German Shepherd Puppy From Being Bored When Im At Work?

I have now sucessfully saved up enough money to get the puppy i have always wanted but i am afraid that it will get bored while i am at work and will wreck everything in the house any suggestions on what i could do?

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Kitewife's avatar

I thought we should have a seperate thread for Kitewife's's my take on it. I figure a teacher and mother would probably not have long hair, and the gold in #1 son and #2 son's hair has to come from somewhere, and it's not from Kiteman. Kiteman, Kitewife, what do you think?EDITThey like it! I was totally wrong on the hair color (they all have red hair...:/), but other than that, I think they like it! Yay!

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Have an idea of taking 2 identical bikes and welding 4 pipes to seperate them about 4 feet apart.Now I have a free standing 4 wheel vehicle, now I want to use 5 hp briggs and stratton gas engine with centrifical clutch for power.The steering has me puzzled, but I think you have an idea of what I want to build? any help would be grateful,Also gearing and drive setupg...

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Question Re: Installation

I have a few questions regarding a scultpure I am making- To keep it simple, let's say the sculpture is simply a rectangle, ~4'x8'. What I would like to do is set up eight motion sensors (one in each corner and one in the middle of each side) that when triggered activate a corresponding tape player with a tape loop inside to play on a central speaker unit. So the goal is simplest terms is for people to walk around the installation triggering a musical note and with enough people organize a composition or a chord. Each motion sensor would have its own respective tape player, but I don't have the funds to supply eight seperate speakers. I also don't have much money to spend on PIRs, however, ebay has a bunch of PIR home security sensors for around $5. This project is most likely going to be crude, so I'm not overly worried about how sloppy it may turn out. What I imagine is to have the tape players always on, always running their loops, and a way for their respective sensors to allow the sound to play through the speaker. The gaps I need filled- 1) Is it sensible to use the PIR sensors I'm finding on ebay? (Aleph XP-40, Ademco 998) 2)short of buying eight speakers, is there a way to hook up all eight tape players to a central speaker unit? 3) If I am making this overly complicated, might you know of a better way to accomplish the task?

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The Ultimate Man Laptop Case (While going green!)

Hey everyone, I recently just had the idea of making the ultimate man laptop case, and once i get some $$$, it will be put into affect. Its body will be made out of a harbor frieght tools case (metal), gonna cut out the front and reinforce with wood, then goes on (2) 6v solar cells. Behind on the inside there will be foam surrounding the DC Volt reader, and if i can manage, two cheap portable speakers that i have that run off a USB cable/aux. They can easily be converted though. Im going to cut out a slot for my SSD to be placed as well as some headphones if theres room. On the bottom part, im going to send those wires to the power controller for the /solar/ and the /battery/ which will be a 12v Gel RC Car battery (long ones that are fairly big). After that comes the DC-AC inverter which will be disected to save space and the plugs will be movable. SPDT switch comes next to switch from 12v to the 5v USB hub thats gonna be installed. Foam will encase everything, then im throwing some .25 aluminum sheeting on top for a nice finished look. This whole project should run me about $350 or so. I realize this case might be heavy, but I think once most of the parts have been sheded of there cases then I think it might be a little lighter. Going to overheat and/or short circuit something? I plan on making a channel for each seperate item in the foam, and throwing 2 USB fans on them. Any help would be greatley appricated with this project :)

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I thought I knew how to run 5e in 4 rms and have a hard internet connection in ea. at all times & it don't work,need HLP

I'm just learning about computers,internet, and I thought networking. I have a At&t 2wire DSL. It is in the master bedroom. I ran a loop to 3 other rooms with 5e cable. I put to jacks in the wall seperating the runs from room to room. My thought was I could just use a patch cable to configure the network at anytime if I moved the DSL unit to another room. Right Now I can only get the computer in the masterbedroom directly connected to the DSL unit and one other in the bedroom. I have 2 laptows working using the wireless just fine also. The other that is hardwired and working in the bedroom I ran a cable out of the 2wire unit to the jack in the wall in the master bedroom and throught the 5e I installed in the wall in the one bedroom. All that works. I tested the other 2 other rooms and they don't work. I guess my installation of the 5e in a loop to all the rooms was incorrect. I don't know anything about networking, ect. I'm just trying to learn and now I need to figure out how to fix my problem where I can have a computer in all 4 rooms working on the DSL. I'm hoping someone will tell me I didn't waste all the time and money the way I already ran the lines. I don't know how to fix it and I found this site and I'm hoping someone can tell me how. I used to be a electronics tech. many years ago and I have reciently had my brain fried from radiation because of the cancer that was found in my head and neck. So, I'm not all here and I'm getting better but it is really hard to do the logic right now. I'm hoping someone can help. Thanks in Advance!!! Dave

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