How do you properly sharpen a kitchen knife? Answered

It sounds silly, but I have all the sharpeners one could buy, steels, ceramic, diamond... but no matter how I rub, pull or grind, my kitchen knifes can hardly cut through the skin of a tomato.

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I need a good way to very closely bind two strips of metal at a point.? Answered

I saw and tested It works amazingly well, as long as you don't mind a few scratches on the blade.  I like it but a nail clipper is way too small for a couple of my knives,  (chef's knife, buck knife,  etc.)  I'd like to imitate the effect using a piece of steel I have.  What would be the best way to attach the pieces together?  I considered a pop rivet but I don't know it would stand up to much use or be tight enough. Recommendations?

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whats the best way to sharpen a chef knife i got a DMT 3 piece whetstone Answered

I just started culinary arts at college and i been trying to figure the best way to sharpen a knife i have dmt whetstones that where a gift to me i got coarse, fine, extra fine. i wanna know what would be the best technique to sharpen a chef knife and a boning knife i would like to know any videos that helped you out or any techniques that you use to sharpen a knife on a whetstone i need it sharp cause when i first got the knife it was literally sharp enough that i just pushed it down into the paper and it cut it easily it is a forged chef knife and a pressed boning knife i would love whatever help you have that could make it easier for me to know how to sharpen it right and make it "scary sharp" for class

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How to sharpen metal sled runers on a wood sled?

My wood sled is about 40 yrs old .I want to use it for the grandchildren. The blades are rusty and have never been sharpened.  I am looking for a quick easy fix as I am not very handy. We don't usually get enough snow but this year we could use this sled. Thank You

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how do i build a drill bit sharpening guide?

I want ta build a bit holding guide out of a block of wood so it will give me correct angles . also one for knives

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I have a Samurai Shark knife sharpener and dont know how to use it Answered

I bought a Samurai Shark Home Smart knife sharpener and lost  the instructions.  You put it on the edge of a table and draw the knife blade down, 1 time on each edge.  it has teeth on one edge and can be adjusted, the other end is just a razor to open boxes, etc...  It works great, when you know how to use it, but now my feeble mind cant remember how its done and I lost the instructions.  Can someone PLEASE help me I cant even cut an apple.  Thanks for any help I can get!! Sally G

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My chisel has a chink in the blade, how do I get it out? Answered

I was wood carving one day to find that my flex cut chisel had a large, crescent shaped chink right out of the blade, it is about 1 centimeter deep and is a real nuisance, I was thinking about going to my local woodcraft store to ask a pro how to do it, but I thought that before I drove out there, I should ask on here, so anyone that knows what they're doing, can they give me an Instructable or tell me how to get it out? I want to start carving again ASAP! Thanks Future Filmaker

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I need some Info on loading a leather strop...

I just bought a Razor Renew Long Leather Sharpening Strop, Should I load the suede side or the smooth side? And should I load the entire side or just part?

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Knife blade tip repair...

Aye well, someone dropped BOTH of my best knives, and now I have a bent, chipped knife blade tip. I've got a standard knife sharpener, and small whetstone I need to learn how to use, and advice? Here's some pics of the damage

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Powdered glue

Hello, iv been trying to find a type of glue, in powder form, that sets up when exposed to heat, I'd also consider resins, I have some polymorph beads, but that's not going to work for what in doing, otherwise, anyone know a good way to mulch up some glue sticks into a fine powder/dust lol, I tried a pencil sharpener, with poor results lol, any suggestions would be awesome!!

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Tool Tips Winners Announced

Instructables is happy to announce the prizewinners from Tool Tips Month!You shared over 100 helpful Instructables with tips on hardware, software, and even creating new tools to solve a problem. The site is even more helpful to visitors thanks to all of you who contributed.Since this was a theme month contest the voting was done by the the audience for two of the winners, two were selected by Instructables staff, and one was chosen in a random draw. Be sure to check out the Tool Tips group to see many more great Instructables. We'll be opening the group back up for people to join and add even more useful Tool Tips Instructables.Now, on with the winners!Ratings Prizes - For receiving the two highest ratings, the authors of these Instructables will each receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt. Remote shutter trigger for Digital Cameras by deth2all 100 Ways to Reduce Your Impactby Brennn10 Judges Prize - Selected by instructables staff, the authors of these two Instructables will each receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt. How To Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps by SteamKit How to Sharpen a Chiselby offseid Random Prize - For being lucky enough to have its name pulled out of a compressor-powered salad spinner, the author of this Instructable will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt.and the random winner is...This tip for not burning your desk.Many other members created great Tool Tips, and will receive an Instructables patch. In alphabetical order:1up, alvincredible, BobbyMike, botronics, Brandon121233, computerwiz_222, fatrickuk, Firebert010, Gjdj3, Gunk on Floor, Hodge-Podge, IamTheCreator, iPodGuy, killerjackalope, Kiteman, LinuxH4x0r, Man of Stone, marc92, mbmosher, Plusea, regisd, sideshowcesil, sideways, SteamKit, summit, theopowers, Tool Using Animal, wiiman8.

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High carbon steal annealing/tempering

First off, I'm not entirely where to post this nor if it has been posted elsewhere (i did do a quick check but i didn't spend too much time on that endeavor). So if this is not the correct/best place to post this i will move it and if it is elsewhere then i will delete it. This topic starts with a question from something I just recently did. I got a high carbon steel marking knife (its a Hock tool) and when i got it, it was bent and i heated it up to a nice red color, let it cool, tried bending it, and broke the tip off so i sharpened it back to a point and heated it up until it was no longer magnetic and heated it at 450F for about an hour. After doing this and checking some charts I was expecting a golden/brown color but instead got a blue color throughout most of it. So do i need to redo this or is it harder than i would expect from a blue colored steel? So I'm sure there are plenty of resources out there for figuring all this out but i was hoping this could be a centralized area for anyone to get all the information they need on this topic. what are some tips/tricks on annealing/heat treating/tempering iron, steel, and high carbon steels? is there a difference between the three  (annealing, heat treating, and temper)? what is the difference (if there is one)? what should someone expect from doing something like this? what would each color be useful for (which would be best for a drill bit or which would be best for woodworking tools etc.)? any tricks of the trade? any personal tricks that you wont find anywhere else? anything else to add? ANYTHING that is relevant would be helpful, im sure there are many people that could benefit from a list of tips from those who actually do these things. if i remember to do so i will post this blue marking knife that i'm talking about.

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