Pyrography Survey

Hello, My name is Nicole and I am an Industrial Design student from San Jose State University. I am currently working on a product redesign project for pyrography, specifically for the tool (i.e. solid-point burner). At this time I am conducting general research and collecting firsthand interviews with people (of any skill level) who have done pyrography. I have copied and pasted my questionnaire to craft forum, and I would greatly appreciate any contribution. Sincerely, Nicole San Jose State University – Industrial Design – Visualization III: Ergonomics/Human Factors Name: Occupation: Experience Level in Pyrography: (Please choose one, beginner, advanced, or professional) 1.      How did you become interested in pyrography? 2.      Do you do pyrography recreationally or professionally? 3.      How do you choose your pyrography projects? 4.      If professionally, how many hours do you work a day? (You may skip this question if it does not apply) 5.      How much time do you spend working on a project?  About how many hours a day? 6.      Where do you do your pyrography? Please be specific. (For example, if at home, where in your home?) 7.      What does your work area consist of? (For example, what kind of table and chair do you use? What kind of lighting?) 8.      What are your essential tools ready at your work area? 9.      Are there any DIY tools you have made? If so, what are they and what are they used for? 10.  Do you have any specific safety equipment? What kind of safety precautions do you practice? 11. What is your process of cleaning up? What do you use? 12. Do you have any injuries that affect you while working? If so, please describe. 13. What kind of tool do you use? (Please name the brand and model) 14. Do you have any specific complaints about the tool you are using? 15. If you could create a wishlist to make the perfect tool what would they be? Thank you for taking time out to participate in my survey. I truly value the information you have provided. Your responses are vital in helping me with my research for redesigning pyrography tools.

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hammer survey

Hi! we are students in an pre-engineering program called Project Lead The Way (PLTW) at Stratford High School in Connecticut. We are currently working on a open ended design project. For our project we must identify a problem in the world and try to solve it. Our problem is that hammers cause over 36,000 injuries per year, and we would like to solve this as best as possible. Can you please fill out this survey? We'd greatly appreciate it. This is the link to the survey( we personally added a tinyurl to shorten the web address here) If you have any questions we'd be glad to answer them!

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The Kids Are Alright

Via The Sietch BlogIf I asked you if giving up your car and plane travel (permanently) was a sensible solution to global warming, most people of adult age (lets say 20+) would have a hard time doing that. However the next generation, the ones who are really going to be screwed by the ill effects of the global climate crisis see things a little differently."new generation of green teenagers are prepared to support radical measures to help the planet, says a new study.A survey of 16- to 19-year-olds by the Future Foundation found more than one in eight (13%) supported a ban on travelling by air for leisure purposes, while one in 10 say they would back a ban on cars if global warming continues to worsen.Almost 10% even say they would be prepared to take part in guerrilla activities carried out by environmental groups.Meanwhile others - primarily girls - are so eco-conscious they have developed a whole new strand of teen insecurity: "green angst", defined as anxiety about one's eco credentials. Others said environmental awareness even influences their choice of friends and partners.The report was conducted on behalf of the National Lottery to inform funding of environmental projects."It might sound like these kids have lost their minds, supporting guerrilla organizations?! But when you consider the kind of world they are going to inherit it makes perfect sense. If you knew that your parents generation was going to leave you a doomed world, you might be a little pissed. No one wants to grow up to inhabit a mad max movie.According to the study released today by The National Lottery (UK organization), half of 16-19 year olds (50 per cent) want plastic bags banned completely, 71 per cent think that unnecessary packaging on food should go, and 13% per cent want a ban on traveling by plane for leisure purposes. While a quarter (24 per cent) think there should be increases on the taxes and tolls affecting cars, one in ten is prepared to go even further and would support a complete ban on cars if global warming continues to get worse.Read more here.

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The Dark Side of Crafting?

I was recently sent this update from UC Berkeley and Indiana University, and thought I would pass it along.  I have never had a brush with the "Dark Side" of crafting they describe here.  Have you? Do you sew clothes, print posters, or shop for craft supplies only to realize your craft has negative effects, e.g., on the consumer or society at-large, morally, socially, and/or legally? Do you see a “dark side” to craft? If so, UC Berkeley and Indiana University researchers conducting a research project on handcraft and computing would love to talk to you. We will conduct interviews by instant message, email, phone, or in person within the next few months. To help us with our research, please email Daniela at, Jeff at, or Shaowen at   image blatantly stolen from pirateluv which just has so many other cool things on it too.

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I am taking a survey so if people could please answer the questions that i am going to put underneath in the description

I am also going to put the questions for the survey here. 1. Are you doing anything to help stop pollution? like what_____________________ 2. Do you know what pollution is doing to the environment? 3. If you are doing something to help stop pollution why? 4. If you aren't doing anything to help stop pollution why?

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Arduino Projects ITT

I've been doing research into some home brewed add-on people have made for Arduino. I was surprised to find that there are a ton of custom shields that people have developed and sell right now (check this out:  This gave me some ideas for developing products myself. I'm trying to gauge what people are looking for in new Arduino product. If you could take a really quick survey that I designed to test the market, I'd really appreciate it? Here is a link to it: Please let me know what you guys think would make great products for Arduino! On a related point, I was wondering about the feasibility of a brushless motor shield. I am working on an Arduino based dual rotor mulicopter with some friends (here is a link: We aren't too far in yet). I think for others that make "Arducopter", it would be nice to do away with external ESCs for controlling brushless motors. I think it would be far more convenient to have a shield that acts as a substitute for ESCs and also act as a power distribution platform for on board components. Is it dangerous to be running that much current on a PCB on top of an Arduino? Would it be wise to connect a 3S LiPo in parallel with the shield ESC and an Arduino, or could that damage my Arduino? Thanks in advice for the help!

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Craft bloggers: Where do you find your information?

Hello there! My name is Lisa, and I am a graduate student at theUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library Information Studies.I'm part of a group that is studying the information seekingbehaviors and needs of craft bloggers. We want to know where you findyour craft information, how you find it, and why you use it on yourblog. We would love it if you could take about 5 minutes to fill out ashort survey we've devised:http://craftybloggers.infosurvey.sgizmo.comAs a bonus, we're also offering a drawing for a grab-bag of handmadegoodies to any craft blogger who wants to take the survey and leavetheir contact information. Don't worry - your responses will not belinked with any identifying information, nor will we share yourcontact information with anyone else. It's strictly confidential.Please consider taking a few moments to fill out our survey, and don'thesitate to ask your craft blogging colleagues to do the same. Themore the merrier! You can visit our research blog at which we'll be updating with ourfindings. If you have any questions, feel free to email me for your time, and happy crafting!

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What kind of job can i get as a 13 year old?

I want to know how i can make money. Something other than the crap survey sites. Can i work as a helper in some super market or etc.

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Individual upcycling!

Dear all,  I am a PhD student in the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University. My research is on ‘Individual Upcycling’ – creation or modification of any product out of used materials in an attempt to create a product of higher quality or value than the compositional elements at the household level (including creative reuse and refurbishment). Would you be kind enough to go to the link below and take 10 minutes to complete my online survey?  I need around 50 people for the pilot study hopefully by end of this Month. Your time and participation will be very much appreciated! Thank you very much in advance for your kind help. Yours sincerely, Kyungeun Sung PhD candidate Nottingham Trent University

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How Can I Earn Money?

I am young so I cannot do real jobs. I do not live in a comunity area so I can't do jobs for my neighbours nor can I sell things door to door for this reason. My parents do not think that doing chores around the house are worth money, I also cannot wash cars as  my parents know another person that does it.  I am not strong enough to do work outside. I do not trust any of the online surveys as they do not seem likely to give you money. I have nothing to sell or make to sell online or at a market/fair. I am too young to do volunteer work by myself. I cannot sell baked goods as you need a food handling certificate which are really hard to get hold of. I would love to work at a cafe and do some help there but I am too young to even do that. Please help me and thank you for taking your time to read and answer this.

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