Can I make a wind powered resistive water heater with an old AC motor?

I've got a bunch of old ac motors and a cold pool. If I made wind generators out of them to power an old water heater, I could heat my pool. I'm making the blades for the wind generator now, but I'm worried something might blow, but I don't see what would.I know the frequency and voltages would be wrong, but does that really matter? As long as I don't over amp it, wouldn't it be fine? I figure some one else must have thought about this, so I'm asking!

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Star diagram and 3phase wiring?

We are wiring a windgenerator, 3phase? using the star diagram where the 3 coils are wired together, the next 3, and the next three as well. What I do not know is what to do after that. 3 wires tied into 2?? to go to the Batt bank. I am missing something and I do not know what that is or where to get it. Any ideas??

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