Fun with Windows paint!

Five minute of fun with windows paint! I hope you like it!

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electric house windows

If windows could be closed and opened automatically, it could extensively help regulate inside air temperature- a big boon to those of us with no AC. Coupled into a remote-control house, it might reduce electrical consumption and/or increase comfort extensively. I am imagining an add-on to the type of windows that slide up and down; seems the type that opens with a crank would be very easy to retrofit, but they aren't very common, and not very insulating, in my experience.

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Replacing Window sills Answered

Is there a way to replace windowsills without taking out the windows

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how to repair a window?

hey there, my window stucks, it doesnt open..its a normal 2 winged window and the spot where it stucks lies in the middle of right window, on the upper side. when i want to open it the lower part responds but the upper one is hopeless, i dont know how to fix that one? oh the brand is called internorm. thx guys

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window gel things you put on picture windows

I am trying to find out how to make those gel window cling ons, you know, they have snow flakes for winter and easter eggs and rabbits for spring. About 1//8th of an inch thick they seem to be, any ideas on how to make them and save a bunch of $?

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steel framed basement windows..

I have a window well that constantly fills up when it rains and it has done so for years to the point it has rusted the steel frame that holds the window in addition to the actual window..I have dug out the well to one foot below exterior sill but it still fills up and leaks in the rusted window frame...There are window well covers and gutters are clean and downspouts rerouted as far from the well as possible,Any ideas on how to fix?????

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how can one clear double pane windows after their seal has broken?

 the windows in our house have fogged between the panes. is there any way to clear them short of replacing them?

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Windows 9x Clouds Remake

After searching and searching the internet, I could not find one single remake of Microsoft's signature wallpaper, "Clouds". So I set off to make one. The original picture was a 1024x768 grainy JPEG file. It was included in both Windows 95 and Windows 98 as selectable wallpapers, and it was the background found in the cover art of both releases of Windows 9x. My remake is a 1680x1050 PNG which I made fully from scratch, using Microsoft's Clouds.jpg as reference. Here on Instructables I have included my remake, as well as Microsoft's original. Deviant Art My Blog

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How do I replace basement windows that are metal framed and installed in concrete?

How do I measure and replace a basement window that has a metal frame and is partially installed in the concrete. I need to know how to measure the replacement window and how to install it in the space of the old window. I think I will need to remoave the interior window and leave the metal frame, but I am not sure how.

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where can i buy 1220cmx610cmx2mm plastic panels?

To replace green house windows broken by vandels

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Heat conduction containment between windows and curtains

How do I contain the heat rising between curtains and windows in east and south facing windows? (on the cheap, please) It will spread across the ceiling and blast into the room...ugh...? I just installed new thermal draperies that go from floor to above window but there is that gap at the top...and no room for a valance type box... The east windows span 124" x 69"--5 Anderson type windows. The left and right ends of the windows (5 panes) are the ones that open. The south wall is 124" by 56"--two panes, both crank open. Any good easy practical suggestions?

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I was givin a computer a while back that has windows 7 ultimat, now its saying its going to expire,what do I need to do?

I dont even know if there was another version of windows put on this computer before the beta version of windows 7 was booted! Pleae help!

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Maker Faire 2009: The Window Lady

Janay Rose, aka The Window Lady, was biking around Maker Faire with her load of beautiful hats, waist cinchers, and other bits of clothing made from reused ties. How awesome is that?

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Printer Error 0x00000006: HELP!

I have just purchased a Samsung SCX-4300 printer and it works fine on my shared computer (uses windows XP). However, when I try to install it on my laptop (windows vista), it says "ready" but then when I try to open the properties or print a test page it keeps on saying "Error 0x00000006" I have googled it but to no avail. Does anyone have any advice? I have the pictures below. I think the problem lies within the two computers communicating with each other. The computer can access the Public folder and when I make changes within the public folder the computer detects them, so they are definatley 'talking to each other,' but when I click "Add a new printer" in the printer folder, it says "No printers found, despite the fact I have a functioning Canon printer which my laptop can access with ease. I manually add the Samsung printer and it works fine until I click "print test page." That is when the "Error 0x00000006" message appears. I'm no expert in computers, so if someone knows what the solution is can they answer in plain english and not complicated technical language please? Thankyou! Oh and 1 more thing: I don't think it's anything to do with the drivers as the printer is BRAND NEW.

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How do I build my own wooden window frames?

I want to build my own window frames and purchase window box sets to fit in the frames.

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Stain glass windows. How do I repair crackes in an old stain glass window?

Stain glass window. I have an old stain glass window that I will be putting in an interior wall of my new home. I need to repair the frame and fix a feew small crackes in the glass. Thanks for any help. Pat

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Seal a leaking E-Cig reservoir window?

Hi guys, I have a 7's Electronic Cigarette with a reservoir window to check how much juice you have left. I absolutely love it however I've noticed over time that they start leaking from the window as if they weren't sealed very well. What I would like to do is seal up any holes in mine because the replacements are $15 and it can add up. The outer casing feels like aluminum, and the window is just some type of plastic. Ideally I'd like to still be able to see through the window. Any suggestions? Here's a link to the product:

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how do you take out the rear back window?

Im trying to take out my back window off of my honda accord 96 to remove tint, but i dont know how -Paul-

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Anyone seen a DIY Deco - Wrap, a system for window treatments?

The price on QVC is about $30+ for two, which will dress 2 40" windows. It looks like a dense flexible foam could be cut and could work. The trick might be hanging it. The name brand uses "P Hooks". The hook screws into the window facing, and the P part slides into a slit in the foam.

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how do i use windows media center?

I have windows media center on my vista computer but dont know how to use it. It says i can record tv but i dont know how can anyone help me please.

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Connectiing a windows Xp to a wireless router in another room

I have a Windows XP professional, that is not hooked to anything - I have a windows 7 in the living room running off an internet modem. There is a router hooked to the modem, I'm running a Vista off the wireless router -  I would like to know what I have to buy, and do to hook the windows xp - up to the wirless router to run it,  in the bedroom, Please can you help me - thanks Silver

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How do I secure my double-hung windows?

I want to secure the bottom sash of my double-hung windows so I can lower the top sash for ventilation.

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How do you tile a bathroom wall that has a window?

We are tiling around our new tub and about 3/4 of the way up the wall. We have a window that is just off the tub, so the tile will wrap around about half of the window. We aren't sure what the best way to go about this job is. We have the green board moisture-resistant drywall up, and are planning to use a primer and then begin tiling. I need to know the best method for going around the window, which we plan to trim. Would we trim first and then butt the tiles up against the trim? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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Will low e windows effect plant growth in a greenhouse?

I have a bunch of low e, argon filled double pane windows that I want to build a greenhouse with. Will the plants inside the greenhouse be adversely effected by this type of glass? I am not a "sciency" type - please advise me.

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How can I get my upper window to slide down to install a solar heater? It looks like it should be able to. Answered

With the winter heating months upon us again, I had an idea for a window-mounted active solar air heater to help supplement heat and reduce my killer bills (electric baseboard through the entire house). I have 39 panel solar array on my roof, but with the cloudy and snowy weather, they do not perform as well as during the spring and summer.  During the winter is when I need the electric bill reduced the most and I want to make solar heaters to do so. The solar idea I had was basically a box mounted over the outside of the window.  The heater will make a natural thermosiphon of rising hot air that will come out of an outlet in the top of the box and enter through an inlet in the bottom.  I need to have the heater mounted over the window because snow slides off my panels, down the eaves and onto the ground.  I'm afraid of building a diagonal heater and putting it on the ground because I'm certain that the roof snow would destroy it. Now, I can get the bottom of the window to open to allow for the inlet, but I can't get the top of the window to slide down to make room for the top outlet.  Looking at the window, I see no reason why it shouldn't be able to slide down when I take the lock off.  It's cut like the bottom part, it's on a track like the bottom, everything's the same. I've tried prying the window, I tried a pizza cutter around the window in case of paint , lubrication on the tracks - all the normal stuck-window stuff.  I doubt that's the issue because the frame seems to be loose. What I think is that the window may be nailed in from the side or top, but I really don't have any way to tell and I'm sort of stuck as to what I can do to get the window to slide. Has anybody else dealt with this before or do you have any ideas how to get it to work?

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can any one sew or make car window screens out of mosquitoe netting in the shape of a pillow case

Any one good at sewing and want to make a instructable on how to make car and truck window screens out of every day materials wood,fabric,mosquitoe netting,Velcro, and needle and thread.

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How to put air conditioner in wall?

Want to put my window air conditioner thru wall instead of window, how should it be supported and insulater for us northerners.

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Recommend a transparent adhesive for large PVC sheet with glass?

To decorate a shop window, I have a colorful large foamed PVC sheet (1.5 x 6 meters) want to stick with the shop window, color side of the PVC sheet face out. Please recommend a cost effective transparent adhesive. (similar as attached image without frame)

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I need some opinions on laptop mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My pc only stays in sleep mode for a few hours. (windows 7 64 bit)

Does anybody know why it doesnt stay in sleep mode all night?

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How can I put a toilet and a window in a closet used as a dark room with a sink?

My closet used to be a darkroom. there is only one toilet in thie little house so another would be a blessing! Would be nice to still have a sink too. RIght now, it's mostly shelves and a sink that works, but I don't use it, coz it's my closet. A window, possibly bumped out a bit would be great.

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How can you make a homemade spring tension rod that will handle 5 pounds of fabric over a span of 77 inches?

I am working at making a temporary window coverings for stained glass windows. I need to make decorative 'black out' type curtains and have chosen a heavy tapestry fabric to go with the period building. The windows need to be blacked out so that a projector screen is dark enough to be seen clearly and the flicker of light doesn't cause a visual strobbing distraction. When the weekly event is done, I need to quickly remove the curtains after the event and roll them up for storage the next week. Tension rods seemed to fit the need, but I can't seem to find them in the right length with enough strength to prevent sagging in the center, or outright falling down. I am not allowed to drill into the wood casement windows or in anyway mark them or the walls. Tension rods again seem the answer. I can only find Shower rods up to 72". Suggestions PLEASE!

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Where can I purchase shutters for an indoor playhouse?

When we finished our basement, we created a little, enclosed area under the eaves of the stairs with a small window and doorway. Would like to add a window box and decorative, little shutters. Thanks.

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How do you make a window seat? My daughter really wants one for her room.?

What materials? How wide? Would you have to take down curtains or blinds? How long does it take to make?

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What is the most effect way of removing hardened duct tape adhesive from car paint and glass without causing damage?

My car window regulator broke so I had to hold up my window with thick black duct tape. It baked in the sun and the adhesive hardened on the car paint and glass. What is the most effective and safe manner in which to remove this hardened duct tape adhesive without damaging the car paint or window?

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I want to make a faux roman shade for above my kitchen sink window. Instructions please?

I have one window in my kitchen above the sink and want to make a non-working roman shade type curtain/valance. I need instructions. Thanks

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What version of linux for a computer with 8mb of ram?

I have a old AST laptop with 8 mb of ram and would like to install linux on it for a digital photo frame. Any help is greatly appreciated. It currently has Windows dos 3.1.

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I want to plant an indoor window sill herb garden, any advice?? I'm a beginner....?

I have very little experience gardening but I am tired of crappy supermarket herbs so I want to grow my own. I want to be able to have fresh herbs year round so I would like to grow inside. My kitchen window gets full sun almost all day. I need advice on where to start and what type of herbs grow best/easiest indoors.

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How to clean venetian blinds ?

What is the easiest way to clean the slats on venetian window blinds ?

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Question from the noobie :-D

Noobie here again! now I can't find a 'able that showed cardboard cut-out monsters decorating the windows of a house. I thought it would be something cheap (I'm BROKE) and easy to do, and fun to do with my 8 year old. Any ideas of which it was? I didn't save it in my faves... Sorry if I'm a bit thick.

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