How do you make a group?

How do you make a group? Do you have to be pro or can you make one on a free account? Ca yo make more than one group o a free account, or do yo have t e pro for more than one?

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Thank you

Thank you for giving me ideas to pull creativity out of the Grandkids.!!

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Do you have what it takes for the Design and Build challenge?

I have been researching and think a lot about mobile structures specifically campers that are light weight and highly efficient. After spending a substantial amount of time looking around to see what designs are out there I have concluded that there isn't much. This fact bothers me for a few reasons but mostly because I have a vested interests in this topic. Come march I plan to begin living in a small camper while traveling around the country for several months the only catch is I am going to build it. So my question is what idea's can you all come up with that fit within these guidelines. 1- It must be relatively comfortable for two to live in but cannot exceed 60 sq ft. 2- It must include a toilet, shower and sink as well as a space for a camping stove 3- It must be insulated and have windows for ventilation and natural light 4- It must have storage space 5- The interior must be no less than 6ft tall so that I can stand up straight while the exterior cannot exceed 9ft. 6- It must have a water tank but I do not want any electricity / plumbing and I do not intend on carrying water while in transit. As of now that’s pretty much it for requirements. I should mention that this structure is going to be towed by a ‘05 Honda civic 4 cylinder automatic so the entire unit cannot exceed 1100 lbs trailer included. I don’t wish to destroy this vehicle by towing a camper 5,000 miles around the country but I do plan to add an extra transmission oil reservoir for cooling purposes. I hope some of you find this of interest and have some ideas to share with me. I have some thoughts of how I can make this sucker but I wanted to put my thoughts out and see what someone else comes up with. Thanks and I hope you create something beautiful and functional. Sincerely, C 

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Watchya think?

The Deadly Human Spore Soon there will arise the four That billions have called folklore And the evil that our age has had in store Will finally cause the uproar And what is to come none will adore The white will knock at the door A knock that none will be able to ignore. And all shall hope for a savoir For none want to be on the plutonian shore. He will judge the corrupt and "pure" And all will hit the floor. The red will gallop and drip blood across the moor, And all man shall engage in war. And the drums of battle will roar, As the sword of combat will bring down more, Than ever imagined outside the four. The black will trot as all will implore To find which will be the cure To all the hungry, diseased, and poor. This will invoke the final score Before the Sage comes to the floor, And all will wish to god they hadn't swore. The sage will smite priest and whore, As the last horseman of the four. And he will fulfill the lore, Of plague and sickness to the core. When all is no more A white dove shall emerge and shall soar And all the peace will restore. Then shall rise the raw power of the boar. No beast, no insect, no life will deplore The ridding of the deadly human spore. Note: i dont believe in god, the four horsemen r just a device i used to invoke the destruction of man for the preservation of nature. And yes i wrote this after watching The day the earth stood still (the new version). And if your confused about the colors there the colors of the horses the four horsemen rode, each color having a meaning (go wikipedia it) Feedback pwease and ty

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quick question....

Quick question what would you pay for a motorized bicycle that can hit 35mph

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Who are you and why are you Following me? Answered

I have someone who is following me here on this site. What the heck does that mean and what do I get for it?

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So You Think You Can Sew

Check out Anna Maria Horner's new book, Seams to Me: 24 New Reasons to Love Sewing and enter their "Sew Like a Pro Sweepstakes" to win a bunch of awesome stuff like a new Singer sewing machine, and more!So you think you can sew?Can you sew like a pro?Then enter this sweepstakesAnd make your skills glow!You could win a machineFabrics, thread and a bookWant to learn more?Here, take a look!Now show us your crafts,A dress for the prom!Share your mad skillzWith!Killer sweepstakes brought to you by our buds at Wiley Publishing, Singer Sewing Machines, Westminster Fibers, and Coats & Clark.

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Is Curry Good For You?

I am sure the onions, garlic, ginger and some of the meats are good for you. but the amount of oil is quite bad. So is Curry Good Or Bad for your health?

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Can you block users from commenting to you? Answered

I was just wonderin'. Anyone got an answer?

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how can you tell if a girl likes you? Answered

There is a girl i like but i dont know if she likes me

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how do you tell if a girl really hates you or actually likes you?

Yes, i am asking for exactly the reason you think, does anyone have any advice

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make your own black light ideas

So in order to make a black light i (the stupid half of me) would think to dip a lightbulb in black paint. i (the smart half of me) would assume there is more to it than that here is some random 2 facts about the blacklight (wood's light) it is not black its a deep-bluish-purple what a blacklight emits is: lamp emitting electromagnetic radiation my question is how could i make one and would it be cheaper to make it or buy it...

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are you aloud to advertise stuff to sell on instructables? Answered

If not, then could you make a option to sell stuff except the seller has to pay a pound or something to put it on the site.

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MIT Preview Weekend

Hi! My brother got into MIT and is going to the preview weekend. He said there is an instructables pimp your flash drive thing in one of the dorms. Who from instructables will be there?

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how doo you make a fifth grader like you?

My name is kamila and i like this boy and he has a girlfriend but he is going with me to the do i get him to like me.

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How does saying you are not liable make you not liable?

A whole bunch of instructables want to go out of their way to say "I'm not liable". Is that all there is to legal liability, just say you're not liable and that makes you not liable? Or is that just sort of a 'hocus pocus don't sue me', no legal ramifications whatsoever?

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what would you do if...?

You know edline the weird annoying school online thing? well you can email your teachers from there and i was wondering if you were the teacher and you had a bunch of emails and you saw one that was just a  period what would you do if you were the teacher?

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Can you bake apples?

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do you have origami?

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do you like the steamroller?


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What do you think?

Yesterday, I followed a jewelry workshop. This is the result, what do you think?

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can you report members?

I published an instructable yesterday and today someone commented on it saying something insulting. so i was wondering if you could report members.

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What kind of monster are you?

I am Mplinnc and i am just wondering what kind of monster are you? I personally am a shewolf i do love meat, No i will not bite you unless you want to be. yes I hate prure silver. Don't even think about it.

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how do you log of?

Please help someone else is on my account

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Could you slide on a ripstik?

Like this but on a ripstik.....?

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What are you going to be for Halloween?

So what are you going to be for Halloween (as in what costume are you wearing.) Also what are you going to do for Halloween, are you going to stay at you house and give out candy, scare little kids, or go trick or treat with your friends?I am going to go trick or treating with my friendsI have also come up with a costume design which is a transformer costume that actually transforms! Unlike the costly imitation costumes at the store. Here are some pictures of it but it is not quite done yet.Also i was wondering if anyone would like to see an instructable on how to make this kind of costume?Its kind of like this but not as good: Please comment!!!

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Do you have proofreaders?

Have trouble reading instructions because of  terrible spelling and poor grammar. 

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So, can you draw??

So, can you draw? If so feel free to post your pictures. I'll start, this is one of my brothers drawings. I can draw too, yet I wanted to post something done by him.

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How do you make this

Http:// Could someone draw like a sketch of how it works 

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Don't you hate it when..... make something and forget to document it because you're so engrossed. I made a night light for my daughter. It is inside a coffee jar usually but for getting a good picture of the tree I took it out. It has a tilt switch for on and off. Upside down is off. It's also got.... A lithium battery Wireless charging Magnet wire construction I'm posting this because I don't know if I'll make another.

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Don't you think this is strange? Answered

I typed my username in google images and found one of my photos from one of my questions on this website.,SAIYLFzIs1E   There is other instructables here too. I never heard of this website before. I asked this question here before with a picture i took. Don't you think this is strange? Google your instructables username. Look for the website the image is coming from. on mine it ALL comes from

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here's a quality concept for you

Feel free to go out and experiment making this concept... It's a scalable, stackable, light in the air, controllable automated AWE Airborne Wind Energy Beasty. And the idea is proving popular. By spinning a bunch of kites from disks on tethers and a tracking rail generator ... you get power The generation side is on the ground. cool eh The drawing is a bit out of date now as the concept has developed... eh a few mins ago... but it's still a good indicator

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What Would You Make With These?

I have a number of these rings. I was given some free fabric samples and these secured them all together, like binder rings but huge. They are 6" across, hinged on one side, with threaded closures along the straight section.  Does anyone have ideas about how to repurpose them? Not much comes to mind except charm necklaces. Maybe something for a Halloween costume?

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What Do You Play

I just thought I would start off this by asking the members of this group and any others that are reading this what instrument they play or like and why? I play the tenor saxophone (first chair) at my local high school, where we have one of the top jazz bands in the state if not farther out. I've been playing tenor since the end of 5th grade, I am currently in 10th. This means I've had some time to practice.

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how do you make a magazine release for a pistol?

How do you make a magazine release for a pistol?

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does anyone skimboard and if you do can you help me?

Well if anyone does skimboard can you help me so i want to buy a new skimboard i want to advance from wood boards to fiber glass boards so can you tell me what fiber glass board i should get? and if you dont know what skimboarding is here is a pic so if you still dont get you throw the skimboard on the ground and then run and catch up to it and jump on it and ride

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How much coffee can you drink before you die? Answered

I was just wondering how much strong, black coffee you would need to drink before you die. I think that weight is somewhat relative to the answer so if it helps I am about 9 stone heavy. Anyone got an answer?

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"The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate"

"Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more skeptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens, a U.S. National Science Foundation-funded study has found." See link here: What do you believe?

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how do you set the color on a patch before you sew it on?

I am trying to sew on a patch to my nursing uniform (which is starck white) and I don't want it to bleed, I heard there is a formula but not quite sure what it is. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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can you wire this so that when you turn on the lights these turn on to?

I want to wire this so that when i turn on my lights these turn on too. I cant find out how to do this plz help!

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What do you look for to know if you are in the 'bad' part of town?

I like to wander around, but, growing up in the country/farmland, I don't know how to read the city.  Does anyone have any practical ways to tell if I should be choosing different areas? BTW, naming neighborhoods is useless, because I don't know where I'll be using the info.  I'm looking for things that I could see while walking without a map.

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What do you do if you are losing all your friends just because of the person you love?

What am i saposed to do if im losing all my friends just because of the guy i love,?

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How do you tame a chicken so you can pick it up without it pecking or scratching you? Answered

My family are getting chickens for our back garden and apparently chickens aren't very friendly sometimes. How do we train them to be more domesticated and tame?

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