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Genie model 209 Garage Door Opener schematic Answered

I took our Genie garage door opener apart [the light wasn't working and I read where that was probably caused by the 555 timer] and thought I'd carefully drawn a schematic before doing so, but I failed to label where the 3 wires from the receiver connect to the terminal block on the main unit, and also where the 3 wires from the main unit connect to the terminal block. Regardless, I have the unit back together and when the remote is pressed the receiver relay clicks, but that's the only thing that happens. I'm fairly certain the problem lies with a component on the internal motor controller board. And NO ONE gives out this kind of information. I can't even find it for sale !! But I'll be derned if I'm going to pay $50 for a new controller board when I'm almost 100% certain the problem is a $.59 diode or the like. Plus, I like a challenge and hate getting beat. Any and all help would be very much appreciated. Possibly I could find someone who has the same model unit and they could diagram theirs for me, possibly someone knows where to obtain the real thing.
Thanks !!



6 weeks ago

I do not know if it would help or not, but the Genie model 209 was made by Alliance. The Alliance MFG. CO. INC., Alliance, Ohio. The number on mine is K-18999-A
On my Genie 209 there is a silver sticker/tag, on top of the motor. It has the information I just gave you.


8 years ago

My Genie 209 has white, black, red wires from the Cryptar II receiver from the front to back on the terminal strip. On the back side, the wires are white, red, black going into the head. I get 15 volts from 1 to 2, and 2 to 3, and 35 volts from 1 to 3, where 1 is to the door end.

Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

Stop me if you've already seen this page:

I get nothing on searches on this domain using the phrase "209".  Perhaps you could find the "secret name" for this product, be it "Screw Drive(tm)", "Chain Glide(tm)", or whatev, by going to the link above and browsing through the pictures.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do not own one of these garage door openers, and have never seen the insides of one of this brand IRL.

eagleshadowJack A Lopez

Answer 9 years ago

Thanks Jack, I really appreciate your taking the time to check it out. I hope to do the same for other members.
Yes, I have seen this info and even called the company; of course I didnt think
Id recieve and info, but it was worth a try. The opener is an old chain driven model without safety beams [which are apparently federally mandated now],
but I know someone out there has one of these openers thats working just as mine was, and would be glad to share that info. I even saw on Craigs List where someone was looking for a front sprocket for the same model !