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Question regarding vortex cannon Answered

I have planned to build a vortex cannon for shooting smoke rings.
My questions are now:
1. Is it essential to have a round container? Or is a square card box as good? (there are no square smoke rings, or :-)
2. If it is round, does a short and big (in diameter), or a slim and long one better?
3. Using drinking straws on the exit, would this have an effect (in the style of laminar flow)?

Thanks for your thoughts,



3 years ago

I've successfully used a cuboid box (from a washing machine) for a vortex cannon - the important thing is to make sure the exit hole is round.

The box was fairly short and stubby, but I have also used Pringles tubes.

Laminar flow is the opposite of a vortex ring...


3 years ago

Laminar flow is counter to the properties of a vortex ring. That would not work. A cardboard box will work to make a vortex, so long as the exit hole is still round.