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We cut thin circles from wooden limbs. How can we add scents to them? Answered

We want to use these wooden circles for firestarters. How can we add scents to them to make the house smell nice?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Hmm, Thats a toughy, what I would do is get some scented paraffin (you can either pick it up at a crafty style store like Hobby Lobby (I also believe they sell non-scented, so you could skip the next option and go straight to scenting your paraffin yourself), or go find an Oil Pumper and ask him if you could get a bucket full, cook out the oil of said bucket full of paraffin, and add whatever scent you wanted) and melt it down almost to the flash point, then soak your wooden shim's in the paraffin till it's filled the wood, and let cool, and presto-chango, you have a scented firestarter, be warned, these are INSANELY flammable, way more than fatwood, keep them in a sealed box away from your fireplace or anything hot, I almost burned the house down because I left a box of this stuff by our stove.


10 years ago

I've done a similiar craft with dried pinecones that worked out pretty well. I just melted down some old scented candles (you know, whats left after the wick burns out) in a double boiler (that I made from an old pot and a large can) and then just dipped the pinecones in them. (careful, fingers can burn easily!). I love reusing old burned out candles that have a great fragrance. I also went to a small hardware store and in the area with the canning goods I found blocks of wax (used to seal canned fruit and veges). I melted those down and for the scent I added essential oils which you can get just about anywhere now. To color the wax I just added bits of crayon until I got the color I wanted. They worked out great and looked pretty in a basket (for gifts). Hope this helps!