Corn Pulav

Introduction: Corn Pulav

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Required vegetables
1) Corn (American sweet corn)
2) Baby corn
3) onions
4) capsicum
5) mint
6) rice (basmati will be awesome)soak the rice

Step 1: Chopping of the Vegetables

Finely chop all the vegetables. The garlic has to be crushed and made into a nice paste adding 4 to 5 raw pepper and some coriander. We can also get garlic paste and pepper powder separately from shop but I prefer making it ourself.

Step 2: Make Up for Corn

Now add some oil and very little butter if you like the taste.
Once the oil is heated add the garlic paste and then add the onions .The onions has to be cooked till it turns like glass brown. Then add the mint , capsicum , and the corns. put the flame in low just make sure to mix it nicely adding more corn will make it crunchy.

Step 3: Adding the Rice

Now we are ready to add the well soaked rice to the corn. Add enough salt and water then close it in a cooker.

Once cooked we can add mint for garnishing as shown.
Finally the crunchy corn pulav is ready.

Always prefer fresh and organic vegetables as they are healthy and good for health.
Thanks a lot for spending your valuable time to read this recipe.
Please do add you comments.

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    7 years ago

    I just love corn so so so much I use corn for everything actually I just love it