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Introduction: Diy Jerky Maker

When i was little i always wanted to make my own beef, fish, and chicken jerky. So now i created a mini jerky maker.

Step 1:

you will need:

-hot glue gun

-hot glue stick


-old 9v or 5v charger

-wire stripper

-electrical tape

-scissors or pliers

Step 2:

  1. cut off the charging tip
  2. split the tip
  3. strip the wires
  4. do the same for the fan
  5. attach the red wire to the wire with the white stripe.
  6. attach the black wire to the black wire

Step 3:

Tape the cable to the side of the fan

Step 4:

Cut small pieces of hot glue and glue it on the fan

Step 5:

Bend 2 paperclips so it can sit on the top of the can.

Step 6:

Marinade some beef in soy sauce overnight then put it on the paperclip in the can, plug the fan in and beef jerky will be made.

Put it in a clean place with little or no dust, if it is not possible to do that then you can add a filter.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Bacteria needs moisture to grow and thrive. Because this is dried, no bacteria. Alton Brown has a recipe on the Food Network site that uses fans. I have taken four pounds of beef and dried it (took two or three days). I did not get sick. And no jerky does not require smoking. Jerky just refers to the process of drying meat to preserve it and prevent spoilage.


    7 years ago

    this is more a food dryer than a jerky maker. jerky is smoked.


    7 years ago

    This would work with beef and possibly fish but i wouldnt try this with chicken. Lack of heat may make it a breeding ground for some nasty bacteria


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hahaha this is such a great and simple idea! Did you cook the meat before hand? I would think that would be necessary because your homemade dryer doesn't produce any heat.