Introduction: Diy Shirts the Grim One's Way

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this is how i make alot of my shirt and i will show you how i make them

Step 1: You Will Need

any paint brush will do but i like using small to start out with

acrylic paint

and a shirt i like black so that's whats in the example :P

Step 2: Step 1 Select a Image

chose a image you want on the shirt

Step 3: Step 2 Trace a Stencil

with some tape ,a pen and some printing paper start tracing a stencil

Step 4: Brake Off the Stecnil Into Parts

to make sure everything stays together once you start cutting brake off the stencil into sections like in pic2

Step 5: Step 4 Place Ontp Shirt

this part is tricky

lining up where the image should go and how it would look once on the shirt is a bit hard but once you have it

tape or tack the stencil to the shirt

ps at this point i made another stencil this time using a more durable and reusable


Step 6: Step 5 Add a Guiding Layer

add a thin outlining layer to the shirt then remove the stencil and let it dry

Step 7: Step 6 Fill in the Areas

fill in the areas and add a layer of paint to the shirt let dry then wash

Step 8: Side Notes

on a side note

i,ve made shirts like this for over 6 years and once they are on the fabric that stay on

but there are times when i get paint that won't stick and flakes off after the first was so beware if this happens just get a new bottle of paint and add a new layer

good luck and happy crafter