Introduction: Double, Triple and Multiply Exposure

I have always been amazed by the awesome effect double exposure gives. Originally this effect is achieved by exposing one film twice, now we are in the digital age we can fake this effect with some more control. I used Pickmonkey to make these two.
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Step 1: Getting Started

at first you'll need a base photo, I took one of myself. You will also need some photos for overlays. I used the photos you see here, all are made by me except the one of me of coarse that one was made by a friend of mine

Step 2: Open Overlay

1. open your base photo in picmonkey
2. go to the overlay section, and choose 'your own'
3. select a photo and make it the good size

Step 3: Edit the Overlays

4. Erase the edges, so you won't get harsh edges over your photo.
to get smooth melting edges go to the eraser section and put the hardness on zero and the eraser size on the max. than carefully eraser the edges. if you accidentally erased to much than press the brush button and fill up the gap you made.
5. go back to the basic section of your overlay and fade it, I did mine about 50 %.
6. add more!
add as much overlays as you like
7. Save. if you're satisfied with the end product save it.

*if you have a really big picture than the editing will go slow and the eraser won't have a that big size, you can resize it to solve this problem.

Step 4: Finsh

I hope its clear. If you have some questions feel free to ask in a comment below.
I'd really like to see what you have made. let your creativity go wild.
here are two more examples what you can make with this technique

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