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this simple, cheap and easy to make, cake topper,

was an emergency-solution, but i think it turned out great and is worth an instructable :o)

it won't take longer than 30 minutes to fix this cake- topper.

looks great on the birch - style wedding cake found here:

Step 1: You'll Need

thin branches (such as birch,  maple or whatever you'll find)
thin wire (brass looks great)

Step 2: Find Some Branches

take a walk in the park and find some branches.

they should be thin and bendable.

take the secateurs and cut them in desired length.

trim them as you need it and leave some leafs on the top of each branch (see pictures)

Step 3: Lay the Initials

take the branches and lay them in order to form the initials of f.ex. the bride and groom.

leave some parts longer - it looks very nice with the green leafs on it.

Step 4: Assembling

now simply wire the parts together.
try to pull the wire very hard around the branch-parts.

secure the wire by twisting the ends together.

Step 5: Add Some Toothpicks

measure the toothpicks and cut them with the secateur in desired lenght ( approx. the height of the cake)

place the toothpicks on different spots of the letters and wrap wire around it.

Step 6: You're Done!

place the topper in a glass of water until the cake is served.

It stays fresh and green on the cake for about 4-5 hours without withering.

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