Easy Plastic Rivets




Introduction: Easy Plastic Rivets

Here's a really simple way that you can do some plastic welding with weed eater trimmer string and a soldering iron

Step 1: Materials

weed eater trimmer string
soldering iron

two plastic or lightweight materials to join together

be sure to do this outdoors as the fumes are peculiar and probably not good for you.

Step 2: Make a Little Hole

make a small hole to hold the rivet that will join the two pieces together.

you can use a drill, or if you are using plastic, you can use the soldering iron

Step 3: Make One Side of the Rivet

feed a bit of trimmer line through the hole.

using the soldering iron, mash the plastic down around the hole. If your soldering iron has a low setting, try that first.

Step 4: Complete the Rivet on the Other Side

turn the piece over and complete the rivet on the other side

Step 5: A Light Duty Bond But It Works

the rivet holds pretty well, but can be torn apart with a bit of effort.   

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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    would this be possible with plastic barrels, welding them end to end?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I think you would need a stronger plastic to rivet with in that case... Not sure, let us know how it turns out

    O.K I'm just going to publically announce, that I don't know what a rivet is. There, I did it. Please be gentle with any response. I also don't understand what the finished product is and how it works. Remember, there is a "be nice" rule people pulleassssse


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Oh yeah, I guess it's not very clear. That thing I was working on was an instructable that didn't work out. So I never did publish that or explain what it was. The general point of this instructable though was the discovery that I could make plastic rivets out of weed whacker wire. Rivets are just something that can hold two things together. Usually they are made of thin metal pipe.