Fantasy Warrior From a Cow Bone Hip




Introduction: Fantasy Warrior From a Cow Bone Hip

How I made a cow hip bone into a warrior glowing mask

Step 1: How Its Made



Spray paint- Rusto-oleumSilver

Small paint brush

Acrylic black pain

Hot glue gun

Glass nippers/cutter

Glass mosaics- 50 squares of black and about 20 mirror pieces Feathers- white, black and brown White fur- found a jacket at a thrift store

Glowing orb

Battery powered Led Christmas lights- Blue

Perfume top- For the glowing crystal

Insta morph- mold able plastic


Drywall Plaster

Drywall mesh- Perma mesh

Needle nose pliers

Electrical tape- black

Popsicle Sticks

Door rubber insulation 2 pieces

Wire cutter

wire close hanger

I sprayed painted the entire cow hip all silver. I sprayed painted all the interior cavities making sure everything was covered. Once dry I painted the lower part black to the area I wanted the black mosaics to sit. After the paint dried I then applied the mosaics with my hot glue gun. I had to use my glass cutter on a few to score and use my nippers to get the shape where some of the Cow hip was curved. I use the mirror pieces around the eye and nose.


Cut the length you want your horns to be. Take door insulation and run your wire inside of them so you can bend them to the shape you want Lay your 2 pieces side by side to make sure they are bent exactly the same I bent the bottoms flat so I could easily fit them into the cow cavities about 1 inch. Now wrap the horns with the Drywall mesh. It has a sticky adhesive back to it so no need to worry about it slipping. Once you decided the thickness apply the drywall plaster and let it fully dry about a day. I used Popsicle Sticks to apply it and a paint brush to keep in smooth. Then just start wrapping the black electrical tape until all drywall is covered. I then took them and positioned them in the mask. I used coat hangers to hold them in place and secured it with the black electrical tape. I then glued the feathers and fur with my hot glue gun around the horns and top part of the mask.

Glowing ord

I found an old perfume bottle and used that for the crystal part. I then the Christmas light and molded them together with my instamorph. I used about two table spoons of the instamorph and place them in a coffee mug and melted them for 2 or 3 minutes. Then rolled in around the Christmas lights so they could all fit into the perfume top. Then took an old Christmas silver ornament and stuffed the remaining wire inside so they weren't showing. I then melted some more instamorph to secure it on my the front so it would reflect off the mirror piece I made for the nose.

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