Introduction: Finger Jousting

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Finger jousting is a fun, easy game. you can easily get the materials around the house.see finger jousting accesories for more weapons and shields!

Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials you need are:
- duct tape ( see notes)
- cardboard 12 by 7 in
- scissors
- markers
- toothpicks, aluminum foil, tape, etc (see notes)

Step 2: Cut

cut shape to far right. this will be the hand- shaped piece.
cut the two shapes on the far left. these will be the shield pieces.
the last one will be the head.

Step 3: "body" Armor

this piece will be on the back of your hand. coat the hand- shaped piece with duct tape.

Step 4: Shield

on the circular piece, cut a vertical slit. then stick the other shield piece in it. then bend the longer piece so it stays. then coat it with duct tape.

Step 5: Coat of Arms

make a small coat of arms, then draw it on the shield and armor. use markers to color it in.

Step 6: Head

draw a head on the head piece. it can be a knight helmet or funny face. BE CREATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 7: Head Pouch

get a long piece of tape and put a smaller piece inside so only the sides are sticky. then get a piece to overlap the bottom. then put it on so the overlap is overlapping down.

Step 8: End

put the head on and wear. you use a elastic band to hold it on the back of your hand. hold the weapon between your thumb and hand. to add intensity, try using an elastic to hold weapon onto thumb. gives longer reach and extra manuverability.

Step 9: Notes

- you can use aluminum foil instead of duct tape
- you can make other weapons 
- you can play with more than 2 people

 - don't take hand to far off table
- win by knocking off head or disarming them
-be a good sport 

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