Fischertechnik Valentine's Heart

Introduction: Fischertechnik Valentine's Heart

My vision was to create a Valentine's Heart using fischertechnik elements.

I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit Over the years I have built holiday themed models using all sorts of toys. This instructable will describe how to create a fischertechnik Heart for a Valentine!

Why a heart? Hearts are associated with Valentine's Day as a symbol of love. There are many theories as to why the common symbol of a Valentine's Heart is depicted as it is....but the shape is associated with the holiday!

Note: The CAD looking images were generated by LDraw/MLCAD and a fischertechnik elements library.

Step 1: Gather Elements:

The fischertechnik elements are available from a range of kits available from ebay, Craig's List, or fischertechnik retailers. Elements can be purchased individually from

The List:

9 Angular Block 60 Degrees
2 Angular Block 30 Degrees
1 Link 15
1 Bottom Plate 30x90
6 Building Block 30
6 Building Block 15
2 Building Block 7.5

Step 2: Contruct the Valentine's Heart!

Insert and center a Link 15 on a Bottom Plate 30x90.

Step 3: Contruct the Valentine's Heart (Continued)!

Add an Angular Block 60 Degrees on the Link 15. Stack a Angular Block 30 Degrees on each side of the Angular Block 60 Degrees.

Step 4: Contruct the Valentine's Heart (Continued)!

Fix a Building Block 30 on each of the Angular Block 30 Degrees.

Step 5: Contruct the Valentine's Heart (Continued)!

Stack two Building Block 30s on each of the first set of Building Block 30s.

Step 6: Contruct the Valentine's Heart (Continued)!

Fix an Angular Block 60 Degrees on the block stacks. Add a Building Block 15 to each of the angular blocks. Note the that the Building Block 15's pins are oriented toward the center of the model.

Step 7: Contruct the Valentine's Heart (Continued)!

Add in order to each stack: an Angular Block 60, Building Block 15, Angular Block 60, and Building Block 15. Note that the structure is travelling towards the bottom of the model, creating the outline of the heart.

Step 8: Contruct the Valentine's Heart (Continued)!

Finish the heart shape by adding a Building Block 7.5 to each side, and connecting the two sides with two Angular Block 60s.

Step 9: The Finished Valentine's Heart!

Your model should look look like this. You can utilize the fischertechnik Valentine's Heart in a variety of ways. For example, I attached a slightly different version of the valentine to a rotating base! Enjoy building!

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Another awesome Instructable.
    Each one you post is just really cool, you know a lot, and I like them all, I hope to see more great Instructables!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    For some reason, I never saw this. Thank you. I appreciate it. -r