Introduction: Fly by Wire Arduino

I am using currently one Arduinomto filter an accelerometer and user input to fly this plane. The code makes the aircraft fly consistently with several different center of gravity changes. I have just received my second Arduino in the mail, this will allow me to test my adaptive flight control laws. The goal of this device is to allow a pilot to fly the plane normally in the event of a structural failure. My initial tests of the code adjusted sensitivity and showed that it will automatically mix controls to cancel adverse effects, however it had a quarter second delay in output. To fix this I am running two Arduinos in tandem, one for data processing and the other to control the servos.

This system will allow for small UAV to be safer, in the event of failure the system will allow the pilot to focus on getting the aircraft to the ground safely.

The wiring list;

1:6 channel pwm output receiver.

1:3 axis accelerometer and gyro.

2: Arduino Uno’s.

1: 3 amp bec.

1: 1 amp bec, 10 amp esc.

1: 3 cell 2200mah lipo.

3: 9 gram servos.

1: 300 size out runner 1500kv.

And a whole mess of wires.

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