Foldable Ellipse Swing

Introduction: Foldable Ellipse Swing

This is my cool foldable swing its not only compact but it also looks good in your garden or tree. So if you want to make one you have to follow the next steps. Good luck

Step 1: Materials You Need:

-Plywood (8mm x 122mm x 60mm and a small piece of 12mm)

-Lash strap

-Rope (ive used 12mm thickness)



-A thin foam pillow


-A piece of a broomstick

-A big washer

Step 2: Step 1: Making the Ellipse Ribs

First you need to draw a template for the ellipse you can choose how big you want it to be. Then you need to draw your template 6 times on the piece of 8mm plywood. next step is to saw the pieces out ive used an electric jigsaw. I've taped all the ellipses together and drew the middleline on the top one and cut them in half with a electric cross saw.

Step 3: Step 2: Attatching the Ellipses Together

I've drilled holes in every piece on the outside 3cm from the end and a groove in the first piece only. I stapled all the pieces together with pieces of lash strap so you can fold it to a 3 dimensional ellipse shape. Then i've knotted all the pieces together with an uraveled piece of rope but left 7cm between each piece. You can cut the beginning of the rope off and at the end of the rope you have to put 2 knots so you can lock the unfolded shape. I've also glued and stapled velcro on top of every rib.

Step 4: Step 3: the Center Piece

You have to saw 2 equal circle pieces from 12cm diameter you have to drill 4 holes in every piece. The piece of broom must be as long as the height of the ellipse. now you need to put a knot in the rope at about 50cm then unravel the rope. The 2 circles and the piece of broom are connected with a screw in the center. The unraveled rope can be pulled true the 4 holes in the circles. On the bottom i have braided the rope back together and put a knot in it against the bottom circle. I've braid the rope around the broom so the unraveled ropes are locked into place.

Step 5: Step 4: Making the Pillow

The pillow is made of an existing pillow i made a template first to make it fit on the swing then its restiched. There's also a groove and a hole added so you can remove it easily. On the top there's velcro added to attach it to the swing.

Step 6: Step 5: Final Step

First i've made a adjustable locking system i took a piece of 12mm plywood from 14mm by 7. Ive made 4 holes in it 2cm of the side and 7cm appart on one side i've made slots so the rope can be quickly attached. Now you just need to make the trowing tool. I took a big washer and brained roop around it. I left a loop in it so you can easily attach the rope for trowing over trees or other stuff.

Step 7: Step 6: How to Use It

here's a video how to use it, enjoy!

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    i always called these Eclipse swings :D

    Thanks for showing me how to make this! Now my mind has stored all the data in my mind to be remembered in the future.