Foot Pillow/dogbed/outdoor Pillow/baby Pad




Introduction: Foot Pillow/dogbed/outdoor Pillow/baby Pad

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I go through 4-5 bags of dog food a month, the bags are a plastic material that is great for repurposing from collecting recyclong in the kitchen, hauling wet towels from the beach and many more. One of our dogs is really old and arthritic so I made him a pad to sleep on since our house is on a concrete pad and its always cold. We also watch our young grandson a lot, laying him down to sleep on the floor even with a couple of blankets under him didn't seem right so I made one we throw a blanket over and he's very snug. I'm going to use this one for my feet while sitting at the computer

Step 1: Supplies

You will need,

 A plastic coated pet food bag
 a supply of plastic grocery bags
 big eyed needle
 embroidery thread or string  ( or duct tape)

Step 2: Get Stuffed

stuff more than you think you'll need of the plastic shopping bags into the pet food bag, its amazing how much they will compact

Step 3: Stitch It

I don't normally sew anything more complicated than a button and gorilla tape has worked just fine on the other pads I made but this is so easy even I can do it ! The most difficult part is threading the string through the needle ! Then all you do is go back and forth through the holes left from when you opened the bag !

Step 4: Its THAT Easy !

It really is that quick and easy ! Not only does this recycle it has a lot of uses, its water resistant so it can be left outside as a chair pad or back. it insulates so placed on the floor it keeps your feet warmer, it's padded so dogs and babies are comfortable on the floor. it could be a seat pad in a boat.... well you get the idea

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    I pet sit at my home and normally buy cheap pillows and use my old pillowcases..But this will be softer and I can use my newspapers that I read every day..Thanks! Awesome idea.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I hadn't thought of newspapers ! The plastic bags compact down after a while, the taped bags I untape and restuff, The one I showed here, that I sewed, is now in front of my workbench. I hope your temporary charges enjoy their comfort


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great way for your grandson to kick back and enjoy the Supper Bowl, don't you think? ;-D


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    unfortunately his father is a foolball fan but hopefully he will growup knowing that extravaganza as the celebration of the start of RACING SEASON