Get Money From Youtube

Introduction: Get Money From Youtube

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This documents my experiment monetizing youtube videos that I have posted on instructables.

I got rid of all the ads on my youtube video because they are just so irritating. 

Step 1: Do Something Silly and Post a Video

Step 2: Setup a Google Adsense Account

You will need to setup an adsense account with google.  

This was surprisingly complicated, google seems to use every form of internet identity verification, including depositing a small amount in your checking account and having you verify the value, and physically mailing a letter with a pin number on it.

Adsense - pays you to show adds - this includes banner ads you can put on your webpage and the advertizing on youtube.

Adwords - charges you to display adds

Step 3: "Monetize" the Video

Once you have an adsense account you can "monetize" your youtube videos.  

Overlay in-video ads  - these are the banner adds that show up on the bottom of the video, and are not too bad.
TrueView in-stream ads -- these are the terrible commercials that show before the youtube video

Step 4: Views GraphResults -- Views

In yotube analytics you can look at a bunch of parameters.

Here are the views for a hula-hoop video that I put in the first step of an instructable.

The spike in views corresponds to when I added this video to an instructable.

Step 5: Earnings Graph

The earnings graph corresponds closely to the view graph.

Step 6: Pickle Video Views

Here are the views for an older video I had also included in an instructable.  You can see that this got a bump in views when the hula-hoop instructable went up.

Step 7: Pickle Earnings

Here is the amazing thing -- this pickle video somehow earned several dollars with only a few views.  I am guessing that this is from people actually clicking on the advertisement.

Step 8: Total Views for July

Here are the combined veiws for the July test period.  The main time that there were views was when I published an instructable with video.

Step 9: Total Earnings July

The total earnings for July follow the views.  Again there are a few major spikes of fold-able money.

Step 10: Final Earnings in Adsense

Here is my adsense account showing the earnings from you tube.   You have to have at least 100$ to actually get the money, so it may take along time before I can confirm that I actually got money from youtube.

**follow up***
In the months following this post, the monthly earnings dropped to about 6cents.  I decided it wasn't worth having all the adds and turned them off.  8/30/2013

also - this is a link to my cell phone bill from Ting mobile -- not sure if there is a whole instructable here...

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    best money earning method from youtube thanks.