Getting the Most Out of KDE

Introduction: Getting the Most Out of KDE

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Well i am now back (yes i have been gone) i had to focus on high school. i took a small hiatus and now my creative batteries are recharged to whip out better more detailed Ibles.

Point: i will provide a detailed guide on how to mostly make KDE  "Physically appealing" .  i strive to do this because i understand how frustratingly unattractive the desktop can be  no matter what you do. i will put a more in depth description on how to preform such a transformation or "facelift" on this operating system per say.

Note:all these images belong to me and have not been taken from any image search website

Os detail: Debian KDE variant

Step 1: Color Scheme

1.)we need to asses the color scheme and how to change it.
it was very confusing on how to change my theme or color of my application bar

Over the time my desktop has gone thru some mighty changes.

2.) you need to go to your KDE control Center which can be located in the Start menu. click to program to run it

now that you have that part of the facelift coverd we move on to the hard part!!

Step 2: Icon Switching & Tweaking

you cant skimp on this part. as your dad used to tell you "put in bad effort son get out bad a outcome" 
or some motto they got from a fortune cookie?

but i mean it i cant stress to to you how much the icons contribute to the look of your system.

there are various websites you can snatch such icons for free from.
such as.

But remember Linux only uses .PNG icon format

Icon (the best ive been to)


Here is a sample icon from the MAC for lin icon set which is hosted at source forge

You replace the icons by left clicking>properties than you should see the icon in a click-able box you click that that a menu will prompt you to choose your icon whether it be a system icon or a external icon

Step 3: Wall Paper & Kicker

well the wallpaper part is obvious but the kicker the kicker in lamemens terms is also know as the Task bar you can left click and play around with such things as transparency and kicker PNG.

here is 2 custom kickers made by me please use them in any way you want 

Cranberry kicker and a silver kicker

Step 4: Wrap Up

well i belive thats all please give your constructive criticism and feel free to inform me about any thing i need to make clearer or explain more

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