Gluten Free Chocolate Cake




Introduction: Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

hi all, here is my first instructable and i will start ligth with a simple and great recipe if you dont have flour and a furious envy of chocolate cake :) (or if you are gluten intolerant, it's works too :D )

here you just need 5 ingredients and 10 minutes for making it ! (just add +- 45 min in furnace)

you will need :

ingredients :

- 200 g of chocolate (black or white, "color doesnt mater")

- 4 eegs

- 180 g of regular butter

- 140g of white sugar

- 40 g of brown sugar

ustensils :

- 1 whisk
- 2 bowls
- 1 mold

-1 brush butter


great, "Let's Make" !

- basicaly , first, butter your mold (1)

- take you chocolate and the butter in the first bowl (2)

\--- microwwave-it 1.20 min on 800W (3)

\--- wisk the result for get homogeneous result (4)

- with the second bolw mix the eegs and the sugar (5)
\--- do not let them go on snow

- assemble the 2 results in 1 bowl (6)

\--- wisk the result for get homogeneous result

-mold (7)


furnace part :

+- 45 min on 170°C mid plate (8)

it's like a "souflé" so, dont worry about seize (9)

be careful, use superior and inferior heat resistance for good result , avoir circular heat in this case

enjoy :D (10)

tip's : unmold more easily by plunging metal side on very cold water 15 sec

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Lead with a photo of the finished product. That way it shows up as a delicious cake in the recent feed. :D


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    already here, just "show all 10 items" ;)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    You're right. I'm silly. I forgot HQ had updated their cover photo algorithm to allow you a choice rather than just running the first thing you uploaded.

    Looks good.