Great Photography

Introduction: Great Photography

In order to take great photos isn't to just take pictures of random stuff, well, technically yes it is, but you want to have a story behind it. You want emotion behind it, you want the viewer to say, "wow, that's something," and once you hear that, you know its good. you want inspiration behind it, you want meaning and purpose, for me, I listen to inspirational songs before I go out to take a picture. Photography isn't just something you do, its something you live, every picture I take, I have a reason for that picture. Here are the steps to take great photos.

1: Get inspiration

2: find a spot to take the picture

3: Get caught up in the moment, make sure you are feeling what the picture is supposed to make you feel

4: See what you want the picture to be

5: after seeing it, take a clear shot

6: make sure nothing is blurry, unless your trying to focus on one thing. then you want the background to be a bit blurry.

7: enjoy the picture!

Step 1:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Really cool pictures! How did you get your's in black and white?