Guitar Smartphone Holder

Introduction: Guitar Smartphone Holder

wire coat hanger. (straightened)


15 mins

I made this, as I was continually trying to balance my phone on my knee, whilst learning a new guitar tab.

this nifty device, holds your phone screen pointing towards you, clipped onto the bottom of the hole in the acoustic. makes it really handy to be able to play, and the refer to the tab.

I started in the middle of a coat hanger. (after straightening it) 1st I made the bit that would be at the back of the phone. making sure the phone would work landscape and portrait. then down and around the edge and a little lip. before finishing on the bit that clips over the edge. and snipping off the excess.

it clamps the phone nicely, works both ways. and stops me dropping it on the floor! joy!

Step 1: Added Some Padding

I was bored so I put some tape on to protect my phone further

Step 2:

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    Brother Cadfael
    Brother Cadfael

    7 years ago

    That is brilliant! Much better than scotch taping a piece of paper to my guitar like I've always done. I would pad it with some tape where it touches the wood so it doesn't scratch.


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks, yeah I ended up adding some tape to make it didnt scratch my phone.