Herofactory Sidekick

Introduction: Herofactory Sidekick

About: we biuld thing like bioformer , lego robot and mechs and many more thing what you want to see let us know we try to biuld or we biuld thing we like.

hero sidekick and a evil clone these three well fight evey time they see each other

Step 1: Domber a Mini Dragon

this mini dragon is a dragoss pet an helper i the battles

Step 2: Spider-t18 Droid Side Kick

this bot help a white hero with a small droid two get with a bot to not get in too. we not sure what we should call it comment blow and for any guy we ask poeple to comments on we have who won.

Step 3: Evil Clone

this evil clone is a clone of redawin with three haeds and aple to fire lazers out if each heads

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