How to Capture a Photo of a Lightning (poor Man's Way)

Introduction: How to Capture a Photo of a Lightning (poor Man's Way)

this is a tutorial on how to capture a still photo from a video with a lightning

Step 1: Capture a Video of a Lightning

1.firstly you should find a place from where you can capture the video ,without your camera becoming wet from the rain (of course if your camera isn't waterproof) should set your camera on the best quality it can record and at the most frames per second (fps)

3.have a rainy day with many lightnings

4.record the video

Step 2: Download and Install Software( Free Video to JPG Converter )

in order to get the best picture out of your video you should use the proper software to get all the video frames as images i used Free Video to JPG Converter

Step 3: Use the Program

1. add the file(video) ''Every Frame"


Step 4: Find Your Image

once the converting process has finished you should find the best photo

this can be done by the following way

1.first watch the video ,see and note the exact second of the video when the lightning appears

2.then if you know the fps of the video you can calculate the photo's "serial" number as shown bellow

number=seconds*fps for the photo it should probably not be so difficult to find

Step 5: Finished.....

credits :cover Photo was taken by Mathias Krumbholz. Using a Sony Alpha 700.

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    5 years ago

    This is not the best way to capture lightning. Setting a dslr to manual is far Superior.