Introduction: How to Make a CarDrive

This is a car-shaped flash drive.  It is NOT how to drive a car.

I made this in about 20 minutes, it was pretty easy to do.  

I am sorry if this is the same as about 5 other instructables, I did not even know they existed.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need:

A Hot Wheels car

An old flash drive (with a broken case if possible)



A drill and bits

A Dremel with a small cutting wheel

A Phillips screwdriver

A hacksaw

Step 2: Opening the Flash Drive

If your flash drive is broken, skip this step.

One of my flash drives was.

One wasn't, so i had to cut the pieces holding it together.

This step can vary depending upon your flash drive.

Make sure to keep the cap.

Step 3: Drilling Out Rivets

Most of the Hot Wheels cars I have seen have been put together with rivets.

This is how mine were put together, but some may use screws, in which case, just unscrew them and take it apart.

For rivets, find a drill bit that is quite a bit bigger than the hole in the end of it, and drill a hole in the rivet.

Some cars have two, some have one.

Step 4: Prying Apart the Body

Pry the top from the bottom, pretty simple step.

Note:  Do not try to go in between the wheel and the bottom, this will wreck the axle.

When this is done, take out the seats. They are not glued in.

Step 5: Cutting the Rivets

The rivets may be in the way of the flash drive, if so, cut them out with a small Dremel cutting wheel.

Step 6: Cutting the Body

Cut a hole in the back of the body( the side with an exhaust pipe) big enough for the drive to stick out.

File the hole smooth.

I got lucky, and my cars had holes in them so I could easily remove the peice that I cut.  If you aren't so lucky, you can finish the cut with your Dremel.

Step 7: Glue It Together

Glue the windshields to the top of the car.

Now add the flash drive and glue it to the bottom of the car, and glue the bottom to the top.

Step 8: You're Done!

Now just plug it in, and it will light up!